An Introduction to Planetary Transits

Planetary Transit 2023 can be very effective and thus can bring positive outcomes when in favour. According to transit astronomy, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu are the nine planetary bodies that make up our solar system and impact our lives. Throughout the course of a year, these planets will pass through all 12 of the zodiac signs. Completing a journey around one sign and moving towards another is called Planetary Transit. Planetary Transit is also known as “Gochar”.

These Gochar planets from one zodiac to the other are not normal in some way or another; this affects each zodiac sign, either in a good or bad way. It depends on the individual birth chart. Astrologers make transit predictions by date of birth for an individual. However, each planet has its speed around the sun; thus, each planetary movement varies.

Each planet has its significance and thus affects differently. Let’s understand what each planet signifies:

S. No.PlanetSignificance
1MoonIt is a significator of the mind.
2SunThis planet is responsible for the possibilities of government jobs and services.
3VenusLove, romance and marriage are influenced by this planet.
4MercuryOur abilities are signified by Mercury.
5JupiterThis planet takes charge of health in our horoscope.
6SaturnSaturn is in charge of our good and bad deeds, i.e. Karma.
7Rahu and KetuThese are the planets that lead to eclipses.

These are the planets that majorly affect the Horoscope. Some of these, like the Moon and Mercury, bring about sudden shifts in circumstances. On the other hand, the transit effects of Jupiter and Saturn last for a significantly longer period of time than those of any other planet. Therefore, it is very important to know the planetary transit that will take place in each zodiac sign and how it will affect an individual's life according to their birth chart.

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How does planetary transit affect the life of an individual?

We know that birth time and place play an essential role in an individual’s birth chart. This is the basis of preparing an individual’s Kundali. Depending on where the planets are located in our birth charts, each of us has a unique Kundali. This occurs as a result of the fact that every planet continues to move at its own rate. Astrologers can make accurate forecasts about a person's life by analysing the positions of various planets at the time of their birth. Moreover, planet transit also helps in predicting the future of people.

January 2023 to December 2023 Calendar showcasing the current transit of planets and their effects.

Astrological Event(From-To) DatesNo. of days
Sun-Saturn and Venus Conjunction in Capricorn14th to 17th January 20234 days
Venus Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius22nd January to 15th February 202322 days
Sun-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius13th February to 15th March 202330 days
Venus Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces15th February to 12th March 202327 days
Sun, Saturn and Mercury Conjunction in Aquarius27th February to 15th March 202317 days
Rahu Venus Conjunction in Aries12th March to 6th April 202325 days
Sun Jupiter and Mercury Conjunction in Pisces16th March to 31st March 202315 days
Rahu Mercury Conjunction in Aries31st March to 7th June 202368 days
Rahu Mercury and Sun Conjunction in Aries14th April to 15th May 202329 days
Rahu Jupiter Conjunction in Aries22nd April to 30th October 2023191 days
Rahu Sun Mercury and Jupiter Stellium in Aries22nd April to 15th May 202323 days
Rahu Jupiter and Mercury Conjunction in Aries22nd April to 7th June 202346 days
Mars and Venus Conjunction in Gemini2nd May to 30th May 202328 days
Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Taurus7th June to 15th June 20239 days
Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Gemini24th June to 8th July 202315 days
Mars and Venus Conjunction in Leo7th July to 7th August 202332 days
Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Cancer17th July to 25th July 20239 days
Mars Venus and Mercury Conjunction in Leo25th July to 7th August 202314 days
Sun and Venus Conjunction in Cancer7th August to 17 August 202311 days
Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Leo17th August to 17 September 202332 days
Sun and Mars Conjunction in Virgo17th September to 3 October 202317 days
Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Virgo1st October to 18th October 202318 days
Mars and Ketu Conjunction in Libra3rd October to 30th October 202327 days
Sun Mars Ketu and Mercury stellium in Libra19th October to 30th October 202312 days
Mars and Mercury Conjunction in Scorpio16th November to 27th November 202311 days
Sun, Mars and Mercury Conjunction in Libra17th November to 27th November 202310 days
Sun and Mars Conjunction in Scorpio17th November to 16 December 202330 days
Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Sagittarius16th December to 28th December 202313 days
Mars and Venus Conjunction in Scorpio25th December to 28th December 20234 days
Venus and Mercury Conjunction in Scorpio28th December 2023 to 7 January 202411 days
Sun and Mars Conjunction in Sagittarius28th December 2023 to 15th January 202419 days

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How does planetary transit 2023 work in Vedic astrology?

As discussed earlier, each planet has its speed. Some transits in zodiac signs are direct, whereas others get retrograde. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus travel faster and are considered inner planets. The outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu have transits that last for far longer periods of time than the inner planets. Each planetary transit occurs for a period of time that is predetermined in each of the zodiac signs.

Let’s learn in detail about each of these Planetary Transit that is going to occur this year.

Planetary Transit 2023

Under are the various transits that are going to occur in 2023:

Sun Transit 2023

We know for a fact that all planets revolve around the Sun and hence Sun becomes the ruler of our solar system. It is considered to be the supreme power. So, the natives under its influence are brave and powerful. However, the Sun carry forwards its qualities while it visits each Zodiac sign.

The Sun is the planet that governs health, finances or laws. However, things will benefit you if the Sun is in your favour. Hence, there are fewer chances of having a hectic life. Because the Sun stays in each Zodiac sign for 30 days, it takes an entire year for the Sun to travel through all 12 of the signs. Therefore, having the Sun in a favourable position can offer both physical and mental fortitude, as well as a strong personality. Learn everything you need to know about Sun Transit 2023 by reading more here.

Sun Transit Date 2023:

Sun Transit 2023Dates
Sun Transit 2023 in Capricorn14th April, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Aquarius13th February, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Pisces15th March, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Aries14th April, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Taurus15th May, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Gemini15th June, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Cancer17th July, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Leo17th August, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Virgo17th September, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Libra18th October, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Scorpio17th November, 2023
Sun Transit 2023 in Sagittarius16th December, 2023

Moon Transit 2023

As we know, the Moon influences the mind. The Moon is the planet that stays just for two and a half days in a Zodiac sign. This planet has the ability to control people’s thoughts and emotions. Therefore, instability results for a person if they have a Moon that is not strong enough. A person becomes fickle-minded and does not have clarity in their thoughts.

When the moon is placed in the right position in your birth chart, it can inspire you and make you a strong person with transparent thoughts. It also influences your creative side. Discover everything you need to know about the Moon Transit 2023 right here.

Moon Transit Dates for 2023:

Moon Transit 2023Dates
Full Moon Day7th January, 2023
Full Moon Day6th February, 2023
Full Moon Day7th March, 2023
Full Moon Day6th April, 2023
Full Moon Day5th May, 2023
Full Moon Day4th June, 2023
Full Moon Day3rd July, 2023
Full Moon Day2nd August, 2023
Full Moon Day31st August, 2023
Full Moon Day29th September, 2023
Full Moon Day29th October, 2023
Full Moon Day27th November, 2023
Full Moon Day27th December,2023

Mercury Transit 2023

Mercury takes approximately 14–30 days to travel through all of the Zodiac signs. It takes a year to go through all 12 Zodiac signs. Wisdom and good speaking skills are highlighted on this planet.

A person is an extrovert under the influence of this planet. This planet guarantees the number of abilities that you have. If this planet is tilted in your favour, then you have the capability to think in a way that is both innovative and rational. It sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. However, if the planet retrogrades or moves backwards, the positive effects may be cancelled out. It will be to an individual's great benefit if the location of Mercury in Mercury transit 2023 is favourable. Find out everything you need to know about the Mercury Transit 2023 right here.

Mercury Transit Date for 2023:

Mercury Transit 2023Dates
Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn7th February, 2023
Mercury turn direct in Aquarius27th February, 2023
Mercury Transit 2023 in Pisces16th March, 2023
Mercury Transit 2023 in Aries31st March, 2023
Mercury Transit 2023 in Taurus7th June, 2023
Mercury Transit 2023 in Gemini24th June, 2023
Mercury retrogrades in Cancer8th July, 2023
Mercury turn direct in Leo25th July, 2023
Mercury Transit 2023 in Virgo1st October, 2023
Mercury Transit 2023 in Libra19th October,2023
Mercury Transit 2023 in Scorpio6th November, 2023
Mercury Transit 2023 in Sagittarius27th November, 2023
Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio28th December, 2023

Venus Transit 2023

The planet Venus has the blessing of Goddess Laxmi. It means wealth and prosperity are about to enter your fate. Moreover, it is the time when parents need to take special care of their kids because bad energies may shadow their bond. The planet is indicative of female characteristics. The feminine energy brings motherhood to the natives. Venus and its impact are about to bring peace and happiness to your doors.

The orbit of Venus around a single zodiac sign takes anything from 23 days to two months for completion. The transit of Venus in 2023 has the potential to bring many blessings, particularly in the areas of prosperity and romance. In addition, Venus is always located at a distance of two signs from the sun. Because of this, it is of comparable significance to the Sun in our everyday life. Discover everything there is to know about the Venus Transit in 2023 right here.

Planetary Transit 2023 Vedic astrology Venus Transit Dates

Venus Transit 2023Dates
Venus turns direct in Aquarius22nd January, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Pisces15th February, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Aries12th March, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Taurus6th April, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Gemini2nd May, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Cancer30th May, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Leo7th July, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Cancer7th August, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Leo2nd October, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 Virgo3rd November, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Libra30th November, 2023
Venus Transit 2023 in Scorpio25th December, 2023

Mars Transit 2023

When Mars transit is active, its effects are visible to astrologers. The colour “red” of Mars has a lot to say about the characteristics it brings to the natives. It symbolises aggression and enthusiasm. Moreover, the planet Mars is known to be a cruel planet. Vedic texts have mentions of Mars as the “land’s son”, also called “Bhaum”.

Mars remains in one zodiac sign for 45 days. Mars Transit 2023 can benefit the natives in decision-making, risk-taking, and adventure. It is also responsible for your success in your career. Discover everything there is to know about Mars transit 2023 right here.

Mars astrology transits Dates for 2023:

Mars Transit 2023Dates
Mars Transit 2023 in Gemini13th March, 2023
Mars Transit 2023 in Cancer10th May, 2023
Mars Transit 2023 in Leo1st July, 2023
Mars Transit 2023 in Virgo18th August, 2023
Mars Transit 2023 in Libra3rd October, 2023
Mars Transit 2023 in Scorpio16th November, 2023
Mars Transit 2023 in Sagittarius28th December, 2023

Jupiter Transit 2023

Jupiter is the planet of positivity. It is also known as “Dev Guru” and “Brihaspati” as it acts as a mentor to its neighbouring planets. Under the influence of this planet, the natives do not fear challenges and face everything with a smile. It brings the best time for marriage and conceiving a baby. Moreover, if you have a good heart Jupiter will surely bless you with peace, prosperity and a great amount of knowledge.

Jupiter stays in a sign for one year. According to the Jupiter Transit 2023, there is a possibility that an individual's thoughts will become indulged in religious or spiritual pursuits at some point during that year. Find out more about Jupiter transit 2023 by reading this.

Planetary positions astrology Jupiter Transit Dates for 2023:

Jupiter Transit 2023Dates
Jupiter Transit in Aries22nd April, 2023

Saturn Transit 2023

You might have heard people saying about “Shani ki Sadhe Saati”. It basically indicates that Saturn is here to give you Karmic lessons for about 7.5 years. However, during its transit, it stays in a Zodiac sign for 2.5 years. It is all related to all your good and bad deeds. Therefore, the effect of this transit is more long-lasting than others.

Saturn gives you the effect of what you do in your life. This planet makes you responsible and helps you take the right decision. It gives you the strength to follow the path of righteousness. However, everything is contingent on the planetary position in the native's horoscope at the time of birth. Learn in detail about the Saturn transit 2023.

Saturn Transit dates for 2023

Saturn Transit 2023Dates
Saturn Transit 2023 in Aquarius17th January, 2023

Rahu Transit 2023

When you are distracted from your goals or things you must pursue, it means Rahu has entered your Zodiac sign. It is said to be a nodal planet. Hence, it does not have a physical presence. The intersection point between the Sun’s and Moon’s paths is denoted as Rahu. This planet is known as a Shadow planet.

This planet is a negative planet and is responsible for deviating from reality. This planet moves in the opposite direction. Hence, this planet helps you to think out of the box. During Rahu Transit 2023, natives can expect a negative impact more than positive ones on the Zodiac signs. Learn in detail about Rahu transit 2023.

Rahu Transit Date for 2023

Rahu Transit 2023Dates
Rahu Transit 2023 in Pisces30th October, 2023

Ketu Transit 2023

According to the famous story, the churning of the sea, Rahu can be referred to as the “dragon's head” and Ketu as “the dragon's tail”. The moon's southern node can be found here in Ketu. A further point of crossing between the sun and the moon is denoted by the name Ketu. Therefore, this planet has both positive as well as negative effects.

However, Ketu also influences the mental and emotional aspects of an individual. It is also a misleading planet. Ketu stays in a sign for 1.5 years. Learn in detail about the Ketu transit 2023.

Ketu Transit Date for 2023

Ketu Transit 2023Dates
Ketu Transit 2023 in Virgo30th October, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Planetary transits are not rare. Thus, transition depends on the speed of each planet. However, mutual occultations are extremely rare. The last time this event occurred was on 3rd January 1818. Hence, the next will occur on 22nd November 2065.
Overall, the possibility of the rarest planetary alignment is very rare. However, scientists have estimated there can be a rare planetary alignment in 2040 of Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon.
Saturn is considered to be the prettiest planet. It is probably the best-known and most beautiful planet in the Solar System.
Planets become weak when they lose the power to provide results in certain signs. For example, the Sun is considered weak in Libra, Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Pisces, Jupiter in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Aries.
Venus is known to be the planet of wealth.
Mars is the planet which represents confidence and power to speak and express an individual.
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