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Why is Love Triangle Tarot Reading important?

Often in life, we come across people who touch our hearts in different ways. While on the one hand, some people make us feel happier, more adventurous, more energetic, and livelier; on the other hand, some people make us feel safer, protected, warm and consoled. Both types of people are worth keeping in your life, as they have different purposes, goals, and characteristics. Although this is just an example that we're giving, if you are in a position where you have two potential people who are in love with you and you're confused about whom to choose, then a love triangle tarot reading can help you determine what would be the best course of action in terms of your love life. Moreover, suppose you have two great people in your life who love you equally, and you're very confused about whom to get into a relationship with.

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A love triangle tarot spread can help you determine which person is right for you and how you can approach your plans for a relationship.For most of us, love is one of the best feelings in life, and every single one of us wishes to be in fulfilling relationships that will help us grow, be happy, cultivate happiness, become better versions of ourselves, and build a better future with our significant other. Therefore, relationships are an essential aspect of everyone's life, and people try to look for potential partners in every way possible. Sometimes, searching for a relationship or building a romantic bond may seem like a tiring task, but ultimately love wins and being with someone you love who makes you happy is a gratifying feeling.

Suppose you want to build a happy relationship or choose between two people. In that case, a tarot reading can help you alleviate the harmful elements in your love life and cultivate happier times. For example, in a tarot reading love triangle session, three people are involved, and each person has various characteristics. Thus, an elaborate tarot card love reading can enable you to understand your choices and what you should do. Through our 'Talk to Tarot Reader' page, you can get in touch with InstaAstro Tarot Readers, who have years of experience and are known for their predictions which can give people much-needed guidance, support, and direction.

What is the Love Triangle Spread?

In every tarot card love prediction reading, there are various tarot cards that indicate true love, and there are tarot cards indicating love triangle. Per information compiled by our esteemed tarot readers, most people wish to know about the various elements of their love life. Multiple questions such as "When will I get married?", "When will I find my soulmate?", "Will I get my soulmate?", "Will I be in a happy relationship?" or "Will my relationship suffer?" are constantly rising in everyone's minds. Every person, regardless of their relationship status, thinks of their love life. Some people worry about being single, and some think about their relationship and whether it will build or break.

Now, in terms of a love triangle, a three-card tarot love reading can determine the answers in terms of your love triangle reading. A love triangle explained means that there may be two people beside you in your relationship. In a lovers triangle reading or in this free lovers triangle tarot reading, the love triangle tarot spread consists of three cards, and each card has a different meaning, influence, impact, or effect. While there are more elaborate spreads for detailed and intricate questions regarding your love life, the simple triangle tarot card love life spread can give you quick answers.

What are the meanings of the cards?

As we already know, specific cards have specific meanings. This means that each card has a different representation and symbolism in every spread. Similarly, in a tarot reading love triangle spread, the first card represents you, the second card represents the two people involved, and the last card symbolises the result, outcome, or advice.

Card 1 -

Since card 1 represents you, the centre of the reading, it can be considered highly essential and significant. This card represents you in the specific moment and the aspects that came together to put you in a particular position with two other people. Everything happens for a reason, and each event has some or the other influence over you and the other two people in your life. Every string of events leads to the development and building of this love triangle; thus, the first card will tell you about yourself and the aspects of your life.

Card 2 -

The second card in the three-card tarot love reading of love triangle focuses on the two other people and the equation between the three of you. This card will hint at what the other two people are feeling and what they want, and it doesn't necessarily talk of the future, but it helps you understand where you're going. The position of this card will help you gain insight into your love triangle and its type.

Card 3 -

The result, outcome, or advice is linked to this last card. This card talks about what you can expect if things stay the same as they are at the moment, and it can also offer advice on what you should do and how you should proceed. This card is essential in helping you make the right decision, avoiding pain and disappointments, and building the intuition that tells you what to do. This card focuses on your situation, and you should take your time to unravel the meaning of this card. It is essential to relate this card with the other two cards.

What are the important cards under love triangle reading?

In any reading, be it a paid three-card tarot reading or a free 3 card tarot reading, cards have different meanings and messages. Whether the Major Arcana cards or the Minor Arcana ones, every card has a distinct purpose, regardless of being independent or in combination with other cards.

Since we're talking about tarot card love reading, there are various cards that are vital or essential. We have tried to compile some of the cards which are important. However, to know about all the cards related to a love reading in both the Major and Minor Arcana decks, you can consult any of our esteemed tarot readers and seek their guidance. Here are some of the important cards in terms of a love reading:

Strength -

The 'Strength' card talks of, well, strength and power. This card indicates the obstacles you may face and the inner strength you need to overcome them, and specifically, in a love triangle reading, it hints towards positive outcomes. According to this card, you should make decisions in accordance with the advice of the cards.

The Lovers -

All about love, choices, and decisions, the 'The Lovers' card represents strong love, healthy connections, and compatibility. In a love triangle reading, it may come up as a sign that you may be torn between two choices, and its position will determine your decision or choice.

Death -

This card represents change and things falling into place. According to this card, you won't necessarily have to do anything as the situation will take its due course, and dynamics between the three people will change on their own.

The Devil -

If you have been feeling trapped, directionless, and confused, the 'The Devil' card suggests coercion and force. For example, in terms of a love triangle represents someone who does not wish to be in this situation and is being forced to be a part of it. Furthermore, this particular card is also symbolic of harsh feelings like jealousy, and it is advisable not to make sudden decisions if this card appears in your reading.

The Tower -

The 'The Tower' card symbolises chaos, destruction, and obstacles. In a love triangle reading, it stands for sudden and unfortunate change, hurt feelings, disappointments, and rejection. As per this card, one should stay careful in their equation with the two other people.

The Chariot -

The 'The Chariot' card says that the person at the top of the equation is exploiting the other person's feelings and are enjoying the undivided attention, love, and affection. If you have been taking things for granted, this card reminds you to get off your high horse and respect people, their emotions, hopes, and time. It is advisable not to use people for personal gain and be better than just a materialistic person who does not care for people who love them.

Three of Swords -

Emotional turmoil, pain, hurt, heartache, and tears are all about this card. With regard to a love triangle reading, it says that any one person will be terribly hurt and emotionally beaten down.

Three of Wands -

Progress, opportunities, and new beginnings are all symbolised by the Three of Wands card, and it urges people to pay attention to the people around them and expect some moves which will completely change things. Sometimes, these changes will be quick and for the best. Also, you won't have to worry about your love triangle circumstance, as things will get better themselves.

Three of Pentacles -

A brilliant card of love, acceptance, and welcome, the Three of Pentacles is known to introduce compassion, cooperation, and heightened emotions in all the people involved in a love triangle.

Five of Wands -

This card says that your love triangle is at a difficult crossroads, and if you keep yourself stuck in this dynamic, things will worsen, and you will be paying a huge price. Instead, it would be best to remove yourself from further shame, disagreements, disappointments, and resentment.

Four of Cups -

The appearance of this card says that there is no permanent security, stability, or compromise in your love triangle. Furthermore, it represents someone who's very fickle-minded. Here, by fickle-minded, we mean someone who is never happy with what they've got. So, these people are quick to ruin their relationships, and it would be best to avoid choosing such people to build a relationship with.

Three of Cups -

In a love triangle, there are three people, love triangle readings consist of three cards, and the unique Three of Cups represents unity. The number 3 has a special meaning in this card, and it means that all the people in a love triangle are happy with their dynamic and compatible with each other.

Two of Swords -

The Two of Swords represents that one person who cannot choose between their choices and enjoys basking in the love and care of other people. If you're in a love triangle with such a person, it's better to remove yourself from the situation as it might adversely affect your mental health.

Pages -

Pages are people who are childlike and who don't like making serious decisions. In your love triangle reading, the appearance of this card suggests you might have to take the responsibility of being emotionally mature, parental, and generally mature. Ask yourself if this is something you want in the longer run, and then make a conscious decision.

Knights -

Knights individuals possess wit, creativity, intelligence, and charisma. These people are ever-changing, and it is rare to see them focused on a task or relationship. Since these people are always on personal missions, it may be pretty tiring to keep them all about you. Thus, in a love triangle, these people are quick to lose interest and are the first ones to remove themselves from any situation that might not serve them.

Kings and Queens -

Much more mature than Knights and Pages, Kings and Queens are goal-oriented people who know what they want and are masters in their areas of expertise. In love triangle tarot reading, if two of these cards come up, you should know that they are a natural pair and will eventually choose each other. So, spare yourself the heartache and find someone else to be with. Trust us, waiting for either party to choose you is not worth the pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Lovers card is a card that indicates true love.
The love triangle technique in a tarot reading is choosing three cards and letting your spirit guides help you choose between two potential love interests.
Love tarot three-card reading refers to the three-card spread dedicated to love tarot readings.
A love triangle occurs when two people love one person.
To get a personalised love tarot reading, which will be honest and trustworthy, you can get in touch with InstaAstro Tarot Readers through our 'Talk to Tarot Reader' page.
This card symbolises progress, signifying things to change for the best. So, in a love triangle reading, the appearance of this card means things will get better.
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