Significance of Rahu-Ketu Transit in Astrology

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 will affect all Rashis differently. No transit change is going to happen in 2023. It’s going to change after October of 2023. It already transited on April 2022. Rahu transits to Aries, and Ketu transits to Libra, and they are going to stay in these Zodiac signs till 30th October 2023.

Rahu planet and Ketu planet affect each Zodiac sign differently. It is an ongoing transit. Let’s discuss how your next 10 months of 2023 are going to be.

Rahu transit Dates and Ketu transit Dates

Rahu Transit 2023 Date

Rahu Transit 2023Dates
Rahu Transit 2023 in Pisces30th October, 2023

Currently, Rahu is in Aries and will be transiting to Pisces on 30th October 2023.

Ketu Transit 2023 Date

Ketu Transit 2023Dates
Ketu Transit 2023 in Virgo30th October, 2023

Currently, Rahu is in Libra and will be transiting to Virgo on 30th October 2023.

These Rahu Transit 2023 Prediction and Ketu Transit 2023 Prediction, that are discussed in this article, are according to the transit astrology predictions. However, if you are looking for a birth chart prediction, you can connect with astrologers at InstaAstro.

Transit Astrology is not final. It’s just a view depending on many factors. So, get a detailed astrology prediction. Birth chart predictions are final according to your birth date.

Currently, Rahu and Ketu are in Aries and Libra. Rahu in Aries will transit through three stars, Kritika, Varani and Ashwini. Kritika is ruled by Sun, Venus rules Varani, and Ketu rules Ashwini. Ketu in Libra will transit through Vishakha, Swati and Chitra. Jupiter rules Vishakha, Rahu rules Swati, and Mars rules Chitra.

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Rahu transit 2023 Remedy and Ketu transit 2023 Remedies

Both Rahu and Ketu spend 18 months in a Zodiac sign. Let’s learn about Rahu remedies.

  • One should worship Lord Ganesha
  • Worship Matysa, the fish avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  • Keeping a silver coin in the wallet/ pocket will improve your financial position.

Now about Ketu remedies:

  • Put a thick tilak of turmeric on your forehead or neck daily
  • Donate brown colour clothes to needy people
  • Donate a triangular red flag in a temple on Monday.

Although the effects of both the transits might vary for each individual according to their birth chart. So, to get Ketu transit 2023 predictions, Rahu Transit 2023 Tithi, and Rahu Transit 2023 Prediction, consult an astrologer at InstaAstro.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Aries

Rahu transit 2023 in 1st house and Ketu transit 2023 in 7th house in this sign. So, Rahu in the 1st house indicates sudden luck and quick money through this transit. There are chances that you might get a rise in popularity and fame during this transit. Hence, there are possibilities of you getting popular on social media or other platforms. Your connections will rapidly grow. New people will get connected with you.

This name and fame can get into your head as well. You should not get carried away as this can make you arrogant. However, if you become obsessive, there can be a downfall in fame, and fortune might get affected. There can also be sudden criticism. So, you should avoid being superior and try to be polite to everyone. Your kindness and good deeds will give you many positive results. You need to be cautious as Rahu creates illusions.

Ketu transit 2023 impact in the seventh house creates detachment. There can be a lot of trust issues with your business partner or spouse. You need to think before what you do. Think twice before taking any decision. Ketu in a rashi causes negative impacts, and thus it is very important to understand what effect it is going to have.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Taurus

Rahu transit 2023 in 12th house, and Ketu transit 2023 in 6th house in Taurus. So, according to the ongoing transit of Rahu and Ketu, we can see a lot might happen in your life. Rahu in horoscope, your 12th house, indicates a long-distance journey. There are chances that you might for a foreign trip as well. Due to this, your expenses might increase.

Ketu transit 2023 in 6th house is going to be a positive transit for Taurus natives. According to astrology, both Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets, and when these enter or go through malefic planets, they give positive results. Hence, Rahu will be beneficial for you. You will get successful in the competitive world. There will be a lot of recognition. People will appreciate you. You will be able to win over enemies.

During this transit, your health will be good. But the only problem that can be seen is with money management. You might face problems with your finances. There won’t be a good flow of money.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Gemini

Rahu transit 2023 in 11th house, and Ketu transit 2023 in 5th house in Gemini. During this transit, you will receive positive results from Rahu. Rahu in the 11th house is said to be very auspicious. It brings positivity and confidence. In this transit, you will receive outstanding success. Your popularity will grow.

There will be promotions if you are an office person. Natives will see professional growth. Your source of income will increase during this transit.

Ketu in the 5th house will cause trouble for you. Your bond with your children will get affected. You might face health issues. It is suggested that you should stay away from the stock market or trading. There can also be disappointment in love and romance.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Cancer

Rahu transit 2023 in 10th house and Ketu transit 2023 in 4th house in this zodiac sign. Well, the transit for Cancer transit will be beneficial from Rahu. Rahu in the 10th house will indicate growth for Cancer natives preparing or in government jobs or people who are in the IT industry. This transit will be extremely important and favourable for you all. If you are preparing for a government job, you will be able to crack it easily. Natives who are already in government jobs, there is a chance of promotion for them.

Also, for natives, who are in the IT sector, there is a scope for growth during this period. People in the profession of social media influence will also see great opportunities and fame coming towards them. There will be an expansion in projects. For all the natives, their careers will expand as the transit of Rahu 2023 is in the Karma house for Cancer natives.

Ketu transit in the 4th house will cause stress. This might impact your family as well. There can be stress in your family. You might lose all your peace. Be careful while investing in real estate or properties. There can be a lot of confusion and a communication gap between you and your parents. You need to be very calm and patient during this Ketu transit. Ketu transit 2023 effects will make you very fickle-minded.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Leo

Rahu transit 2023 in 9th house and Ketu transit 2023 in 3rd house in Leo. Rahu transit 2023 effects will be seen on Leo natives differently. There can be chances of long-distance foreign travel. Students who are planning for higher education will get their solutions. People might go on a trip or will get a chance to travel. 9th house is the house which signifies the relation with your father.

This transit will affect the relationship between you and your father. There can be a lot of ups and downs in the family. You might see a communication gap between your bonds. There can be misunderstandings in your family.

The Ketu transit in 3rd House is a powerful position and this transition brings success and prosperity in all aspects of life. However, this does not mean that you should not do hard work. You have to work hard to achieve your dreams.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Virgo

Rahu transit 2023 in 8th house and Ketu transit 2023 in 2nd house in this zodiac. The 8th house of Virgo is said to be the house of mystery and suddenness. Ketu itself is a shadow planet. It can create an illusion. Thus, it is indicated as a mystery in this house.

This particular transit can have both positive and negative impacts or influences. Basically, one can experience unexpected gains, but can also face some unwanted consequences such as financial losses. In addition, there can be health issues, court cases or enemy conspiracies. It can also depend on the birth chart prediction for individual natives. Ketu in the 2nd house hits your money flow. There can be issues in the family. You need to watch your words when you are talking to your family. Your words might hurt others. You need to be patient. Don’t let your financial stuff creep into your family bonds and relations.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Libra

Rahu transit 2023 in 7th house, and Ketu transit 2023 in 1st house in this zodiac sign. Rahu transit 2023 impact in 7th house is very favourable. There are chances that you might get gains from your connections. You will get popular during this transit. There will be a good flow of money throughout this transit. You should control your expenses.

People who are married should try not to open the doors of affairs outside of marriage. This can affect your marriage, and you might lose control of the situation.

During the Ketu transit duration, there will be blessings from the almighty. You should stay away from habits of drinking or smoking. Be patient during this transit and get involved in religious effects.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Scorpio

Rahu transit 2023 in 6th house, and Ketu transit 2023 in 12th house in Scorpio. This Rahu transit will give positive results. You will see the ongoing court cases getting resolved. There will be a success for you. You will win over enemies. People in the medical field will excel.

Ketu in the 12th house will bring you back to your native place. You will have a good bond with your spouse. Your romantic life will get better.

Hence, Scorpio born individuals will face positive and wholesome results from both the planets Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Sagittarius

Rahu transit 2023 in 5th house, and Ketu transit 2023 in 11th house in this Rashi. This transit is not so good. If you have children, then there are chances that they might have some problems in their lives. Natives who are involved in sports will succeed. There is a rise in prosperity during this transit.

Ketu in the 11th house can give you gains from friends and family. There are a lot of good opportunities for growth in this period.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Capricorn

Rahu transit 2023 in 4th house, and Ketu transit 2023 in 10th house in Capricorn. Rahu in this house indicates avoiding buying new properties and vehicles. This is the house of the family. Hence, during this transit, you will witness a lot of chaos and argument at home. You will lose peace. Be cautious while dealing with family.

Ketu in the 10th house signifies a heavy workload. There can be a lot of responsibilities. You will be spending more time at the office.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Aquarius

Rahu transit 2023 in 3rd house and Ketu transit 2023 in 9th house in this zodiac. This transit is very strong and positive for all Aquarius natives. You will get success if you are in the creative field. You will get sudden success. Your popularity will increase. There are chances for promotions as well.

There will be a good flow of money during this transit. You will enjoy this transit to the fullest. Rahu transit is a positive transit for you.

Ketu transit in the 9th house. This is a positive and stable transit for Aquarius as they will get the chance to explore their spiritual side. You will see success and get popular. There will be gains from parents or elders or gurus. You can expect to receive worthy knowledge from your teacher as the 9th House is the house of education and spiritual learnings.

Rahu and Ketu transit 2023 in Pisces

Rahu transit 2023 in 2nd house, and Ketu transit 2023 in 8th house in Pisces. Transit in this house will make you wealthy at the same time, and you will be lazy. Don’t get addicted to materialistic gains in income from multiple sources. Don’t run towards comfort. For the natives who are trying to conceive, then, this is the ideal time. Try to avoid unwanted expenses.

Ketu’s transit in the 8th House opens the doors to unexpected and unfavourable losses, and even surprising gains. During this, it is advisable to rest, and not over exhaust yourself. Try to be in peace of mind. There are chances of sudden travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rahu will change from the 2nd house to the 1st house on 30 October 2023.
Rahu transit in any zodiac is for 18 months.
Rahu will transit on 30th, October 2023, Monday. It will transit from Aries to Pisces. The timing for Rahu transit 2023 time is 12:30 AM.
Ketu will transit on 30th, October 2023, Monday. It will transit from Libra to Virgo. The timing for Ketu transit 2023 time is 1:33 PM.
Rahu transit 2023 in 1st House and Ketu transit 2023 in 7th House have significant impact on a person. In these transits, people can expect to get famous through social media sites, experience a growth in their connections, and see a rise in their popularity and fame.
In this Ketu transit duration, you will receive blessings from God. It is advisable to avoid consuming alcohol, and be a little more religious or spiritual.
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