Chitra Nakshatra: An Overview

The Chitra Nakshatra is the 14th Nakshatra out of all the 25 Nakshatra. The natives of this Nakshatra are said to be quite intelligent and beautiful as well. Along with this, the natives of this Nakshatra are also quite known to like their privacy and are often considered to be “Loners”, the ones who stay alone.

Let us know more about the personalities of the natives of this Nakshatra and also look at the dates of Chitra Nakshatra in english for 2024.

Chitra Nakshatra 2024 Dates

It is now time to look at the dates of Chitra Nakshatra for the year 2024. These dates also comprise the start and end times. The dates for this Nakshatra are as follows:

DateStart TimeEnd Time
Thursday, 4 January 202405:36 PM, Jan 0407:46 PM, Jan 05
Thursday, 1 February 202401:10 AM, Feb 0103:47 AM, Feb 02
Wednesday, 28 February 202407:35 AM, Feb 2810:20 AM, Feb 29
Tuesday, 26 March 202401:36 PM, Mar 2604:12 PM, Mar 27
Monday, 22 April 202408:02 PM, Apr 2210:29 PM, Apr 23
Monday, 20 May 202403:18 AM, May 2005:44 AM, May 21
Sunday, 16 June 202411:15 AM, Jun 1601:48 PM, Jun 17
Saturday, 13 July 202407:18 PM, Jul 1310:02 PM, Jul 14
Saturday, 10 August 202402:46 AM, Aug 1005:45 AM, Aug 11
Friday, 6 September 202409:27 AM, Sep 0612:32 PM, Sep 07
Thursday, 3 October 202403:35 PM, Oct 0306:35 PM, Oct 04
Wednesday, 30 October 202409:45 PM, Oct 3012:43 AM, Nov 01
Wednesday, 27 November 202404:36 AM, Nov 2707:35 AM, Nov 28
Tuesday, 24 December 202412:19 PM, Dec 2403:20 PM, Dec 25

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Chitra Nakshatra Important Features

Let us have a look at some of the important and major features of Chitra nakshatra. These are as follows:

Chitra Nakshatra AspectsFeatures
Chitra Nakshatra Lord PlanetMangal
Chitra Nakshatra LordVishwakarma
Chitra Nakshatra SymbolPearl
Chitra Nakshatra Rasi or Chithira Zodiac SignLibra & Virgo
Chitra Nakshatra Lucky Numbers3, 7, 20, 9
Chitra Nakshatra's Lucky ColourYellow, White, Light Green, black
Chitra Nakshatra Lucky StoneBloodstone
Chitra Nakshatra's Lucky LettersP and R
Chitra Nakshatra GanaRakshasa
Chitra Nakshatra GunaTamasic
Chitra Nakshatra DoshaPitta
Chitra Nakshatra TreeBeal Tree
Chitra Nakshatra AnimalTiger
Chitra Nakshatra BirdWoodpecker
Chitra Nakshatra GenderFemale
Chitra Nakshatra ElementFire (Agni)
Chitra Nakshatra Body ParasharaForehead & Neck

Chitra Nakshatra Meaning

People born between 23:20 Virgo and 6:20 Libra are descendants of this Nakshatra, making Virgo and Libra the Chitra Nakshatra Rashi. These folks have natural charisma and beauty. Thanks to their ruling deity, they have been bestowed with the ability to create.

They are very creative in nature and always manage to stand out in the crowd. This Nakshatra's descendants are the life and soul of the party. It is hard to pass them by and not turn your head around to take a second glance at them. You will always feel a strange aura that will attract you to them.

They do well with being the centre of attention as this brings out the best in them in a positive way. A deep curiosity for the world. These people always want to know and learn more. Because of this quality of theirs, you will hardly ever meet a person who is not impressed by them.

Chitra Nakshatra Characteristics: Male Native

It is now time to have a lok at the Chitra Nakshatra male characteristics. These are as follows:

Personality and behaviour

Males born in this Nakshatra will be knowledgeable and hardworking. They are born with genius minds and know how to answer almost everything. So, if you ever come across a male native of this Nakshatra, you should know whatever they have to say to have a meaning to it.

Chitra males are born manifestors. They also have a gift of intuition, and for that reason, they can do well in the astrology field. However, They can also sometimes be doubtful. They will question things without any explanation as it is in their nature.

Family, Love, and Marriage

You will also see a Chitra male sharing good bonds with family members. However, a Chitra Nakshatra male's marriage life will be rough. According to the Chitra Nakshatra marriage compatibility, the Chitra Nakshatra male marriage life will have some ups and downs. The Chitra Nakshatra marriage life for males will experience frequent arguments between their spouses.

The Chitra male characteristics also include the native taking responsibility for everything but also facing criticism for it. Moreover, the Chitra Nakshatra marriage age will be between 25 - and 35 years of age.


Males born in this Nakshatra may have to suffer because of their health. If you have been negligent towards your health, it is not a habit that will serve you in the long run. The health will be seen arising after the age of 25.

Kidney, abdominal worms, and bladder diseases are very common for the natives of this Nakshatra. However, this does not mean that it can not be cured or is unavoidable. Paying enough attention specifically to this area will help the natives of Nakshatra prevent them.


According to the Chitra Nakshatra career report, the male natives of this Nakshatra are very hardworking and intelligent, but they still may have to face the struggle until they are 32. However, once he crosses this age, he will witness himself achieving all his dreams and goals with little to no effort. There will be an almost negligible amount of struggle in his life.

Some of the recommended professions for a male native of this Nakshatra are architecture, piloting, and engineering. Domains that have to do with travelling will take them to greater heights. If a male native of this Nakshatra wants to do business of his own, he will do well in a partnership, or if he wants to take on his parent's business or work for them, he will do well in that area as well.

Chitra Nakshatra Characteristics: Female

It is now time to have a look at the Chitra Nakshatra female characteristics. These are as follows:

Personality & Behaviour

Chitra females are one of the most beautiful feminines. They have to have their freedom. Just like the Chitra males, they do not like being restricted. They are straightforward females with a hint of rebellion in them. She always wants to break societal restrictions and, most of the time, manages to do so.

On the social front, she likes to keep the circle small. She prefers quality over quantity. You will always find Chitra women either in the beauty world or in the science field. She is the perfect example of beauty with brains.


It is advised for a Chitra female to lead a balanced life, as health issues have the potential to knock her off the pedestal. Female natives will also have to face health issues as male natives after the age of 25. She will also suffer from health diseases like Appendicitis, Worms, Bladder problems & Kidney Inflammation.

Family, Love, and Marriage

If the horoscopes are not matched prior to marriage, a Chitra Nakshatra female marriage life will go off on a rocky path. Therefore, a female native must make sure to check her horoscope with the male to ensure a happy married life. Sexual incompatibility can also be an issue for the female natives of this Nakshatra.

The Chitra Nakshatra compatibility for female natives is quite good in their marriage. Given her dedication to making it work, she will lead a happy married life overall. She can resort to an astrologer for remedies to cure or rectify these issues. The predicted Chitra Nakshatra female marriage age is between 23 and 32 years of age.


As Vishwakarma is the lord of Chitra Nakshatra, the natives come around to be quite hard-working in nature. Females of this native will enter the beauty/fashion or technical science world.

They also have the potential to enter agriculture. Whatever they put their mind and soul into, they will conquer that field. Female natives do not have to worry about their professional lives, as it will mostly be in their favour.

Chitra Nakshatra: Padas

Each zodiac sign is divided into 4 Padas based on the position of the moon. These Padas tend to differentiate the individuals in their behaviour skills and personality as well. Let us have a look at the 4 padas of this Nakshatra.

Chitra Nakshatra Pada 1

The first pada of this Nakshatra is governed by the Sun and falls in the navamsa of Leo. Natives who are born in this pada are physically attractive and crave authority and power. They will also know how to be cruel.

A hunger for recognition will also be very evident in the natives. The lower level of this pada focuses on beauty and glamour, whereas the higher spectrum aims to achieve perfection. The desire for power and authority can sometimes become their downfall.

Chitra Nakshatra Pada 2

The 2nd Pada of this nakshatra is ruled by Mercury and falls in Virgo navamsa. With the same quality of being a perfectionist as the natives of 1st pada, they are, too, harsh on themselves. Since their ruling planet is Mercury, they do well in the areas where their intellect is required.

Planets like the sun, Mercury, Mars, and Rahu are powerful in this pada. People of this pada have the quality of discipline. Whatever they start, be it on their professional front or personal, they make sure they finish it.

Chitra Nakshatra Pada 3

This pada is led by Venus and falls in the Libra navamsa. Mercury, Venus, and Saturn have a strong hold on this pada. Natives of this pada can be self-centred and manipulative.

Due to their manipulative quality, they want to achieve success by manipulating others. They feel that this is the fast-tracked way. Unlike the padas mentioned above, they focus more on themselves and the relationships around them.

Chitra Nakshatra Pada 4

This pada is led by Mars and falls in the navamsa of Scorpio. Ketu, Saturn, Venus, and Rahu are dominant in this pada. They like to lead their life with passion. They put in effort to get the things they want in their life.

Along with this, the natives will also be optimistic in nature and will be able to face all the problems in their lives with a positive attitude. Moreover, the natives will also come around to be quite ambitious in nature.

Different Planets In Chitra Nakshatra

Different planets tend to affect the natives of Chitra Nakshatra differently. Let us have a look at the effects of these planets. These are as follows:

  • Venus in Chitra Nakshatra tends to make an individual very creative in nature. Moreover, the natives are also blessed with beautiful and attractive looks.
  • Jupiter in Chitra Nakshatra tends to make an individual very spiritually inclined in nature. Moreover, the natives are also known to be learned individuals.
  • Rahu in Chitra Nakshatra tends to make an individual have a dreamy personality. This means the native always lives in a fantasy world and rarely comes out of it.
  • Mars in Chitra Nakshatra tends to make an individual possess qualities that include being highly competitive in nature. Along this, the natives are also known to possess deep sexual desires.
  • Sun in Chitra Nakshatra makes an individual a born leader. This means the native possesses leadership qualities since birth. Moreover, they also tend to come around as highly intellectual individuals.
  • Moon in Chitra Nakshatra tends to make an individual very attractive to look at, along with possessing artistic abilities.
  • Mercury in Chitra Nakshatra tends to make the natives very organised and learned individuals. The natives also come around to be great advisors for others.
  • Saturn in Chitra Nakshatra tends to make an individual possess great cognitive abilities. Moreover, the natives also tend to come around as highly disciplined individuals.
  • Ketu in Chitra Nakshatra tends to make an individual very aggressive and short-tempered in nature. Moreover, the natives are also quite well known for their egoistic personality.

Chitra Nakshatra Celebrities

Some of the celebrities and famous personalities born in Chitra Nakshatra include the following:

  • Shashi Kapoor
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
  • George Bush
  • Nicholas Cage

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are unaware that the individuals of this Nakshatra are prone to getting sick. Their illness will be in the abdomen area.
Chitra Nakshatra is considered to be an auspicious nakshatra. The natives are said to be highly intelligent and beautiful.
God Vishwakarma is the ruling god; the ruling planet of Chitra Nakshatra is Mars.
The ruling planet of this Nakshatra is Mars. In Hindu literature, mars is called mangal.
Female natives can enter the beauty field and have the potential to enter the science professions.
There is a possibility that the male natives of this Nakshatra can face criticism even after taking full responsibility.
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