Sun Transit in Astrology Explained

Sun Transit 2023 is very important and influential according to the astrological point of view. If your concerns are related to government jobs, government contracts, tenders, taxes, and popularity, then this transit is the ideal time and greatly influences your work and wishlist. This year is a bit distinctive because the Sun will enter the sign of Capricorn on January 14th, and after three days, Saturn will move to the Aquarius sign. However, we are well aware of the fact that the influence of Saturn on the Sun is never very good. So, we can expect some uncertainty in the government.

Sun is known to be the significator of royalty of the government. In some way, the Sun will come under Saturn's influence. This influence might bring the government under pressure.

How long do Sun transits last?

As we know, the Sun is considered to be the royal planet. Thus each planet revolves around the Sun. It stays in a Zodiac sign for 28 days. Thus, it takes a year to move into every Zodiac sign. However, Sun Transit affects each Zodiac sign equally along with the Zodiac sign it is in. Therefore, its effects are positive on Jupiter, Mars and Moon, while it opposes Venus, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu.

When we talk about Astrology, then, according to it, the Sun has immense power itself. It is considered the reason for success and can help you attain higher positions personally and professionally.

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Meaning of Sun Transit in astrology

According to astrology, when we see the influence of the Natal Chart, this chart is used to study the Gochar(transit in Hindi), the house where the Moon is located. Sun stays in a Zodiac sign for 30 days. However, it takes an entire year to enter each Zodiac sign. Surya Gochar in the Lagna of the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses bring positive results.

If the Sun enters the house where the Moon is located, there can be adverse effects that can result in an individual’s health. During this period, natives can experience trouble with health. There can be heart-related issues, problems with blood pressure, headache and vision problems.

Suppose you are willing to know how 2023 Surya Gochar will affect your life. Then you can get a detailed analysis of your Janampatri and Sun Transit duration. At InstaAstro, you can interact with the best astrologers and get remedies for your problems.

Sun Transit 2023 date and time

Date and dayTransiting fromTransiting toTime
14th January 2023, SaturdaySagittariusCapricorn8:58 PM
13th February 2023, MondayCapricornAquarius9:57 AM
15th March 2023, WednesdayAquariusPisces6:47 AM
14th April 2023, FridayPiscesAries3:12 PM
15th May 2023, MondayAriesTaurus11:58 AM
15th June 2023, ThursdayTaurusGemini6:29 PM
17th July 2023, MondayGeminiCancer5:19 AM
17th August 2023, ThursdayCancerLeo1:44 PM
17th September 2023, SundayLeoVirgo1:43 PM
18th October 2023, WednesdayVirgoLibra1:42 AM
17th November 2023, FridayLibraScorpio1:31 AM
16th December 2023, SaturdayScorpioSagittarius4:10 PM

These are the planets that majorly affect the Horoscope. Some of these, like the Moon and Mercury, bring about sudden shifts in circumstances. On the other hand, the transit effects of Jupiter and Saturn last for a significantly longer period of time than those of any other planet. Therefore, it is very important to know the planetary transit that will take place in each zodiac sign and how it will affect an individual's life according to their birth chart.

Let’s know in detail how Sun Transit 2023 is going to effect and their remedies for 12 Zodiac signs.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aries

For Aries Sun has become a very important planet it has got the rulership of your fifth house, and it will be transiting in your tenth house. This period is very good for students, people applying for a job, those willing to get into a good college or those working hard for government jobs. When the Sun is transiting in your 10th house, these opportunities can come for you.

Not only this, but also your mental capabilities will be more focused. You will be more goal driven. People connected with art entertainment media, there are chances that you might come into the limelight. This transit can be seen as a very good time for you. Any hard work you do during this period, there is a very high chance that you will get recognition.

Sun Transit 2023 in Taurus

For Taurus Sun has the rulership of the fourth house, which will transit into your ninth house. It is a very good time for you. The travel taken during this transit will prove to be very profitable. This is a type of typical time or “Yog” when people will take any kind of pilgrimage or spiritual practices done by you will prove to be very much in your favour. If any of your deals are stuck for a longer time, people working in real estate construction will get solved and come in your favour.

This transit will be favourable, but the only thing you need to take care of is the expenses. Try to avoid unwanted expenses.

Sun Transit 2023 in Gemini

Sun has to be the rulership of your third house, and it will be transiting in your eighth house. So, Gemini natives need to be very careful and think twice before expressing their thoughts or any sort of decision. If you are working in the insurance field or are an insurance agent, then this transit will be very beneficial for you. Gemini natives can plan their things and go for a holiday.

You should take the initiative and bring changes to your life. It will be the time when you will be dealing with tougher matters. The things that you were running for a long time.

Sun Transit 2023 in Cancer

Sun rules your second house. This house is considered to be a very important house. This house deals with family, finances and security. The Sun is now going to enter the seventh house. This is a good time to take help from your spouse. It is a good time for business. Here, in this transit, you might get a mentor, an investor, a guide or a partner that will help you get the necessary information which will help you rise in the business.

There are chances that any family member will come directly to help you. If you are in any sort of problem. Their guidance and support will help you come out of the phase. There are chances of your health being affected in this transit. Your words can put your image as a person who is more proud.

Sun Transit 2023 in Leo

For Leo your ascendant lord is moving to the sixth house. If you are in a bad marriage, then things can really go out of proportion if you involve ego. Try avoiding unnecessary power. Try to take greater responsibility for your family. If you are committing something, then you have to fulfil it. So, be very careful when you are committing something otherwise you will be caught legally.

Try to be more defensive rather than offensive during this time. This will be the time when unwanted people will ask something from you. You have to understand if it’s your duty or not. But if it’s your duty, then you will have to do it because Sun is going to highlight all the enemies, all the duties and all the responsibilities. However, Saturn’s Transit is also going to affect this, and people will judge you. So you need to be very careful with your actions. You need to plan your finances.

Sun Transit 2023 in Virgo

Virgo ascendant Sun rules the 12th house.Sun is going to be in your fifth house. So, the Surya Gochar in the fifth house tells us about the expenses towards your children and passion. This is when you will get help from your long-distance relative. In this transit, your expressions will reach worldwide. If you are an influencer, into journalism and speaking the truth or standing for something that is correct or for justice then this time will give you bigger success and opportunity.

This will be the phase where there will be guidance and there will be energies around you. These will protect you from mishaps, and negative energies. So, you need to increase your positive vibrations by doing positive Karma. Expenses are bound to increase so you need to control your expenses. There can be chances when you might have to spend money in places where you don’t mind spending.

Sun Transit 2023 in Libra

For Libra Sun rules your 11th house and it goes into your fourth house. It can be said as one of the most beautiful placements. It is the time when you can convert your income into your assets and that’s exactly what is recommended to you. Your money might get invested in your home and that might irritate you but don’t get irritated. So, it is best if you spend some money on your home, maybe for renovations or fixing something. Buying an asset or a property can also be very helpful. But don’t do anything to prove to anybody. It should be done for your own consumption. It should be for you or your family’s use.

The moment you will try to show your pride or will try to display things then, a person with more power and greater authority will halt you. The progress you will think will not happen if you try to showcase things. Otherwise, this is a great time when you will have a proper opportunity. Also, opportunities will come especially related to career and source of income. Your confidence will get boosted, and you will be more comfortable. When you are thinking about your career, you might get a dream job or a dream project that you have been wanting for a long time. So, from the perspective of your career and job, this transition is very beneficial.

Sun Transit 2023 in Scorpio

Scorpio rules the 10th house and is going to your third house. This means that your Karma is associated with your initiatives. Hence, you need to be proactive in your career. There can be a few situations when your siblings might need your guidance. The third house is the house of communication, so you must be very careful. Your words can boost someone’s confidence but can also put someone’s morale down. Be very careful if you use bad words or harsh words Saturn will make sure that those words do come back for you.

Scorpio will also experience the presence of Mars in the seventh house because Mars rules your ascendant Lord. You will be full of enthusiasm. You will feel that you are full of energy. Also, in this transition, you will get all sorts of help and be ready to take on any challenge.

Sun Transit 2023 in Sagittarius

Sagittarius ascendant Sun rules your ninth house, and Sun will be in the second house from the 14th of January. There will be a Conjunction of three planets Sun, Saturn and Venus from 17th January Sun and Venus Conjunction will be in the second house. This house talks about reform coming the way. This time, luck will favour you, and you will get good profits and benefits. Your hard work will pay off. If you are into business, this transit will make good changes in your business. Also, if you are into service, this transit will give you new opportunities, which will pave the way for increased income in the future.

There can be a new path that will take you to a higher salary and higher designation.

It's a good time to think about the overall development, overall growth of life and your presence will be definitely required in your family.The ninth Lord coming into your second house people involved with travel and tourism can be some growth and positivity.

Sun Transit 2023 in Capricorn

Capricorn ascendant sun rules your eighth house; hence, it will be moving into your first house. Therefore, it talks about personality. Changes in your life or home will force you to change yourself. Become someone that you are not. There will be minor or major personality transformations. These will be good for you. Inheritance will come towards you. You might get relief from something that has been causing pain for a long time. This is the time when you have to think about your own self. So, there is no harm in becoming selfish as long as that does not hurt someone. Your name will suddenly rise up, and you will become way more popular.

You will become bright. So you need to wear a smile and treat people with kindness and positivity. When the sun enters the first house, it can increase your anger. It can also give you a mindset where you feel like you are ruling the world. These can be considered as some of the negative traits of this transit.

Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius

For Aquarius ascendant Sun rules the seventh house therefore, the expression of Surya will be on your spouse, business, contracts, and legal affairs, and also it talks about the balance of life. The sun is going to your twelfth house, which means that marriage can face challenges. Some challenges and separation in your relationship.

For people involved in the import and export of business or ones who want to expand their business, time is good. Beyond the local horizon, you will see a good and positive boost. Probably your workaholic nature or your presence required in your career will draw attention. In your personal life, there can be some issues, so you need to strike the right balance and sacrifice a few things because, without sacrifice, the balance will go off, creating some problems. Finance will be at stake, you will be challenged, which can put you in a difficult spot. But if you are humble, then this transition will be extremely beautiful.

Sun Transit 2023 in Pisces

Pisces ascendant for you Sun rules the sixth house and will be in the 11th house. This is a good time to take on new responsibilities. Also, this is a good time to think about a change in your career. Something positive will happen in your life and career. In the source of income, you will get more gains during this time, especially if the gain comes from your supervisors, bosses and government.

Some tasks that were blocked till now will now come to fructification. It will be extremely beneficial, especially when you talk about your wish fulfilment. People trying for government jobs or applying for foreign education will see some good and positive signs that will help them boost their confidence.

But on the other hand, you need to be very practical.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sun transits through all 12 zodiac signs in a year.
There is no way to determine how long the Sun will remain in the zodiac. The Sun may pass a zodiac sign in as little as 29 days. However, it might take up to 32 days in rare cases.
The sun symbolizes life, vitality, enthusiasm, clarity, and self-assurance. It has a strong influence on all of the zodiac signs. It has an impact on everyone's life.
A transit occurs when one object in space passes in front of another.
The Sun is currently in Sagittarius.
Yes, Sun transit is a known fact which has been practised in India and other nations from many decades.
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