Numerology Number 3

Ancient studies suggest that every number has a story to tell and personality to display. They are responsible for the occurrence of various things in our lives. Moreover, they have always left us on the cusp of curiosity and enlightenment. Let's know about the number three.

Most people have a negative aura for number 3 and associate it with misfortune. However, contrary to this belief, numerology number 3 holds immense significance and value. It is considered an omen of creativity, communication and strength.

The number 3 is also considered one of the luckiest numbers and brings positivity and optimism to its natives. The number has qualities of thriving amidst chaos and has a youthful zest to its spirit. Let's know more about numerology number 3!

Numerology number 3 Meaning and Significance

The number 3 has powerful symbolism of positivity and good luck. It is also believed that all the good things happen in 3s. For example, our mind, body and soul are three essential entities. Moreover, the birth, life and death cycle also occurs in 3s.

Individuals with numerology number 3 are problem solvers and always look forward to overcoming challenges. In addition, they have an excellent attention span, facilitating high-order and out-of-the-box thinking.

Therefore, they will always have a unique and unheard-of approach to life. Natives of this numerology number also humour their inner child from time to time and believe in living in the moment. These individuals have a high social spirit and higher enthusiasm toward life.

Furthermore, they think on their feet and take decisions from their hearts. Some might perceive them as "laid back" or "irresponsible, but they only believe in living life to the fullest. These natives often bring their impeccable sense of humour to serious conversations, which lands them in trouble.

However, they have a charming way of wooing people and getting to their hearts. They might seem immature or childish, but they will instantly get serious about life if you throw a challenge at them.

What are the personality traits for number 3?

The numerology number 3 personality type is beyond fascinating. Natives of numerology number 3 have a charming and loving personality. Everyone likes to be around them because of their sense of humour and wit. Moreover, they thrive on people's energies and are exceptionally socially outgoing.

However, individuals with this numerology number sometimes become too proud of their achievements and overconfident. They have a gratifying need to be the best, which can often work against them. On top of that, they become egotistical when somebody corrects them or tries to prove a point.

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Besides, they have an excellent way of living and enjoying life that nobody can surpass. So living life in colour and zeal are the two essential things they look forward to. Moreover, they are brilliant communicators, which helps them manage various tasks in their lives.

Their habit of saving less and spending more makes them more carefree and sometimes irresponsible. Therefore, overall they have a strong sense of character, a head full of dreams and an endless passion for fulfilling them.

Jupiter (planet of wisdom) is the ruling planet for this number; thus, natives of this numerology number are wise and intellectual. However, to achieve a certain sense of balance, there are always two sides to everything. So let's see what these sides are for numerology number 3. First, let's know what they are:


According to the ancient text, the number 3 is a combination of 1 and 2 so it represents the teachings and learnings an individual has to adopt. They are youthful, sociable, optimistic and full of zeal. The number 3 also provides a spiritual experience to its natives, which is like no other.

They are also highly expressive and emote easily despite their masculine energy. This is an admirable quality, as suppressing your emotions is often detrimental to your emotional and mental well-being. They have a content life and creative nature. Their infectious energy and strong communication skills make them fun to be around.

Things to improve on:

Discipline is everything, and you must value that. Procrastination is your biggest evil and stops you from doing essential activities, thus hampering productivity. Moreover, sometimes you might get derailed from your main goal because of all the jokes you make, so be sure to remain focused.

Also, remember that you should drive your emotions, and they shouldn't drive or dominate you. Learning from your mistakes should be on top of your to-do list.

Career and Job: Numerology Number 3

Since they are problem solvers and creative thinkers, natives of career numerology number 3 work the best in the management field. Their communication and social skills are like icing on the cake as they are perfect for this job. Numerology number 3 career and profession will shine throughout the year.

Moreover, they are genuinely hardworking and put a lot of effort into their work. So their hard work is bound to bring good results. They are also great at numerical, research and analytical jobs.

Because of their adept decision-making, natives of this numerology number are excellent entrepreneurs. Their dominating nature makes them suitable for managing employees in a corporate setting. A persuasive personality makes them ideal for becoming teachers, lawyers, counsellors and sales associates.

Furthermore, they also commit to society and work for its betterment. They work as social workers in the civil and public sectors and thrive in these departments. Thus, religious and spiritual leaders, judges, civil servants and police officers are few of the jobs appropriate for them.

Love and Relationships: Numerology Number 3

Being extroverted, friendly and youthful, the numerology number 3 love life is thrilling and exciting. They love having fun with their partners and doing small things together. At the same time, they also enjoy their time and space. And they expect their partners to understand their concept of space and freedom. Thus, they look for somebody who is not foreign to this concept.

They also value self-expression and seek a partner with the same level of communication skills as theirs. Natives of this numerology number are the most compatible with numbers 7, 1 and 5. So much so that their compatibility is evident in their actions. Some individuals of numerology number three wish not to commit to relationships and prioritise themselves in life.

But, once they fall in love, they are hopeless romantics and give their everything in a relationship. They stay away from people who have pessimistic energy.

Moreover, natives of this numerology number have trouble initiating conversations with the person they're interested in. But, once a conversation starts, there's no stopping them. So, for this number, only those who are patient, respectful and faithful have long-term relationships.

Money and Finance: Numerology Number 3

As the number 3 is said to bring good luck and fortune. People with this date of birth will lead a comfortable life without worrying about their finances. However, this does not mean that everything will come easy to them. They will have to control their expenses and budget to save money for a better future. Their reckless habit of spending more than they earn will often land them in trouble.

However, their pleasant personality and presence in society will help them stay in the top social strata. To experience advancements in money, wear yellow clothes on Tuesdays and keep an optimistic mindset.

Lucky Colour: Numerology Number 3

For natives of this number, the lucky colours are yellow and purple. Yellow is the colour for spirituality, and purple represents spirituality. Other than these, green and white shades are also reasonably lucky for them.

Gemstone: Numerology Number 3

The Pukhraj, or Yellow Sapphire, is a lucky gemstone for this numerology number. This gemstone helps improve your financial position and bestows you with fame, good health, honour and success. In addition, wearing this gemstone provides you with mental peace and stability. Moreover, the right way to wear this gemstone is in a gold pendant or a ring on the index finger.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Numerology Number 3

Number 3 people are ruled by the planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology. Moreover, Pisceans and Sagittarians are the zodiacs most impacted by this number according to number theory. This number has a couple of strengths and weaknesses associated with it. They are:


  • Being excellent communicators, these people don't hold back their opinions and speak their minds. This is their biggest strength that helps them shine among huge crowds and thrive in chaos.
  • Moreover, they are prolific in art, craft, music and creative creation. Natives of this number believe in obtaining knowledge and information from all spheres of life.
  • They also love to be around people, and others enjoy hanging out and listening to them. And they take over the room with their magnetic personality and infectious energy.
  • Their humour and wit help others around them calm down in difficult situations. They are always ready to lighten the mood with a silly joke.
  • Furthermore, their attitude towards life is exceptionally optimistic, and it is impossible to change that. They hold certain beliefs close to their heart and always stay true to those.
  • Natives of this number are motivated and have a high need for achievement. They are also self-driven towards their goals and work incredibly hard towards them.
  • Their cheerful and bright perspective on life adds to their personality and demeanour. Thus, they are lovely human beings and beyond amazing friends.


  • Sometimes, natives of this number often get lost in their world and disconnect themselves from the realities and occurrences of the world.
  • Moreover, because of their jovial nature, they easily trust people and face many betrayals.
  • Their love for material things can become obsessive and harmful to them and their family's health.
  • They don't think much when they are too excited or enthusiastic and go on a shopping spree. Thus, this affects their financial stability.
  • Shiny things attract them, and they will buy anything that looks pretty. However, this leads to hoarding unnecessary items and makes them lose all their money at once.
  • For a better lifestyle, natives of this number must focus more on their inner peace and mental health than other things.
  • They go through an emotional contagion and mirror the feelings of people around them. Therefore, if someone around them is depressed, there are chances that they might also become susceptible to the disorder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as the Soul Urge number, it means exactly what it suggests! It reveals an individual's most genuine desire and heart's wish. Those desires could be represented in the form of emotions or other actions.
You can calculate the Heart's Desire Number by adding the numbers in the vowels of your name. For example, if someone's name is Sita. Her Heart's Desire Number number will be S(19), I(9), T(20), and A(1), which equals 49. Adding 4 and 9, we'll get 13 and further adding 1+3=4. Thus, 4 is her Heart's Desire Number.
According to Indian numerology, people born with the number 3 have established careers and are masters in their fields of work. Their energy and charisma make them stand out in a room full of people. Moreover, they can also make your rib tickle but will be there for you when a challenge arrives.
Jupiter is the ruling planet for numerology number 3.
The number 3 has always had a unique significance throughout human history. And this is because Pythagoras (novel Greek Philosopher) formulated that three is a perfect number in the Greek era. It is the number of peace, harmony and understanding.
The Empress is the tarot card associated with the numerology number three. This card represents fertility and creativity and encourages us to embrace ourselves the way we are.

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