Understanding the Basics of Planet Ketu

Known as the ‘South Lunar Node of the Moon’, planet Ketu revolves around illusion, detachment, secrets and spirituality. Unlike the other planets in astrology, Ketu has no physical existence; hence, it is known as the ‘chhayagraha’ or shadow planet. Despite being a shadow planet, Ketu enjoys an influence over body parts such as feet, legs, and intestines. Read along to learn more about the powers and secrets of this mysterious planet in astrology.

Key Characteristics of Planet Ketu

Before discussing Ketu meaning and characteristics in detail, let's examine the unique features of the planet through the table below:

Key CharacteristicDescription
Time Period18 months
Enemy PlanetsSun, Moon and Mars
Friendly PlanetsMercury, Saturn and Venus
Ruling DeityLord Ganesha
Exalted and Debilitated SignSagittarius and Gemini
Associated ColourGrey or Smokey Grey

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Impact of Planet Ketu On Zodiac Signs

Ketu planet in English, South Lunar Node of the Moon, is known for its mysterious energies, which can turn our lives upside down. Find out how this mystical planet influences your zodiac sign.

Ketu in Aries Sign

When placed in Aries, Ketu turns individuals into independent, daring and fearless. Therefore, in rough conditions, individuals with this placement face obstacles with their warrior-type attitude. In addition, Ketu in Aries blesses individuals with karmic relationships with their siblings, especially with brothers.

Ketu in Taurus Sign

People with Ketu in Taurus are masters of financial matters, saving, and investing. As a result, they enjoy financial freedom, comfort and abundance. However, Ketu, being the planet of detachment, makes them dissatisfied with their wealth and resources. In personal life, Ketu makes a person possessive and insecure.

Ketu in Gemini Sign

The shadow planet, Ketu is debilitated in the zodiac Gemini, bringing disturbances and chaos to communication. As a result, relationships with siblings, friends, and colleagues suffer. Apart from communication and relationship issues, an individual suffers from financial problems, especially in business.

Ketu in Cancer Sign

Ketu in Cancer is all about a deep connection with the homeland. However, an intense karmic relationship with the mother and problems in early childhood weaken this connection. This placement also brings health issues such as eating disorders. But on the brighter side, the person enjoys a successful career.

Ketu in Leo Sign

The Sun (Leo’s ruling planet), the enemy planet of Ketu, makes an individual rebellious against all authority figures, such as fathers, teachers, etc. This is why people with Ketu in Leo have unusual relationships with their fathers. There will be constant fights or temporary separation—nothing in between. On the professional side, a career in politics can be highly beneficial.

Ketu in Virgo Sign

The obsession with being a perfectionist always keeps a person with Ketu in Virgo dissatisfied and unsettled. Unfinished tasks or undone responsibilities make them frustrated, angry and irritated. Things get more serious when this frustration takes the shape of anger issues, leading to depression and anxiety problems.

Ketu in Libra Sign

Ketu in Libra brings the ‘gandanta effect’, heightening emotions and disturbing personal relationships and finances. Anything in partnership is not good for this planetary placement, so Libras' relationships suffer commitment and space issues. Alongside their relationships, partnerships in business bring unfavourable results.

Ketu in Scorpio Sign

People with this planetary axis have secretive and controlling personalities. A natural inclination towards secret or hidden things makes them obsessed with metaphysics and occult sciences. However, things change once Scorpio people turn 40 due to a midlife crisis. Luckily, a midlife crisis for these individuals is a chance for dramatic life transformation.

Ketu in Sagittarius Sign

The planet of liberation Ketu is exalted in this very sign, Sagittarius bringing deep spiritual and religious tendencies. People with this placement are often fascinated with foreign land, culture or people. Despite their love for foreign land, there are no signs of foreign settlement. Misunderstandings are common with Ketu in Sagittarius.

Ketu in Capricorn Sign

One of the trickiest placements of Ketu in any zodiac sign, Ketu in Capricorn makes individuals work hard. These people are generally workaholics but can change their priorities whenever their families need their time and attention. Being dedicated to their work and career makes them enjoy high status in society or professional positions.

Ketu in Aquarius Sign

Individuals with Ketu in Aquarius are famous for their star quality and charisma. Their personality can be inspiring but intimidating at the same time. This is why people around them feel jealous and want to obtain a star-like personality. However, this placement also brings chaotic and unsettling situations for these individuals, such as close friends turning enemies.

Ketu in Pisces Sign

Last but not least, when Ketu is placed in Pisces, it makes a person mystical, religious and sensitive. Being a water sign, Pisces can be a little dreamer who wants to escape things, especially reality. Their love for escapism continues growing in personal relationships, where they try to escape conflicts.

Impact of Planet Ketu On Different Life Areas

For some, Ketu's impact on their lives can be no less than a blessing. Meanwhile, Ketu might bring challenges and obstacles along the way for others. It all depends on what aspect of life we are talking about. Let us explore how Ketu’s unique power can shape various aspects of our lives.

Ketu Impact on Love

When it comes to matters of the heart, the presence of Ketu brings unexpected twists. This is because the energies of Ketu encourage a person to face all his fears and doubts and go against the conventional norms in love relationships. As a result, the person feels courageous to break through all usual norms in love relationships and go after unconventional partnerships.

Ketu Impact on Marriage

Ketu can challenge marriage by causing misunderstandings or emotional distance between the spouses. This happens when the partner under the influence of Ketu starts prioritising self- or spiritual growth, leaving the needs of the significant other behind. Their marital life requires a little extra effort in communication and emotional intimacy.

Ketu Impact on Career

The presence of Ketu in the horoscope can sometimes lead to an unstable career or sudden shifts in the work environment. Either they have to work extremely hard to get the desired results or success, or their results are not as expected.

Ketu Impact on Finances

Ketu's impact on an individual’s finances can be unpredictable. Astrology believes that the ill placement of Ketu on the birth chart can lead to sudden monetary losses and fluctuations in income. Sometimes, to balance out the financial fluctuations, a person becomes inclined to take risks or explore unconventional financial strategies.

Ketu Impact on Health

Apart from career, finances, and personal relationships, Ketu's impact on an individual's health can be major. Physically, it might cause mysterious or chronic diseases that are almost impossible to diagnose. Mentally, the Ketu can make a person more prone to depression, anxiety and frequent mood swings.

Ketu Impact on Personality

The planet of isolation, Ketu, affects how people see the world and themselves. For instance, a person with Ketu's influence in their horoscope can be very introspective and spiritual. However, sometimes, these Ketu characteristics can lead to feelings of isolation and detachment from others.

Exploring the Influence of Planet Ketu on Different Houses

Ketu can affect the lives of people in different houses in various ways. Its placement is seen as a blessing in some houses, while it can bring problems and obstacles to others. Let's explore how Planet Ketu influences different houses.

Kendra Houses: 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th

  • The placement of Ketu in the first house brings a magnetic personality, financial abundance, strong work ethic, and love for travelling.
  • When Ketu is in the 2nd house, there may be a high chance of foreign travel or settlement. However, a person has to deal with family issues as well as issues related to the mother’s health.
  • Ketu in 7th house can cause marriage-related issues such as unhappy married life, constant arguments and lack of mutual under.
  • When placed in the 10th house, Ketu leads to wealth, name, fame and an authority position in society. Moreover, individuals with such placements are intelligent and highly knowledgeable.

Trikona Houses: 1st, 5th and 9th

  • Ketu in trine house, aka 5th house, sparks an inclination towards spirituality and supernatural powers. However, married couples have to deal with issues in childbirth.
  • The placement of Ketu in the 9th house enhances the relationship with the father. Moreover, individuals with such placements love to travel and learn about new and unexplored things.

Upachaya Houses: 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th

  • When Ketu is in 3rd house, it can lead to fame and respect, wealth, and success. On the other hand, individuals with Ketu in 3rd house do not enjoy peaceful and loving relationships with siblings.
  • Individuals with Ketu in the 6th house of their birth chart may be prone to accidents. Despite being highly hardworking and successful, these individuals may be inclined towards criminal activities.
  • Ketu, placed in the 11th house, makes individuals optimistic and financially smart. This is because they experience frequent monetary inflows. However, despite being financially stable, these people are kind, humble, and generous in nature.

Moksha Houses: 4th, 8th and 12th

  • The placement of Ketu in the 8th house is a bit tricky since it may take away all the peace and happiness. On the other hand, people might become interested in supernatural sciences.
  • Introverted nature and spiritual inclination become common when Ketu is placed in the 12th house. Their shy and introverted nature makes these individuals enjoy their private time the most.

Maraka Sthana Houses: 2nd and 7th

  • Lastly, in the 2nd house, Ketu makes individuals knowledgeable and intellectual. However, they may have to deal with communication problems, such as issues in speech.

Effects of The Planet Ketu

The dark and bright sides make the Ketu planet in astrology mysterious and powerful. Read along to learn how the bright and dark sides of the South Lunar Node of the Moon, aka Ketu in English, impact an individual’s life.

The Bright Side of Ketu

  • A strong Ketu can also help individuals attain wealth, whether earned or inherited.
  • Another positive effect of Ketu is that it makes an individual academically successful and good. They always achieve good grades and marks throughout their school and college life.
  • The natives with a strong Ketu become highly respected and honoured individuals in their social circle and society.
  • A positive influence of Ketu on individuals is that it enhances their inclination towards spiritual pursuits. This is why individuals deeply desire to acquire more knowledge about spirituality.

The Dark Side of Ketu

  • Mental health issues are one of the darkest sides of the Ketu planet in astrology. It is believed that natives with the weak Ketu suffer from stress, trauma, anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Unstable or downfall in career or education is also one of the negative effects of weak Ketu in an individual’s life.
  • Natives with weak Ketu suffer from financial hurdles such as debts, loans, bankruptcy, and unstable earnings. No matter how hard they work, they will always have monetary problems.
  • Another effect of the dark side of the planet Ketu is family issues. Individuals have to leave their families at an early age or deal with constant fights and arguments.

Powerful Yogas Formed By Ketu Planet

Here, we will explore the top powerful yogas formed by Ketu in astrology. Understanding these lucky or unlucky yogas may tell us how Ketu shapes our destinies and life experiences.

Auspicious Yogas Formed By Ketu

  • Ganesha Yoga: The conjunction of the Ketu and Jupiter forms the highly auspicious Ganesha Yoga. As per astrological beliefs, Ganesha Yoga makes an individual knowledgeable, intellectual and courageous.
  • Navpancham Yoga: Regarded as one of the best yogas, Navpancham Yoga forms when Ketu and Jupiter are placed in each other's 5th and 9th houses. This yoga blesses an individual with good fortune, leadership skills, academic success and a charming personality.

Inauspicious Yogas Formed By Ketu

  • Sandhehbatik Yoga: Sandhehbatik yoga is an inauspicious yoga formed with Ketu, Lagnapati, Saturn, and Rahu conjoined in the lagna chart. As the name suggests, people with this type of yoga have a suspicious nature.
  • Bandhan Yoga: Bandhan yoga is formed when the planets Ketu, Rahu or Saturn are placed in the centre or the corner of the lagna with the lagnapati. People with this type of yoga in their horoscope are more likely to be imprisoned.

Top Effective and Powerful Ketu Remedies

Are you wondering how to please Ketu or how to make Ketu happy? Below are some very effective Ketu planet, Ketu Dasha remedies and Ketu dosha remedies, which will help you answer questions like how to make Ketu positive.

  • Colour Related Ketu Remedies:
    According to colour astrology, the colour yellow is associated with Lord Ganesha, the ruling deity of the planet Ketu. To please Ketu, one must incorporate yellow in their houses or clothing. Moreover, they must avoid wearing dark tones such as grey or black.
  • Gemstones Related Ketu Remedies:
    Next on the list of effective and powerful Ketu remedies involves choosing the right gemstone, specifically the Cat’s Eye stone. According to astrological beliefs, wearing a Cat’s Eye stone in silver or bronze on a Tuesday on the little finger helps enhance the positive effects of Ketu.
  • Powerful Ketu Mantra:
    Chanting the powerful Ketu Mantra, ‘Om Ketum Karnavann Ketave Peshomayyam Apeshase, Samushdwirajaythah", 108 times can relieve Ketu Mahadahsa. Doing this simple but powerful Ketu remedy can not only remove negativity but also reduce the malefic influence of Ketu on an individual’s life.
  • Donation:
    This Ketu remedies includes donating certain items to the needy, such as blue or black coloured blankets, mustard oil or wool. Ensure all these items are donated on Saturday, and the money used is not borrowed.
  • Worshipping:
    Worshipping and seeking blessings from Lord Ganesha (Lord Ketu’s ruling deity) also makes Ketu happy and removes the malefic effects from the horoscope. For this, one must chant Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha Strota regularly.
  • Lal Kitab Ketu Remedies:
    Firstly, one must keep a silver vessel filled with honey in the pantry or kitchen to reduce the malefic effects of Ketu. Next, Ketu Dosha remedies include keeping a silver coin or ball in the wallet or purse before leaving the house. Lastly, drinking milk while adding saffron provides effective and powerful results.

Mythological Stories Related To Planet Ketu

The fascinating tale of Ketu's origins begins with the epic battle between the asuras and gods for the nectar of immortality, known as Amrit Manthan. When the Amrit was distributed, an asura named Swarbhanu cleverly disguised himself as a god(deva).

Dressed as a god, Swarbhanu managed to get a sip of the nectar. It was too late when the gods realised that it was an asura amongst them who obtained the Amrit. This made Lord Vishnu furious, and he beheaded the Asura using his Sudarshan Chakra.

Asura’s head became Rahu, and the remaining body became Ketu. It is said that all the negative traits of the demon were transferred to Rahu and Ketu, making them malefic entities despite their lack of physical form.

Why Ketu Matters in Astrology?

Of the nine planets in astrology, Ketu encourages us to look within ourselves, understand our deeper selves, and grow spiritually. Surprisingly, the planet without physical existence holds such a deep power in our lives. Below is the Ketu meaning and what this ‘bodiless’ planet signifies in vedic astrology:

  • Connection with Body Parts: In vedic astrology, the planet Ketu is considered a karaka of body parts: abdomen and claws. Therefore, the body parts associated with the Lord Ketu are the pineal gland, joints, lungs and abdomen.
  • Diseases caused: A person with the influence of Ketu in their horoscope is more likely to suffer from physical ailments such as joint pain, skin diseases, digestive issues, hearing loss, and urinary and spinal cord problems.
  • Physical Appearance: Apart from profession and career, the Ketu planet in astrology also influences a person’s physical appearance. Generally, an individual under the influence of Ketu has a good height, a thin body, and a greyish complexion.
  • Profession ruled by Ketu: According to astrological beliefs, the planet Ketu is associated with a profession that revolves around spiritual and religious activities. For instance, magicians, spiritual writers, detectives, investigators, occultists, astrologers, philanthropists, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

In astrology, the shadow planet Ketu is responsible for spirituality, detachment, intuition, and enlightenment. People under the influence of Ketu only care about attaining spiritual wisdom rather than running after materialistic things.
According to mythological beliefs, the god of new beginnings, Lord Ganesha, is the ruling deity of Ketu. It is believed that worshipping Lord Ganesha is one of the ways to please Lord Ketu and balance the ill effects of Ketu in the horoscope, if any.
Several Ketu Dasha remedies are available that can eliminate the negative influences on Ketu Dasha from his kundali. These include taking care of and feeding dogs, getting involved in charity or donating, fasting on Wednesday, and wearing gemstones such as cats or evil eye stones.
Astrology believes Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are Ketu friendly planets with whom they share a peaceful relationship. On the other hand, the Sun, Moon, and Mars are Ketu enemy planets, and their relationship is not even near peaceful and happy.
The weak or wrong placement of Ketu in the birth chart can bring physical as well as mental health issues. Individuals under the negative influence of Ketu have to deal with diseases such as sudden injuries, cancer, skin-related issues, joint pain, diabetes and much more.
The strong placement of Ketu in the horoscope shows several good signs. For instance, the individual becomes no longer interested in worldly desires or materialistic things. Instead, his major focus shifts towards learning about spirituality.
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