Bharani Nakshatra Overview

People born in the Bharani nakshatra, also known as the Barani Natchathiram, are of the zodiac sign Aries. They are born when the moon is between 13:20 and 26:40 degrees. Let us look at all aspects of the Bharani Nakshatra luck, career, love and marriage, characteristics of the natives, and much more.

Important Dates Of Bharani Nakshatra 2024

Let us have a look at the Bharani Nakshatra dates for 2024. These dates also include the start time and end time. The dates of Bharani Nakshatra in English are as follows:

DateStart TimeEnd Time
Friday, 19 January 202403:02 AM, Jan 1902:46 AM, Jan 20
Thursday, 15 February 202409:28 AM, Feb 1508:45 AM, Feb 16
Wednesday, 13 March 202406:27 PM, Mar 1304:52 PM, Mar 14
Wednesday, 10 April 202405:09 AM, Apr 1003:01 AM, Apr 11
Tuesday, 7 May 202403:35 PM, May 0701:30 PM, May 08
Tuesday, 4 June 202412:07 AM, Jun 0410:30 PM, Jun 04
Monday, 1 July 202406:29 AM, Jul 0105:25 AM, Jul 02
Sunday, 28 July 202411:49 AM, Jul 2810:52 AM, Jul 29
Saturday, 24 August 202406:08 PM, Aug 2404:42 PM, Aug 25
Saturday, 21 September 202402:45 AM, Sep 2112:31 AM, Sep 22
Friday, 18 October 202401:28 PM, Oct 1810:44 AM, Oct 19
Friday, 15 November 202412:35 AM, Nov 1509:51 PM, Nov 15
Thursday, 12 December 202409:56 AM, Dec 1207:47 AM, Dec 13

सटीक भविष्यवाणी के लिए कॉल या चैट के माध्यम से ज्योतिषी से जुड़ें

Features Of The Bharani Nakshatra

Mentioned below are some important Bharani Nakshatra features. These are as follows:

Bharani Nakshatra AspectsFeatures
Bharani Nakshatra Ruling PlanetVenus
Bharani Nakshatra GenderFemale
Bharani Nakshatra SymbolYoni/ Vulva/ Vagina
Bharani Nakshatra LordLord Yama, the God of Death
Bharani Nakshatra GanaManushya (Human)
Bharani Nakshatra GunaRajas
Bharani Nakshatra RashiAries
Bharani Nakshatra Lucky LetterL
Bharani Nakshatra Lucky StoneDiamond
Bharani Nakshatra Lucky ColourBlood Red
Bharani Nakshatra Lucky Number9
Bharani Nakshatra Animal and BirdElephant &Crow

Bharani Nakshatra Meaning

According to Astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras, and Bharani is second in them. The astrological mate for this nakshatra is Venus (Shukra). Moreover, this nakshatra is linked to female characteristics, including flexibility, power, and creation; it also possesses qualities like adapting to situations, transformation, and willingness to commit to changes.

The natives of Bharani Nakshatra fall under the Aries zodiac sign. Being an Aries, most of their qualities combine with the zodiac. However, some are still different. Let us have a look at the characteristics of the Bharani Nakshatra zodiac sign.

Bharani Nakshatra Characteristics: Males Natives

Mentioned below are the characteristics of Bharani Nakshatra male natives. These are as follows:

Personality and Physical Features

The males of this nakshatra are soft-hearted and very cautious of other people’s feelings. They would never do something to hurt someone intentionally. However, they are still not liked by everyone. The natives have the desire to gain knowledge and come around to be a learned man; also, they are born leaders.

However, facing many hardships and failure seems to be a part of their lives. Some of the credit for this can also be given to their outspoken personality. The Bharani nakshatra males are blessed with good height. They have a wheatish complexion with a big forehead and an oval-shaped face. Moreover, a declining hairline with fuller eyebrows is what they will have.


In aspects of Bharani Nakshatra career males are highly artistic and creative. With their hard-working and workaholic attitude, they succeed in every aspect of their career life. They excel in any career they choose. Administrative jobs, Doctors, Surgeons, and business owners are highly recommended for them. Moreover, there will be a huge shift in terms of good luck following the native in their career once they turn 33.

Family, Marriage and Compatibility

The family will be the native’s utmost priority. He will be lucky in matters of friends as he chooses them wisely. His friends will be the first to help him when in need. Also, he will receive a lot of help from his maternal uncles. However, he will not have a healthy relationship with his father because of specific planetary positions.

In Bharani Nakshatra marriage life, the native will eternally love his wife. But might also be humiliated by her in certain circumstances. His wife will be his biggest strength, and have commendable house administrative skills. Moreover, the wife needs to have some hold on the monetary expenses of the native, as they might lose it all because of some impulsive decisions. The marriage will also happen between the ages of 27-33.


The native will not face any significant health issues in his life. He will live life to its fullest, enjoying all the pleasures it has to offer. However, as one gets old, a little hiccup will do no harm. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are the two possibilities the native might have when old.

Bharani Nakshatra Characteristics: Female Native

Mentioned below are the characteristics and features of Bharani nakshatra females in different aspects of life. If you want to know about the females of this nakshatra, then continue reading below. These features are as follows:

Personality and Physical Features

The perfect reflection of a modern woman is what the female born in this nakshatra holds. Bharani Nakshatra female characteristics include a kind, optimistic, and considerate personality. Modesty and boldness will be their most unique and attractive feature. Being in modern times makes them focus on the most essential aspect of life: independence.

Thus, they will be self-independent and will not tolerate someone who claims to be superior and interferes in their personal matters. The Bharani Nakshatra Female will possess a round face and be short to medium in height. Moreover, she will have eyes that will speak for her, and she won’t ever be short of words. In addition, she will have a petite body, dazzling smile, and charming aura.


As mentioned above, the natives will be self-reliant. They will never depend on others for anything. This is followed by the natives being ambitious and highly authoritative. The natives want to be independent and work towards the same. Moreover, they are quite energetic.

The native’s charisma helps them get attention, and The most suitable jobs for the native can be in the industry of sports and marketing. Receptionists and guides are also some other great options for them.

Family, Marriage and Compatibility

In her paternal home, the native will be the most loved family member. However, she might not be so lucky with her in-laws. Chances of engaging in conflicts and differences in opinions are what the natives will experience. On the other hand, she will be lucky to find a partner who will be the pillar of her strength. The Bharani Nakshatra Female marriage life will go smoothly, and the native will live a happy and balanced life.


There are no signs of any major health issues for the native. However, in the later phase of life, issues with the uterus or menstrual health may affect the native’s life. Thus, they need to take care of their health for the same. Regular monitoring and screening is also advised for the native.

Bharani Nakshatra Pada

Each nakshatra in the Vedic astrology is divided into 4 padas based on the position of the moon. Every person born in the nakshatra is given a specific pada based on their time of birth, which helps determine the characteristics of this person. Let us have a brief look at the four Padas of Bharani Nakshatra.

Bharani Nakshatra Pada 1

Leo Navamsa, the native, tends to be creative in nature. Success seems to follow them in any field they are in. As this pada is governed by the Sun, therefore the natives are very self-centred and can also be selfish in nature. Being a Leo, the characteristics of this person also include being a natural Leader having Compassion and Courage. They are also known for being sacrificial in a deposition.

Bharani Nakshatra Pada 2

Virgo Navamsa, the natives are very efficient in their workplace. Being successful is the driving force for the natives of this pada. As this pada is governed by Mercury, therefore the natives have a logical and unbiased approach to life. Also, they are genuinely inclined towards gaining more knowledge and coming around to be learned. By being a Virgo, the natives are humble and diligent. In life, they also tend to be rich and happy.

Bharani Nakshatra Pada 3

Libra Navamsa, the native, tends to be fearless and highly energetic. As this pada is governed by Venus, therefore the natives have extreme desire and passion for sex. This, however, leads them to make the wrong decisions. Being a Libra, the characteristics of this person also include being well-balanced and a workaholic. Moreover, they also inflict suffering.

Bharani Nakshatra Pada 4

Scorpio Navamsa, the native, tends to love their work. They are highly efficient, and success is guaranteed for them with fame following. As this pada is governed by Mars, the native tends to be critical and can come around as mean in nature. By being a Scorpio, the native also tends to be brave, loyal, and secretive. Moreover, there is a high chance that the natives will be struck by the loss of money because of their ill-management.

Different Planets in Bharani Nakshatra

The effects of different planets on Bharani Nakshatra are mentioned below. These are as follows:

  • Sun In Bharani Nakshatra makes an individual brave. Moreover, it also helps an individual possess leadership qualities and be fierce.
  • Moon In Bharani Nakshatra tends to make an individual balanced. The people will be able to manage their personal and professional lives quite well.
  • Mars In Bharani Nakshatra makes an individual quite ambitious in nature. The natives will also be quite aggressive in nature.
  • Mercury In Bharani Nakshatra blesses an individual with intellectual communication skills and makes the person persuasive.
  • Jupiter In Bharani Nakshatra makes an individual wise and knowledgeable. Being the lord of all planets, Jupiter tends to make an individual possess leadership qualities.
  • Venus In Bharani Nakshatra makes an individual beautiful and attractive. It also gives the individual a fine taste in the arts.
  • Saturn In Bharani Nakshatra makes individuals disciplined, organised and responsible. It also makes a person righteous.
  • Rahu In Bharani Nakshatra tends to make an individual admire feelings of rebellion and freedom. The individuals will also become greedy.
  • Ketu In Bharani Nakshatra makes an individual spiritually inclined. It also makes a person’s gut feel accurate, making their intuition strong.

Celebrities Born In Bharani Nakshatra

Some of the Bharani Nakshatra famous personalities include the following:

  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Coco Chanel
  4. Swami Shivanand
  5. Mehboob Ali Khan - The Nizam Of Hyderabad
  6. Asha Bhosle
  7. Ekta Kapoor

The Story of Yama and Chaya

After Surya Dev's wife Sanjana left to live in the forest as she could not bear the heat of her husband, she left her Shadow image, Chaya. Chaya was to look after Surya Dev and his children, Manu, Yama, Ashwins, and Yami. Surya Dev's children looked up to Chaya as a motherly figure and loved and adored her the most.

However, tables turned once she had her own children when Surya dev mistakenly took her for Sanjana. After that, her attention was diverted from Surya's children with Sanjana to her own, Savarni Manu, Shani, and Tapati. This created a sense of inconvenience for the children, who once loved and adored her, now saw her drifting from them.

One day, Lord Yama went to ask for some food from Chaya, but she was so busy with the burden of work from her children that she did not listen to him and almost forgot about Yama asking for food. This angered Lord Yama, and in a fury, he kicked Chaya in the gut. Chaya was shocked and angered by Yama's behaviour, and as a reply, she cursed him.

As the leg was the body part that Yama used to abuse Chaya, she cursed Yama to be infected with a leg full of worms and sores. Yama ran to his father, Surya Dev, who then proceeded to give Yama a Cock which ate all the insects off Yama's leg. This incident was a learning experience for Yama, who then learned that Chaya was not his birth mother but her shadow image. Surya Dev also realised that it was not Sanjana but Chhaya who had taken his wife's place.

Relations With Bharani Nakshatra Natives

This incident is mentioned in The Markandeya Purana, The Vishnu Purana, and The Matsya Purana. As Yama is the Bharani Nakshatra Lord, his learning from the above incident reflects in the lives of people born in this nakshatra; it makes the native love fairness and equality in all situations, but on the other hand, it also ensures that they will not have a good and fruitful relationship with their mothers.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Bharani Nakshatra Born

Mentioned below are some strengths and weaknesses of the natives of Bharani Nakshatra. These include the following:


When looking at this Nakshatra-born native’s strengths, it seems as if the Gods have blessed them with everything a person desires. From good looks to success and ample money, you name it, they have it.

  • In nature, they come around to be very creative, innovative, and hard-working.
  • They have a high spiritual inclination and thus lead a life devoted to the divine.
  • When in a relationship, they are all a partner needs. From being supportive to extraordinarily caring and loving, the native tends to take care of the ones they love.
  • Loyalty, honesty, and trustworthiness come as naturally to them.
  • With high self-control, they keep their emotions in check and make the best decision in every situation.
  • Their Selfless behaviour is what drives other people towards them.


This Nakshatra-born native does not possess many weaknesses. They are pretty well-known for their impatience, but they only show this in some situations.

  • It might seem that they are struggling with things that seem easy for others. This triggers them and can cause frustration.
  • Moreover, they are very stubborn; if they want something, they will leave no stone unturned in getting it.
  • They are people-pleasers, and this causes them to make a lot of commitments, which in turn makes them suffer when striking a balance.
  • Success matters to them the most in their life, and if it takes cheating someone to be successful, the native will not think twice before doing so.
  • Additionally, they have a high sex drive, which may result in potentially harmful situations.

अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले सवाल-

People born in the Bharani Nakshatra are the Jack of all trades. No time is inauspicious for them. They excel in every field.
Bharani Nakshatra is ruled by Lord Yama. He is the God of Death. Lord Yama is known for doing justice by calculating one’s good and bad karma. Thus, individuals born in this nakshatra come around to be fair in every situation.
Bharani Nakshatra is very lucky for the natives as it is affected by the Moon under the influence of Venus.
Bharani Nakshatra is known to be the 2nd Nakshatra out of the total 27 nakshatras.
There is no God born in Bharani Nakshatra. However, this nakshatra is ruled by Yamraj or Yama, also known as the God of Death.
Bharani Nakshatra children might suffer from their father’s side and may not receive their father’s love and care.
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