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Did you know that colours have a story to tell? According to astrology, based on how you feel and behave, you reflect an Aura - an unseen energy that links to a colour. With this, you might wonder - “What color is my Aura?”. Try our ultimate Aura color test today to find out.

What Colour Is My Aura?

Answer a set of questions to find a colour that matches your Aura. Start the Aura test free.

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How Aura Color Quiz Works?

Finding your Aura is a great way to understand yourself better. Your aura is a certain colour that surrounds you based on the kind of mental situation you are dealing with at any given moment. To find aura is pretty easy today. Try our “What is my aura color” quiz today to discover the energy you are displaying.

  • Go to the quiz named - “What Colour Is My Aura?”.
  • Next, click on “Start Quiz”.
  • There is a set of situational questions with four options. You need to select the response that describes you the best.
  • Based on your answers, the result will show the Aura colour you currently have.
  • Additionally, the aura quiz will display a brief understanding of your personality.

How Aura Color Quiz Helps?

The Aura test free is a quiz that tells the kind of energy you carry. That means a side of your personality is shown that you can use to your advantage. Taking the Aura quiz helps in the following ways.

  • The “What is my aura color?” quiz helps you get a great insight into your personality traits in specific situations.
  • Your aura is not constant; it is based on what you are going through or currently experiencing. That is why regularly quizzing yourself using our “What color is my aura?” is beneficial for better understanding.
  • Taking the aura quiz is the best way to learn about your behaviour, attitude and things that you like.
  • Using the quiz, you will also know about emotions that are blocking you when you read about your aura in detail.
  • This is a perfect “what makes you tick” quiz that helps you know what you relate to or how you behave in a particular situation.

A Quick Look Into What Each Aura Means

Here is a quick description of what each Aura colour indicates. Let’s have a look.

Aura ColourMeaning
RedPassionate and Powerful
OrangeCreative and Charming
YellowPositive, Intelligent and Playful
GreenGrowth, Balance and Healing
BlueCalm and Compassionate
IndigoIntuitive and Empathetic
PurpleImagination, Intuition and Vision
PinkKindness, Empathy, Warmth
BlackDifficulty, Emotional Trauma
WhitePurity, Innocence, Wholeness
RainbowSpirituality, Warmth

Frequently Asked Questions

Try our “What color is my aura” to know. It lets you know your Aura or vibe, i.e. the energy that you have based on your personality and what makes you tick (your likes).
The way you feel, think and behave, and the kind of situation you are presently in determines your aura colour. An energy field or vibe in the form of colour is reflected in your body language and in how you speak. That’s your Aura.
An Aura colour stays for a long time around your body. However, it will change depending on how you deal with different stages of your life as you grow and age with time.
In astrology, there are a total of 11 aura colours. The primary ones are seven just like your light spectrum - violet (purple), indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. The four additional deeper insights are white, rainbow, black, and pink.
The White, Rainbow and Indigo auras are rare. White aura people have special skills to look inside people. A Rainbow aura person has a deep spiritual connection. And finally, the Indigo people are old souls who can deeply analyse a situation.
Yellow aura is the happiest aura. It is a bright colour that indicates positivity and joy. A Yellow aura person is always cheerful and can offer you fun-filled moments throughout the day. Try our aura color test today to know if you are one of them.
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