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Importance of Shubh Muhurat to Buy Property

We all are so well aware of the fact that in India, everything is done with a mahurat, from the karnavedha ceremony to purchasing property; we look for a specific period for its opening to increase the life of that worldly things. We are bound to follow such things because of our deeply embedded beliefs that are being carried forward from the past, from marriage to anything we hold; we take the advice of an experienced yogi to know the details about mahurat. Property purchase brings a lot of significance and beliefs according to astrology, from knowing whether that place suits one to looking for a perfect muhurat. Age-old practices have a known value, so let's know about property purchase and the best timings; let's see some auspicious dates for buying property in 2023.

Significance of property purchase

Purchase of property is considered to be a time of celebration, and it brings in a lot of confidence and positivity, which helps one to stay motivated to work on upcoming projects with total dedication; according to astrology, the purchase of property also needs some favourable planetary positions, the excellent nakshatra for property registration is Ashlesha, Anuradha, Magha, Purva Bhadrapada, and Revati are considered being the best nakshatra. Following the astrologer's advice reduces the risk of getting any problem with that property; it brings peace and helps one be free of tranquillity in life. However, the planetary position of the sun, Rahu, and Ketu must be checked.

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Auspicious dates for buying property 2023

Auspicious day in January 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
Jan 5, Thursday 07:15 AM to 09:26 PM Mrigashirsha Chaturdashi
Jan 6, Friday 12:14 AM to 07:15 AM, Jan 07 Punarvasu Purnima, Pratipada
Jan 12, Thursday 07:15 AM to 02:25 PM Purva Phalguni Panchami
Jan 19, Thursday 03:18 PM to 07:14 AM, Jan 20 Mula Trayodashi
20 January, Friday 07:14 AM to 06:17 AM, Jan 21 Mula, Purva Ashadha Trayodashi, Chaturdashi
Jan 26, Thursday 06:57 PM to 07:12 AM, Jan 27 Revati Shashthi
Jan 27, Friday 07:12 AM to 06:37 PM Revati Shashthi, Saptami

Auspicious Days in Feb 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
Feb 2, Thursday 06:18 AM to 07:08 AM, Feb 03 Punarvasu, Ardra Trayodashi
Feb 3, Friday 07:08 AM to 07:08 AM, Feb 04 Punarvasu Trayodashi, Chaturdashi
16 February, Thursday 06:59 AM to 06:58 AM, Feb 17 Mula, Purva Ashadha Ekadashi, Dwadashi
Feb 17, Friday 06:58 AM to 08:28 PM Purva Ashadha Dwadashi
Feb 23, Thursday 06:53 AM to 03:44 AM, Feb 24 Revati Chaturthi, Panchami

Auspicious dates in march 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
Mar 2, Thursday 12:43 PM to 06:45 AM, Mar 3 Punarvasu Ekadashi
Mar 3, Friday 06:45 AM to 03:43 PM Punarvasu Ekadashi, Dwadashi
16 March, Thursday 06:30 AM to 04:47 AM, Mar 17 Purva Ashadha Navami, Dashami
Mar 23, Thursday 06:22 AM to 02:08 PM Revati Dwitiya
Mar 30, Thursday 06:14 AM to 10:59 PM Punarvasu Navami
Mar 31, Friday 01:57 AM to 06:12 AM, Apr 01 Ashlesha Ekadashi

Auspicious dates in April 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
13 April, Thursday 05:58 AM to 10:43 AM Purva Ashadha Ashtami
Apr 27, Thursday 05:44 AM to 07:00 AM Punarvasu Saptami
Apr 28, Friday 09:53 AM to 05:43 AM, Apr 29 Ashlesha Ashtami, Navami

Auspicious dates in May 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
May 5, Friday 09:40 PM to 05:37 AM, May 6 Vishakha Purnima, Pratipada
May 25, Thursday 05:54 PM to 05:25 AM, May 26 Ashlesha Shashthi
26 May, Friday 05:25 AM to 05:25 AM, May 27 Ashlesha, Magha Saptami

Auspicious dates in June 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
Jun 2, Friday 06:53 AM to 05:23 AM, Jun 03 Vishakha Trayodashi, Chaturdashi
Jun 22, Thursday 05:24 AM to 05:24 AM, Jun 23 Ashlesha, Magha Chaturthi, Panchami
Jun 23, Friday 05:24 AM to 05:24 AM, Jun 24 Magha Panchami, Shashthi
Jun 29, Thursday 04:30 PM to 05:26 AM, Jun 30 Vishakha Ekadashi, Dwadashi
Jun 30, Friday 05:26 AM to 05:27 AM, Jul 01 Vishakha, Anuradha Dwadashi, Trayodashi

Auspicious dates in July 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
Jul 7, Friday 10:16 PM to 05:30 AM, Jul 8 Purva Bhadrapada Panchami, Shashthi
Jul 14, Friday 10:27 PM to 05:33 AM, Jul 15 Mrigashirsha Trayodashi

Auspicious dates in August 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
Aug 17, Thursday 05:51 AM to 05:52 AM, Aug 18 Magha, Purva Phalguni Pratipada, Dwitiya
18 August, Friday 05:52 AM to 10:57 PM Purva Phalguni Dwitiya, Tritiya
Aug 24, Thursday 05:55 AM to 05:55 AM, Aug 25 Vishakha, Anuradha Ashtami, Navami
25 August, Friday 05:55 AM to 09:14 AM Anuradha Navami
Aug 31, Thursday 05:45 PM to 03:18 AM, Sep 1 Purva Bhadrapada Pratipada

Auspicious dates in September 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
1 September, 05:59 AM to 02:56 PM Purva Bhadrapada Dwitiya
Sep 7, Thursday 10:25 AM to 06:02 AM, Sep 08 Mrigashirsha Ashtami, Navami
Sep 8, 06:02 AM to 12:09 PM Mrigashirsha Navami
14 September, Thursday 06:05 AM to 04:54 AM, Sep 15 Purva Phalguni Amavasya
Sep 21, Thursday 06:09 AM to 03:35 PM Anuradha Shashthi, Saptami
22 September, 03:34 PM to 06:10 AM, Sep 23 Mula Ashtami
28 September, Thursday 06:12 AM to 01:48 AM, Sep 29 Purva Bhadrapada Chaturdashi, Purnima
Sep 29, Friday 11:18 PM to 06:13 AM, Sep 30 Revati Pratipada

Auspicious dates in October 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
Oct 5, Thursday 06:16 AM to 07:40 PM Mrigashirsha Saptami
Oct 6, Friday 09:32 PM to 06:17 AM, Oct 7 Punarvasu Ashtami
12 October, Thursday 06:20 AM to 11:36 AM Purva Phalguni Trayodashi
Oct 19, Thursday 09:04 PM to 06:25 AM, Oct 20 Mula Panchami, Shashthi
20 October, Friday 06:25 AM to 06:25 AM, Oct 21 Mula, Purva Ashadha Shashthi, Saptami
26 October, Thursday 06:28 AM to 11:27 AM Purva Bhadrapada Dwadashi, Trayodashi
Oct 27, Friday 09:25 AM to 04:17 AM, Oct 28 Revati Chaturdashi

Auspicious dates in November 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
Nov 2, Thursday 05:57 AM to 06:34 AM, Nov 03 Punarvasu, Ardra Shashthi
Nov 3, Friday 06:34 AM to 06:35 AM, Nov 04 Punarvasu Shashthi, Saptami
16 November, Thursday 06:44 AM to 06:45 AM, Nov 17 Mula, Purva Ashadha Tritiya, Chaturthi
17 November, Friday 06:45 AM to 01:17 AM, Nov 18 Purva Ashadha Chaturthi, Panchami
Nov 23, Thursday 05:16 PM to 06:51 AM, Nov 24 Revati Ekadashi, Dwadashi
Nov 24, Friday 06:51 AM to 04:01 PM Revati Dwadashi
Nov 30, Thursday 03:01 PM to 06:56 AM, Dec 1 Punarvasu Chaturthi

Auspicious dates in December 2023

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat) Star & Nakshatra Tithi
Dec 1, Friday 06:56 AM to 04:40 PM Punarvasu Chaturthi, Panchami
14 December, Thursday 07:05 AM to 07:06 AM, Dec 15 Mula, Purva Ashadha Dwitiya, Tritiya
15 December, Friday 07:06 AM to 08:10 AM Purva Ashadha Tritiya
Dec 21, Thursday 07:09 AM to 10:09 PM Revati Navami, Dashami
Dec 28, Thursday 07:13 AM to 01:05 AM, Dec 29 Punarvasu Dwitiya
29 December, Friday 03:10 AM to 07:13 AM, Dec 30 Ashlesha Tritiya


We all know about the relevance of purchasing property and the muhurat. Knowing the suitable time to buy and a good day for land registration is essential as looking for good nakshatra for property registration. Property or house purchase needs shubh muhurat for property registration in 2023. This is now clear, and we are well aware of this fact. Every person's dream is to buy property as they motivate us to do a lot better in our life in every case.

Frequently Asked Questions

The excellent time to buy land depends upon our planetary position and the auspicious dates; the excellent time to purchase land always helps us and increases the longevity of that land.
It is necessary to take the advice of an astrologer as they are well experienced and give us clear insight about everything, which can help us make better decisions in life.
The good nakshatras for property registration are Ashlesha, Magha,revati and Purva Bhadrapada.
Mars, Jupiter, and Venus buy the property and are considered favourable planets and are auspicious times.
4Th house is known as the father in astrology as it helps guide and handles many things that happen to a person; it is a favourable house as well
Yes, it is considered necessary in astrology as things done according to Muhurat never attract negativity and are always safe from everything wrong, auspicious dates and times; also, a good day for land registration is what one should keep in mind after home purchase or anything
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