Saturn Mahadasha - Attracting Monetary Gains

Mahadasha is the planetary influence over human beings for a specific time period, and these time periods go into chronological order for every human being. Also, Mahadasha has a very great significance in Vedic astrology, and there are many other systems, but Vimshottari is one of the famous astrological systems to predict the Dashas in a particular horoscope. Moreover, people have a misconception that Mahadasha has a drastic effect on your life, but to be honest, Mahadasha can sometimes have a positive effect on your life. Every human being has to go through the Mahadasha. It has a time span of 120 years and has been divided among the nine planets. Additionally, the time span of human beings is said to be 120 years, so according to that, it has been divided into nine different Bhuktis called Antardasha.

As we are talking specifically about the Saturn Mahadasha, we’ll explain what happens when a person is facing a Sani Dasa period and what impact it will have on your life. Saturn Mahadasha has been feared a lot, and it has a time span of 19 years of Shani Mahadasha. Thus people think that once they enter a Shani Dasha, their life will deteriorate, but that’s not the reality.

Overview of Shani Mahadasha

Shani dasha is going to give negative results only sometimes because Saturn is not a negative planet which destroys anyone. Even celebrities with Shani Mahadasha are known to have positive results because they have followed the remedies and fought through the situation. Moreover, it’s just that everything works according to your Karma, and all human beings on this earth have to deal with the mishappening because of their past deeds that come into action in the form of Karma. To comprehend Saturn Mahadasha and how it serves, you have to understand which house or zodiac Saturn rules in the Kaal Purush.

Additionally, the two houses that Saturn rules are the 10th and 11th houses, where the 10th house is about Karma and the 11th house is about the (karam Phal), which means the results of the Karma. So, these are the two domains that Shani usually controls. Furthermore, as mentioned, the time period is 19 years of Shani Mahadasha, so in that context, you can’t predict that the entire nineteen years will be positive or negative for you, and that is why Parashara has divided every Mahadasha into sequential Antardasha. Every Antardasha has been divided into Pratyantar Dasha. So, in this case, when the Mahadasha is divided into Pratyantar Dasha, this identifies the events of life, which is why the events are calculated through Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyandar Dasha.

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Types of Saturn Mahadasha Bhukti

After the influence of Saturn Bhukti or Antardasha under the Saturn Mahadasha, the planetary time period sees a shift to the remaining planets one by one for a particular duration. Read the divisions or Bhukti below to understand the influence of other planets with Saturn.

Saturn Mahadasha Sun Antardasha: The individual effects of Saturn Mahadasha Sun Antardasha will vary from one person to another depending on their birth chart. Suppose you want to forecast the individual effects of Saturn Mahadasha Sun Antardasha. In that case, you should analyse the position of Saturn and Sun in a main birth chart as well as all divisional charts. Moreover, the exact duration of Saturn Dasha Sun Antardasha is for eleven months and twelve days. During this period of time, a person undergoes fever and blood-related disordersAlso, if the influence of the Sun is not favourable in the Saturn Mahadasha, then it can affect the females of your family members, and there will also be losses in your wealth.You might also face some kind of downfall in your business, stress, and fear without any valid reasons.If we look into the positive impacts, the native avails blessing from older people, enhancing the bond between the children, parents and spouses. You will restore wealth and will advance to a luxurious life.

Saturn Mahadasha Moon Antardasha: According to astrology, the duration of Saturn Dasha Moon Antardasha is for nineteen months. During this time period, there might be a lot of emotional disturbances, such as misunderstandings and disputes with womens. However, a person passing through Saturn Dasha Moon Antardasha will face a loss of wealth, property and ornaments.After something negative, there is always an exalted side where the native would also receive strength from Saturn, and the Moon would maintain their positive attitude, helping them to handle this challenging journey. The native would receive love and affection from their parents, and if they are married, they will also notice a strong bond with their spouse.

Saturn Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha: The entire duration of Saturn Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha is thirty-two months and nine days. In other words, the total duration of Mercury Antardasha over Saturn Mahadasha is two years, eight months and nine days. The person who has been facing the Saturn Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha will feel very happy because of the support they might receive from the local rulers or anyone who rules over the area they reside. Moreover, the native of this planet will also find happiness from all the people they have been surrounded by, including family, friends, and relatives. Saturn Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha will come across new opportunities for spiritual enlightenment and rejuvenating your soul and body, and it can also be very favourable for conceiving a child.

Saturn Mahadasha Venus Antardasha: The entire span of Saturn Mahadasha Venus Antardasha is three years and two months. Moreover, the person who encounters this time period enables contentment and pleasure through women.Also, when Saturn Mahadasha Venus Antardasha begins, there will be a substantial increase in fortune and good luck. They will have the possibility to interact with the high dignitaries of government or celebrities and will also enclose a high benchmark with an excellent personality. Furthermore, the natives facing this Antardasha will not have to go through any diseases or enemies. Thus, Maa Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, will shower with endorsements and prosperity. Nevertheless, if Venus is in the 11th house and the natives going through Saturn Mahadasha Venus Antardasha will be blessed with auspicious events like marriage and childbirth.

Saturn Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha: The influence of Jupiter Antardasha in the Saturn Mahadasha is for the duration of two years, six months and twelve days. Moreover, there will not be any occurrence of death during the Saturn Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha as this period is believed to be the most favourable and beneficial period. It’s said that during this period, the natives will have the opportunity to marry their loved ones and inherit old wealth and property belonging to their parents or ancestors.During this period, the natives will have the ability to purchase a new vehicle, and it’s believed that even the deadliest enemy can’t destroy or harm you in any way as you will have the impact of Jupiter Antardasha. On the other hand, if Jupiter is Lord of the 2nd house or 7th house from ascendant, then the native passing through Saturn Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha may lose any of their family members or relatives, and because of that, there will be sufferings and distress. However, the reason for these consequences is that the 2nd house and 7th house are known as death-inflicting houses, also named as Maraka house.

Saturn Mahadasha Mars Antardasha: According to astrology, the duration of the Saturn Mahadasha Mars Antardasha is one year, one month and nine days.The natives facing this influence of Mars Antardasha will have to face destruction because they are very aggressive and harsh on others which might lead to problems in their relationship. Moreover, it’s very important to be cautious when you are around a crowd because people around you might not like your behaviour, and you might be deemed for acting harshly and inaccurately Furthermore, suppose Mars is in exaltation or its own house or associated with their Dasha Lord. In that case, the person going through Saturn Mahadasha Mars Antardasha will have the capability to construct a new house. Also, there will be an increase in agricultural productivity.

Saturn Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha: The influence of Rahu Antardasha dwells for thirty-four months and six days in Saturn Mahadasha. Also, when a person is going through the afflicted Shani Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha, they have to be emotionally and physically strong because they will have to face unexpected conflicts and problems, which will undoubtedly lead to stress and anxiety. They will have a hard time struggling with their professional and personal lives. Moreover, they might also not get support from their family and friends, so they need to put in all their efforts to get through this phase. Furthermore, let's look into the effects of the positive influence of Rahu Antardasha. First, it’s said that the native will have the opportunity to travel abroad and explore more which can rejuvenate their mind. As a result, their mental peace will stabilise, leading to a positive mindset and a vacation to get through all the negativity they have been facing.

Saturn Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha: If we take a glimpse into the aspect of astrology, the time period of Ketu Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha is one year, one month and nine days. So when there is a negative effect of Saturn Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha, you will go through dissatisfaction, fear and restlessness without any reason. Moreover, there will also be negative effects of Graha, where an evil eye will draw towards you, and you might face anxiousness, stress and detachment from people around. On a positive note, the native going through Saturn Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha will start practising spirituality and meditation, so such positive efforts will help them get rid of all the negativity. Hence, they will have a healthy and prosperous life.

Shani Mahadasha Remedies

Saturn, or Shani Mahadasha, is one of the most powerful Dasha in astrology. As mentioned, if the placement of Saturn in your birth chart is strong, it’ll obviously impact your life in a very positive way, whereas if it’s afflicted, then you might have to go through various health, career, marital issues etc. On that note, we’ll mention some of the positive remedies that can change your life and exhibit tremendous results.

  • Chanting the Shani mantra at least 108 times and Hanuman Chalisa every day can help you go through the stressful period efficiently.
  • You can offer food, clothes or anything that you wish to the needy, as this is one of the excellent remedies to please Shani.
  • You can offer water and milk in the Shiva Linga as a Rudrabhishek, which can be very auspicious and shows fruitful results.
  • You can visit a Shani temple and offer mustard oil and sesame seeds. You can also worship Lord Shiva to indicate more remarkable outcomes.
  • As Lord Shani travels around sitting on the crow, they are very close to Lord Shani, which is why people worship Crow and peepal trees to ward off the negative evil eye.
  • Suppose there is a severe Dasha which is negatively affecting your life. In that case, Mrityunjaya Mantra is a short and two-liner mantra that can help you start your day with positivity and spirituality.
  • In astrology, it’s believed that to ward off the Shani Mahadasha, you must eat rice mixed with urad dal (Khichdi) on Saturdays.
  • Wearing a 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered very effective. You can wear it on your neck or in your arms.
  • Wearing a black outfit can rescue you from the influence of Shani Mahadasha.
  • As mustard oil is one of the remedies for warding off Shani Dasha, you can heat the mustard oil and massage it all over your body before you go to sleep.
  • As we know, Shani dasha affects your life because of your bad deeds, which you have to face in the form of Karma, so you can start doing good deeds by which Shani will forgive you for all your past deeds.

How can you impress Shani Dev?

There are a few things that you can follow so that Shani Dev gets pleased and blesses you with a fruitful life.

  • Worshipping Shani Yantra on Saturdays can be very blissful.
  • You can also feed a cow with Urad dal and Sesame seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Shani Dasha effects depend on your birth chart and horoscope. However, if the placement of Saturn is in the right house, you will be blessed with immense growth in your career, work, business, and your health will show excellent results. However, if the placement of Saturn is inappropriate, you will have to face a lot of hindrances and health issues, and you also have to put in a lot of effort to get rid of them.
If you have been going through a Saturn or Shani Mahadasha, Neelam stone, also known as Blue Sapphire, strongly influences cosmic energies. In your horoscope, if Saturn is placed in your birth chart's 2nd, 7th, 10th and 11th house, this gemstone can greatly impact your life.
Planet Saturn controls the two zodiac signs: Kumbhbh Rashi (Aquarius) and Makar Rashi (Capricorn).
Planet Saturn is very friendly with Planet Mercu ry and Venus because while there is the influence of Antardas ha, it shows positive outcomes. Moreover, on the other hand, Sun, Moon, and Mars are enemies of Planet Saturn, because of which the natives of these three planets, when they come into the influence of planet Saturn, tend to have an adverse effect on your life.
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There are a few things that you can follow so that Shani Dev gets pleased and blesses you with a fruitful life.
  • Worshipping Shani Yantra on Saturdays can be very blissful.
  • You can also feed a cow with Urad dal and Sesame seeds.
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