Leo Yesterday's Horoscope

27 May 2023

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The days ahead are great. Recent events have left you searching for meaning. There have been many changes at work as well as at home. Your ambition is bursting at the seams. You're going to pour all of these life experiences today, Leo. Stir them up and then be thankful for your exciting, fulfilling life right now. It is possible that you won't get the right answer. Sometimes, feeling grateful can be enough to get the answer.


Today's planet aspect might make you feel looser than usual. Yes, loose! You are more open to change, less certain about your thoughts, and more open to being intimate with or romantically involved with other people. Your curiosity is natural. Explore yoga and other apps to channel your curiosity. Deep breathing is a great way to boost your respiratory and nervous systems.


Before you start any new job, it is important to find out the truth. It is also important to be honest with other people. Deceptions towards others or toward them are likely to go terribly wrong. If you are honest with yourself, luck will be yours.


Romance can be a matter of humor with current astral energy. Although your primary concern is with appearance and how others look, you have a unique approach to life which makes people laugh. There is so much to learn and share with each other. It helps to look on the positive side. There are many good times ahead.


It's a beautiful day for you to revisit your memories. Go to an old park where you haven't been for a very long time. If not, you can also visit your school or college. Going there will help you feel extremely relaxed. You'll find calmness in those surroundings. Maybe take a book with you and read it there. Who knows, you might meet your old friend or acquaintance over there.

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Lucky items for you


Red, Light Green


2, 9, 7


O, S, J

Tips for you

Vedic Tip

Remember that not everyone deserves a key to your mind!

Tips for Singles

You may have an encounter with someone extremely charming. So just hold on.

Tips for Couples

Commitment makes any relationship work.