Murugu God - Understanding God Kartikeya

Who is Lord Murugan?

Lord Muruga or Lord Subramanyam are the other names of the great God Kartikeya who according to Hindu mythology, is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is the god of great energy and wisdom and is believed to have the power and control of things in his hand. Lord Kartikeya is known by many names in different regions of India such as in South India; he is known as Murugan or Muruga or Shanmuga. Many beliefs and legends are associated with Lord Muruga that make him unique, powerful and the god of extreme energy.

The Birth of Lord Kartikeya:

Once upon a time, all the Devatas were disturbed by the brutal action of the demon Tarakasura. All the Devatas then requested Lord Shiva to protect them from his torture. Lord Shiva then generated six sparks from his eyes that had such immense energy that no one could take hold of them. The six sparks were then made to drop in the lake Saravana. The six sparks then took the form of six children and were taken by sisters known as Kritika. The six children were taken care of by the sisters together and in the same order. This led to their conjunction in one body with six faces, and he was called Shanmuka. This led to the birth of Lord Kartikeya, who then, with his mother’s blessings, went into a war with Tarakasura and defeated him.

Legends related to Lord Kartikeya:

There is an interesting legend behind the name Swaminathan of Lord Kartikeya. Lord Shiva asked Kartikeya to seek education from Lord Brahma, but lord Kartikeya wanted to know the meaning of “Om”. Upon approaching Lord Brahma, he requested to teach him the hidden meaning of the word “Om”. Failing to explain the purpose, he did not continue his studies and returned to his father, Lord Shiva, and asked him to explain the definition of 'Om'. Even Lord Shiva did not know the meaning of “Om’, and by then, Lord Kartikeya was aware of this knowledge of 'Om'. He explained the importance to Lord Shiva. Since then, he became the Guru of Lord Shiva, and Goddess Parvati named him Swaminathan which means 'the guru of the lord'.

How to Worship Lord Kartikeya:

To impress Lord Kartikeya, you must do certain rituals and unlock the box of ultimate potential, wisdom and power. There are six attributes that one can master by worshipping Lord Kartikeya, and those are wisdom, calmness, strength, wealth, fame and divine power.

The full moon day in the month of Kartik is an auspicious day to worship Lord Kartikeya. In the eastern side of India, this is celebrated as a festival and idols of Lord Kartikeya are honoured during that tie. The rituals to worship lord Kartikeya are very simple and require utmost devotion.

  1. Worship the idol of Lord Kartikeya by chanting mantras and singing his prayers.
  2. Offer flowers and light a lamp near the feet of the idol of Lord Kartikeya.
  3. Lord Kartikeya is worshipped in many parts of the country, and in June, eleven days, Yagya is also done to impress the Lord and seek his blessings.

Temples associated with Lord Kartikeya:

Lord Kartikeya is worshipped all over India, but there are some unique places in India in connection with Lord Kartikeya as he has claimed his presence in those places ages ago. There are various temples where Lord Kartikeya is worshipped, and many devotees visit them to seek his blessings. Some of the temples related to Lord Kartikeya are:

  1. Palani Murugan Temple, Dindugal – This temple is one of the main worship centres of Lord Kartikeya as the Dhandayuthapani form of the lord is present here with a weapon in his hand.
  2. Swamimalai Murugan Temple – This temple is located in Kumbakonam. The Balamurugan statue of Lord Kartikeya is situated here, and the major festival celebrated here is Vaikasi Visgama, the birthday of Lord Kartikeya.
  3. Thiruchendra Murugan Temple – This temple is situated in Tamil Nadu, and this temple is known for its sacredness and idol worship of Lord Kartikeya. This is one of the oldest temples of Lord Kartikeya. Here the lord resides in the form of an idol that can be seen holding a bow in his hand and riding a peacock.

Lord Muruga was a great warrior and had many leadership qualities. His legends with his younger brother Lord Ganesh tell us about his hard-working nature and never giving up spirit. They also tell us and give us a lesson about how to accept and win at different challenges of life. Hence one must worship Lord Muruga to get his blessing and all the powers to be a winner in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday is the best day to impress Lord Kartikeya.
You can impress Lord Muruga by chanting Murugan Gayatri Mantra five times a day.
Lord Kartikeya had two wives the first one being Devasena(daughter of Indira) and second one is Vali(daughter of Lord of Vishnu)
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