Moola Nakshatra - Embracing Transformation

Moola (Mula) Nakshatra is the 19th lunar station for the moon. The word “Moola” stands for root, innermost core or base and symbolises a “bunch of roots tied together or a lion’s tail”. It indicates “an end to an era or a pointer to the beginning of new life”. You might have heard people saying, “Everything happens for a reason”. This nakshatra agrees with it and implies that whatever has happened has a reason at its very root. As it represents the end, its deity is “Goddess Nirrti”, who is associated with the Goddess of destruction, “Mahakali”. Ketu in moola nakshatra is the ruling planet. The planets, the controlling gods, the symbol and the meaning; all contribute to the character formation of its natives. The natives probably have inquisitive minds who try to get to the roots of everything.

People are born in this nakshatra when the position of the moon is placed between degrees 0°00 to 13°20′ in the Sagittarius sign. You must continue reading to learn more exciting facts about this nakshatra and the individuals born under it.

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Moola Nakshatra Zodiac sign: Overview

Moola nakshatra Rasi or Zodiac sign, is Sagittarius, as mentioned earlier. People with Sagittarius as their zodiac sign are spiritually inclined under Moola nakshatra. They are believed to attain both spiritual and material success. They have a sweet voice and are polite in nature. Justice is an important aspect of their lives, and they trust the law to give justice to the seeker. They tend to stay healthy and rarely face health issues. They are unstoppable and reach their goal by fighting all hurdles. They have a strong faith in God. Hence, they are never tense about the present and the future. They keep fulfilling their responsibilities as an individual and leave everything else to the almighty or the god. The Sun in Moola nakshatra illuminates knowledge and belief in its supreme power to the natives born as Sagittarians.

Essential Features Responsible For Moola Nakshatra Characteristics

Moola Nakshatra Lord planetKetu
Moola Nakshatra Zodiac SignSagittarius
Moola Nakshatra GenderNeutral
Moola Nakshatra SymbolTangled roots or tied roots
Moola Nakshatra deity/LordNirrti (the goddess of dissolution)
Moola Nakshatra GanaRakshasha
Moola Nakshatra GunaTamas
Moola Nakshatra YoniDog
Moola Nakshatra Lucky LetterB and Y
Moola Nakshatra Lucky StoneCATS EYE (LEHSUNIA)
Moola Nakshatra Lucky ColourMustard / Brownish Yellow
Moola Nakshatra Lucky Number7
Moola Nakshatra ElementVaayu
Moola Nakshatra Animal and BirdMale Dog and Ruddy Shelduck (Chakravaaka Pakshi)

Essential Dates for Moola Nakshatra In 2023

  • January 19, 2023, Thursday
  • February 16, 2023, Thursday
  • March 15, 2023, Wednesday
  • April 11, 2023, Tuesday
  • May 08, 2023, Monday
  • May 21, 2023, Sunday
  • June 05, 2023, Monday
  • July 02, 2023, Sunday
  • July 29, 2023, Saturday
  • August 26, 2023, Saturday
  • September 22, 2023, Friday
  • October 19, 2023, Thursday
  • November 16, 2023, Thursday
  • December 13, 2023, Wednesday

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Moola Nakshatra Pada

Every nakshatra is divided into four padas which are about 3°20' long, which is also the size of the navamsa in each zodiac sign. These padas help astrologers draw better insights into each individual’s life. Let us look at each pada of the Moola nakshatra.

1st pada: The natives of this pada get tempted towards worldly pleasures or material wealth. Born in the Aries navamsa, they are also attracted towards spiritual paths and might leave family behind to continue their spiritual journey. The ruler of this pada is Mars which enhances their spiritual desires.

2nd pada: The natives of this pada work hard and are very particular about financial growth. They keep analysing how much wealth they collect and what they can buy. Born in the Taurus navamsa, the focus has been on the study of occult or scientific mysticism. The Venus in Moola nakshatra is the ruler of this pada, which pushes the natives to attain spiritual success.

3rd pada: The natives of this pada are gifted with intelligence and smart brains. They are good with words and have convincing power. Born in the Gemini navamsa, they lead a balanced life. The Mercury in Moola nakshatra is this pada's ruler, which strengthens their communication and wordplay.

4th pada: The natives of this pada try to help society through philosophical teachings and spiritual activities. They have a caring nature and look after the safety of others through spiritual means. Born in the Cancer Navamsa, they struggle to build an emotional connection with people. The Mars in Moola nakshatra is the ruler of the nakshatra, which makes the people of this pada read more about philosophy and spirituality.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Every individual has pros and cons to their personality traits which we call “Strengths and Weaknesses”. Nakshatras are responsible for these traits in different individuals. Let us look at Moola Nakshatra born in this aspect.


People born in Moola nakshatra are strong-headed and face adversity calmly and with composure. They have good communication skills and easily manipulate others and persuade them to serve their purpose. Hence, they handle their personal politics well. They are careful, alert and clever. They have a strong determination to succeed in life, and they are able to live comfortable lives. They are learned or well-read and are good speakers. They are spiritually inclined, kind, cheerful and friendly. They lead successful lives and are determined to maintain their stature in society. They are adventurous, brave, peace-loving, and explorers. Therefore, they tend to travel a lot, especially to places close to nature ( rivers, mountains and hilly areas). The Rahu in Moola nakshatra intensifies their desire to help spiritually.


The natives of this nakshatra often create their own insecurities and tend to doubt people. The Ketu in Moola nakshatra, the ruler, intensifies their insecurities and ill-will even more. They are never appreciative of others. They are too focused and run after fulfilling their goals. Their achievements make them arrogant, stubborn and untrustworthy. Sometimes, they are self-destructive, and they tend to risk their own achievements. They have many unsuccessful marriages and relationships as they are mostly lustful and angry. Boredom eats them up, and they can’t tolerate it for long. They are indecisive and fickle-minded. They exploit others for their benefit and hardly return favours.

Moola Nakshatra Male Characteristics

Physical features:

Moola nakshatra male natives have an attractive appearance. They have bright eyes and beautiful limbs. They are the most handsome individuals in their families.

Personality and Characteristics:

Moola nakshatra male natives are friendly and tend to create a peaceful atmosphere around them. They have their own set of principles and rules which they religiously follow. They are too concerned about the future and keep chasing goals and success. They are hardworking, however, believe that God will take care of everything. You will find them vulnerable and emotional at times, but it makes them stronger every time. Their willpower and determination increase every time they fall. They are very optimistic and try to practise living in the present through meditation and Yoga.


Moola nakshatra Career of the male natives shows a good growth graph. However, they are not good at saving, which might be risky for them. They are good advisors but fail to help themselves. They can pursue the career field of a financial advisor. They earn from multiple sources and do not have a single source of income. In their late 25s, they must become serious and avoid the company of friends who spend too much money. It is also observed that they work as tantra or mystical practitioners, scientists, philosophers, professors, defence and politicians.


Moola nakshatra wealth of the male natives tend to be at a risky stage. They do not save money and hence fall into debt traps. They may need help managing their finances. They may tend to spend more than they earn and, therefore, must keep their expenses in check.

Marriage life:

Moola nakshatra marriage life shows promising signs. The male natives of this nakshatra are lucky to have a good wife or spouse. Their wives have all the qualities of a good life partner. They may manage the house perfectly. The male natives tend to have a happy married life. They would be only concerned about their work as their personal life will be a joyride.


Moola nakshatra Compatibility of the males is cordial. They are family oriented and are very close to their parents and siblings. However, they are not able to express their love and gratitude towards their family members and feel disconnected. Moreover, moola nakshatra effects on father native have to be kept in check, and it is believed that he must not see his newborn baby for 27 days. The male natives and their wives enjoy a great bond with each other. In terms of marriage, they share the best compatibility with the natives of Revati, Purva Ashadha Nakshatra and Moola itself.


The health of the male natives of this nakshatra needs to be taken care of. It is a matter of concern. They are likely to face health issues like tuberculosis, paralysis and frequent stomach problems. 27, 31, 44, 48, 56, and 60 years of age are the times when they need to be the most careful. They are also prone to alcoholism and drugs.

Moola Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Physical features:

The female natives tend to have a median complexion, neither too brown nor too fair. They have a slightly whitish or pale yellow complexion in normal temperatures. However, they are dark-complexioned in hot countries while reddish-complexioned in cold countries.

Personality and Characteristics:

The female natives of this nakshatra are pure souls and good-hearted but often cannot control their stubborn nature. Their arrogance often ends them up in risky situations. But they also know how to use their stubbornness for benefit. They extremely love their partners and would cross any limit for them. When Jupiter is placed in the right position, they do academically and professionally well. They reach exceptional heights. They take time to change their opinions unless they find the facts logical and right.


Moola nakshatra career life of the female natives depends on the placement of Jupiter. When Jupiter is not placed in a proper position, they show no interest in education and are less educated. They also struggle to pass primary classes and tend to repeat their years in the same class. Such women get married and manage households. However, suppose Jupiter is in the right position or is in opposition to its behaviour in this nakshatra. In that case, you may find its females as highly qualified doctors or employed at higher positions.


The female natives may not be a direct accumulator of wealth but tend to be lucky for the family for fortune and prosperity. They are most often less educated and tend to become homemakers after marriage. But if Jupiter is fortunate, they tend to be at top-level positions in any reputed profession, especially as doctors. If this is the case, they will bring a lot of money and material wealth to the family.

Marriage life:

Moola nakshatra Female marriage life tends to be fortunate. They are mostly housewives and are good managers of the home. However, if they are working, they will be respected not only at the workplace but at home as well. But, they might get busy and won’t tolerate their husband’s rebellious behaviour. There are chances of separation or divorce.


Moola nakshatra Compatibility of the female natives tends to be in a not-so-good and not-so-bad stage. It is somewhere in the middle. They get a lot of attention in general that they get habitual towards it. Therefore, they get easily upset in the absence of it. However, properly placed planets may protect their married life. They must perform rituals and offerings that please Mars for a successful marriage life. In terms of marriage, they will share the best compatibility with the natives of Purvashada nakshatra.


The female natives of the Moola nakshatra face stomach-related issues frequently. 27, 31, 38, 56, and 60 are the ages at which they need to take care of their health and visit doctors for a full-body checkup.

Moola Nakshatra famous personalities

  1. BV Raman: BV Raman is an Indian astrologer and writer of many books and articles in modern India. He was instrumental in making Vedic astrology known and respected throughout the world.
  2. Emma Watson: Emma Watson is an English actor and a social activist. She is known for many blockbusters and independent movies.
  3. Justin Timberlake: Justin Timberlake is an American singer, songwriter and actor. His music albums have made sales of over 80 million worldwide.
  4. CV Raman: CV Raman was an Indian Physicist who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930, the first Asian Nobel prize-winning in any field of science.
  5. Ram Nath Kovind: Ram Nath Kovind successfully served as the 14th President of India. He is a politician and belongs to the Bharatiya Janata Party.
  6. Dalai Lama: The 14th Dalai Lama, Gyalwa Rinpoche, is the highest spiritual leader and former head of the country of Tibet.
  7. AI Gore: Albert Arnold Gore Jr. (AI Gore) is an American politician, businessman, and environmentalist. He served as the former vice president of the United States from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton.

Different Planets In Moola Nakshatra

Mentioned below are some effects that different planets have on an individual's life when placed in Moola nakshatra. These effects are as follows:

  • Venus in Moola Nakshatra: : the placement of Venus in thai nakshatra tends to affect the individual’s spouse. The spouse of the native will come around to be very spiritual in nature. Moreover, there are also chances for the native's spouse to suffer from illness and diseases.
  • Jupiter in Moola Nakshatra: : The placement of Jupiter in this nakshatra comes around to make the native suffer from sudden illness
  • Rahu in Moola Nakshatra: : Rahu in Moola nakshatra tends to make an individual have a prosperous life. Moreover, the native also experiences beneficial results in their life.
  • Mars in Moola Nakshatra: : The placement of Mars in this nakshatra tends to make the native prone to diseases. However, the native will have great relations with their siblings.
  • Sun in Moola Nakshatra: : Sun in this nakshatra tends to make an individual have a lot of enemies. Moreover, the natives also come around to have bad relations with their spouse.
  • Moon in Moola Nakshatra: : The placement of Moon in this nakshatra tends to make an individual have a deep interest in supernatural sciences. Moreover, tha native will also have good relations with their mother.
  • Mercury in Moola Nakshatra: : The placement of Mercury in this nakshatra tends to make an individual lose a lot of wealth. The native will mostly lose wealth because of their decisions.
  • Saturn in Moola Nakshatra: : Having Saturn in this nakshatra makes an individual gain a lot of success. Moreover, the natives will also face disturbances in their work life.
  • Ketu in Moola Nakshatra: : Having Ketu in this nakshatra tends to make an individual have unsatisfactory results in their life. Moreover, the natives will never be satisfied with the outcomes or results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Moola Nakshatra stresses getting to the roots of truth, the natives born here may be skilled at keeping their strengths and intentions a secret.
Sri Hanuman was born in the Moola nakshatra. He was determined and had strong willpower and determination, the moola traits, to find mata Sita when Ravana put her in captivity.
Moola nakshatra Rashi or zodiac sign is Sagittarius. People are born in this nakshatra when the moon's position is between degrees 0°00 to 13°20′ in the Sagittarius zodiac sign.
People born in Moola nakshatra must visit the “Graceful Singeeswarar Temple” located in Mappedu on the Thakkolam route near Chennai, India, at least once in their lifetime. It has an energy that vibrates with moola nakshatra. The natives should make offerings and perform fire rituals with Anjan herb for a peaceful life.
Moola nakshatra is an unfortunate nakshatra, for it comes under Gandmoola Nakshatra. It is believed that a native-born in this nakshatra may bring problems for their family. But certain Pooja-Archana may eradicate such chances.
Moola nakshatra's lucky stone is CAT'S EYE (LEHSUNIA). It helps in absorbing the positive energy of its ruling planet, Ketu.
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