Reveal Your True Communication Style

Having smooth conversations can be all-natural for some, but for others, it is a real challenge. If you belong to the second category, no matter how hard you try, your conversations just don’t always click. Well, the issue might not be what you are saying but how you are saying it. Introducing our communication quiz that can make a big difference! Take the quiz and discover what your natural communication style is.

Communication Style Quiz

Learn to communicate with others effectively by taking our easy and fun communication style quiz for FREE.

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How Does the Communication Style Quiz Work?

Master the art of communication with our "Communication Styles Quiz." Answer a few simple questions based on your personality to reveal the communication style that matches your vibe. Follow the steps below to get started!

  • To discover what your communication style is, you need to take the ‘Communication Style Quiz’.
  • Click the "Start Quiz" to start the assessment.
  • After this, you will see a set of ten questions presented before you one at a time.
  • Now, answer the questions honestly based on your personality, behaviours and personal experience.
  • Once you have answered all ten questions, click the ‘Submit’ button. Within a few seconds, you will receive a personalised result revealing what kind of communication you prefer.
  • Now, it is your turn to use the information to work on the areas you lack and build stronger relationships.

How Does Taking The Communication Style Quiz Help You?

Taking our super simple and free communication style test can make you a king of communication. Designed by our astrology experts, our communication quiz makes sure that you identify the way you choose to communicate with others. Below are the different ways our communication styles quiz can help you:

  • Make Relationships Stronger: Whether personal or professional, you can make your relationships strong by working on the areas you lack. Doing this practice removes the chances of misunderstandings and misinterpretations.
  • Makes You Confident and Impactful: Choosing the right amount of words or conveying the right message makes you appear confident and bold. This way, you can impact those around you and get what you want and desire.
  • Helps in solving conflicts: Knowing what can create misunderstandings and conflicts, you can alter your words and make conversations even smoother and more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

The four types of communication styles are- assertive, passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive. Assertive communication’s approach is direct and straightforward, while passive communication involves a submissive approach. Aggressive communication is rather forceful and demanding. On the other hand, the passive-aggressive revolves around an indirect approach.
One of the best ways to identify communication style is to take a communication quiz online. The test will help the individuals to identify their strong and weak areas in communication and make it more effective and smooth.
Of all the four communication styles, the assertive communication style is considered the most effective and best. This is why it includes confidently expressing your thoughts and feelings without affecting others around you. It helps create healthy relationships and avoid unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings.
People with assertive communication styles confidently express their inner thoughts and opinions in a polite manner. Their approach is direct, honest and respectful and set healthy boundaries in conversations. In addition, these people have the tendency to make others feel warm and comfortable.
Knowing one's communication style can have several benefits. First, the individual can identify his strengths and weaknesses and plan his communication accordingly. Moreover, he can work on difficult conversations and avoid misunderstandings and arguments.
Manipulation can be considered a type of communication. In this type of communication style, a person usually plays tactics or tricks to achieve what they want. They appear as controlling or demanding people who use others for their own benefit.
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