Understanding the Basics of Planet Saturn

Of all the nine planets in astrology, Saturn is the one that teaches the value of hard work, discipline and karma. Known as the ‘taskmaster’, Saturn planet pushes hard to learn through life lessons and face whatever challenges come our way. Interestingly, Saturn’s influence may delay results, but the after-rewards are worth the hard work. Read along to learn the real power of Saturn in astrology and how it shapes our life’s path.

Key Characteristics of Planet Saturn

Before discussing Saturn meaning astrology and characteristics, let’s examine the unique features of the planet through the table below:

Key CharacteristicsDescription
Time Period19 years(Mahadasha), 2.46 (Transit)
Enemy PlanetsSun, Moon and Mars
Friendly PlanetsMercury, Venus and Rahu
Ruling DeityLord Shiva
Exalted and Debilitated SignLibra and Aries
Associated ColourBlack and Blue

सटीक भविष्यवाणी के लिए कॉल या चैट के माध्यम से ज्योतिषी से जुड़ें

Impact of Planet Saturn on Zodiac Signs

Saturn takes 2.5 years in each zodiac sign and 29.5 years to complete its cycle. While transitioning between zodiacs, Saturn may seem challenging, it actually exists to help individuals grow stronger and wiser over time. Find out how this ‘slow planet’ impacts each zodiac sign.

Saturn in Aries Sign

The arrival of Saturn in the energetic, quick, and lively zodiac sign of Aries teaches the value of patience and self-control. Saturn does not want Aries to get settled in quick and easy rewards. Instead, it wants them to face the challenges with courage and determination. So, stressful situations and confrontations may arrive as a test for the Aries natives.

Saturn in Taurus Sign

For stable and grounded Taurus, Saturn's placement in their sign could be all about personal values and self-worth. Using personal and traditional values, the Saturn planet wants Taurus natives to build a stable and secure financial foundation. However, the high standards and traditional values could make Taurus individuals stubborn.

Saturn in Gemini Sign

Data, facts, writing and fiction are the things that a person Saturn in Gemini is obsessed with. Some credit should be given to Gemini’s early life challenges that channelled complex thoughts into a skill. However, the Saturn position in the Gemini zodiac may intimidate individuals with their own intellectual thoughts and abilities, resulting in communication difficulties.

Saturn in Cancer Sign

With Saturn zodiac sign in Cancer, problems may arise early, especially in childhood. There is a strong chance that individuals might struggle to connect with their emotions. But the good news is that Saturn teaches individuals to create healthy boundaries and stay a mile away from people who do nothing but drain the positivity out.

Saturn in Leo Sign

Meet the masters of getting all the attention in a social setting! But when the ‘strict teacher’, Saturn, comes in, Leos starts fearing the attention. Soon, they start feeling unworthy of all the spotlight they get. As a result, they start spending time in the background, thinking they are not confident or special enough to get noticed. Luckily, Shani shows them their true selves and enhances their confidence.

Saturn in Virgo Sign

When the perfectionist Virgo meets the strict Saturn, things get serious for their mental health. Their neverending aim for perfection and obsession with tiny details make them stressed and tense. This is where Saturn, the taskmaster, intervenes and teaches Virgos to find happiness in imperfection. As per Saturn astrology, it is better to make peace with ‘normal’ things.

Saturn in Libra Sign

Being a planet of karma, Saturn makes Libra think carefully before making any decisions. Despite Saturn's support, Libras take a long time to decide. Libras, the worshipers of fairness and harmony, sometimes cross the line when helping people. However, the strong Saturn benefits Libras by allowing them to overcome their fear of decision-making and set healthy relationship boundaries.

Saturn in Scorpio Sign

Consider Saturn giving Scorpio tough times only to make them stronger and better than ever. The challenges make Scorpios tough, determined, and fearful of letting others into their personal lives. Even though they crave emotional connection, the thought of getting deceived by others stops them. Luckily, Saturn lets the painful memories Scorpios hold onto go away and helps them heal.

Saturn in Sagittarius Sign

Known as the planet of limitations, Saturn limits the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius zodiac sign. It keeps Sagittarius grounded by sending challenges their way. However, education and wisdom are the two important factors that lead Sagittarius to grow despite setbacks. But success is only possible if Sagittarius keeps their goals realistic.

Saturn in Capricorn Sign

Saturn ruling planet of Capricorn brings in the energies of hard work, seriousness, and responsibility. Though Capricorn works hard to succeed, the thought of failing stays in their mind. Even though this never stops them from moving forward. In fact, they earn respect from others for following rules and traditions. Saturn position in Capricorn teaches overcoming fear and achieving what a person wants.

Saturn in Aquarius Sign

Saturn ruling planet of Aquarius, makes a person care a lot about society and inclined towards improving it for the future. Subjects such as science and politics are better career options for natives under Saturn’s placement. Creating a better life for everyone makes Aquarius challenge the authorities. Thanks to Saturn, who focused them on social structures.

Saturn in Pisces Sign

Saturn, the strict teacher, softens in Pisces, allowing them to express their inner emotions and feelings freely. Although it is more difficult in Pisces, Saturn teaches the importance of setting boundaries and facing challenges with strength. Despite the challenges in this Saturn position, Pisces’s compassion to bring light into the lives of others never diminishes.

Impact of Planet Saturn on Different Life Areas

Let us learn how the power of Saturn in astrology shapes different areas of our lives, from work to relationships.

Saturn Impact on Love

If Saturn is happy and placed strongly ( 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th houses) in a birth chart, it can fill a love relationship with understanding, stability and passion. Conversely, Saturn in a weak placement (1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th houses) could cause misunderstandings, communication problems, and even separation in relationships.

Saturn Impact on Marriage

A strongly placed Saturn can make a married life long-lasting and healthy. The individual becomes more passionate and loyal towards their partner and deals with their married life maturely. However, it could also put their married life to the test and create problems. Delays in marriage, conflicts, and hardships become common in a weak Saturn’s placement.

Saturn Impact on Career

An afflicted Saturn could make it difficult for an individual to succeed and grow in their career. For example, difficulty in finding jobs, no growth or promotions at the workplace, and controversies are common when Saturn position is weak. On the other hand, strong Saturn provides growth, stability, and structure for a career.

Saturn Impact on Finances

An individual with a strong placement in Saturn would enjoy financial stability, family inheritance, multiple sources of income, and luck in investments. But the afflicted Saturn brings confusion, obstacles, and hardships in finances. Moreover, such individuals face losses or debts in their business due to poor financial decisions.

Saturn Impact on Health

A person with strongly placed Saturn does not have to worry about health issues and lives a healthy and long life. But if the planet is afflicted, a person may suffer from stomach, skin, joint pains, and dental issues. Not only this, but their mental health also suffers, making them stressed and depressed.

Saturn Impact on Personality

The first thing Saturn does to individuals is to make them disciplined, organised, and responsible. These individuals prefer a practical approach to dealing with daily life problems. Their strong work ethics and maturity earn them respect and recognition in society. Even in challenging situations, these individuals do not fear and face them with strength and courage.

Exploring the Influence of Saturn on Different Houses

Though Saturn is all about discipline, responsibility and hard work, its effects may vary in different houses. In some houses, it may revolve around career, while in others, it may be all about life lessons. So, let us learn how Saturn influences different houses in Saturn astrology:

Kendra Houses: 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th

  • Saturn in 1st house makes a person serious, reserved and organised. Whether following a routine or sticking to rules, their approach is always sincere and disciplined.
  • Unfortunately, Saturn in the 4th house hints at a traumatised and difficult childhood with absent parents. As a result, the natives struggle hard to make friends and socialise.
  • Natives with Saturn in the 7th house appear responsible and sometimes a little strict. They might not be very lucky in marriage but enjoy a stable income through business.
  • Hard work and success come along with the Saturn position in the 10th house. Placed in the house of profession, Saturn makes sure that natives enjoy fame and wealth.

Trikona Houses: 1st, 5th and 9th

  • Saturn in the 5th house makes a person serious about their career. So, being disciplined and preferring pre-planned tasks is normal for them. However, they may have difficulties having children.
  • Placed in Dharma Bhava (9th house), Saturn makes a person spiritually and religiously inclined. They love travelling but can be narrow-minded or orthodox in their views.

Upachaya Houses: 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th

  • Intelligence and knowledge are the two strong factors individuals with Saturn in the 3rd house face. On the downside, they deal with strained relationships with siblings, ignorance, and lack of communication skills.
  • A hard-working nature and logical approach in life get a person with Saturn in the 6th house respect and recognition among peers and family. However, health issues could be a challenge for them.
  • Being a part of gossip is the one thing a native with Saturn in the 11th house runs from. They have multiple sources of income and a good social circle.

Moksha Houses: 4th, 8th and 12th

  • Financial issues and health problems are the negative aspects of Saturn in the 8th house. Despite suffering from health issues, the natives with this placement are likely to live a long life.
  • People with Saturn in the 12th house love their private space and hate when someone tries to invade it. Yet, these natives can be prone to depression and loneliness.

Maraka Sthana Houses: 2nd and 7th

  • Natives with Saturn in the 2nd house spend freely and do not prioritise saving money. Not only this, but they face a difficult childhood with a disciplined family environment and restrictive or absent parents.

Effects of the Planet Saturn

Saturn brings discipline, long-term success, and wisdom only in its strong placement. In weak placement, things may get challenging, testing patience and calmness. Read along to know what happens when Saturn shows its bright and dark sides of Saturn planet astrology.

The Bright Side of Saturn

One of the interesting factors about the bright side of Saturn astrology is that it makes an individual excel almost at everything. In the love life, they do not have to struggle to find a suitable match. In fact, the planet of karma, Saturn, finds them a loving and caring partner.

One can say that Saturn's influence separates a person from being average. This is why people with Saturn by their side are mostly top achievers in academics and careers and are fluent in many languages. Along with intelligence, a person receives unexpected wealth through inheritance or gains.

The Dark Side of Saturn

With a weak Saturn in the horoscope, everything collapses, especially the finances. Even though the individual might born wealthy, the afflicted Saturn will ensure they lose most of their wealth by age 35. However, the real ups and downs start with an individual’s childhood when he deals with a traumatic childhood.

Many reasons are to be blamed, such as bad parenting, strained relationships with parents or loss of parents. In adult life, an individual struggles hard to perform well, but his lazy nature stops him from doing so. With all of this happening, it is obvious to expect health issues.

Powerful Yogas Formed By Saturn

Understanding the impact of Saturn in our lives is also possible through the powerful yogas formed by Saturn Vedic astrology. The yogas mentioned below reveal how they influence and shape our destinies and life experiences.

Auspicious Yogas Formed By Saturn

  • Sasha/Sasa Yoga: This type of yoga forms when the Saturn planet astrology is located in a Kendra of its own house or exaltation sign. With this yoga in the horoscope, an individual enjoys name, fame and reputation, especially in politics.
  • Vichitra Saudha Prakara Yoga: Also known as ‘money yoga,’ Vichitra Saudha Prakara yoga does wonders for an individual’s finances. When the Lords of the 4th and 10th houses are placed together with Saturn and Mars, massive property, wealth, and good luck in investments become common.
  • Raja Yoga: As the name suggests, an individual’s personality with ‘Raj yoga’ will be no less than a king. The exalted Saturn or Saturn in its own sign occupies either a Kendra house or a trine, making a person enjoy wealth and respect in society and greatly influencing others.

Inauspicious Yogas Formed By Saturn

  • Asatyavadi Yoga: People with this yoga in their horoscope habitually lie. They often flaunt their lavish lifestyle and tell people things that aren’t even true. This leads to their bad reputation in society.
  • Sraddhannabhuktha Yoga: According to astrological beliefs, this type of yoga, formed by Saturn, brings misfortune. When Saturn is placed in the 2nd house or is in conjunction with the second Lord, a person usually eats in the death ceremony of a person unknown to him.
  • Matibhramana Yoga: One of the four ways of forming Matibhramana yoga involves placing Saturn along with the waning Moon. This inauspicious yoga of Saturn makes it almost impossible for the individual to control their minds.

Top Effective and Powerful Saturn Remedies

Are you wondering how to enjoy strong Saturn benefits? Or is there any way that you can leave behind all your hardships and obstacles? The answer is powerful Saturn remedies. Follow the below-mentioned Shani remedies to protect yourself from the adverse effects of Saturn:

  • Colour-Related Saturn Remedies: According to colour astrology, the colours blue, black, and green are the favourites of Lord Shani or the Saturn planet. This is why one must incorporate these colours as much as possible in one's clothing, surroundings, etc.
  • Gemstones Related Saturn Remedies: Blue Sapphire, a gemstone for the Shani planet in english, will lessen the ill effects of Saturn and enhance focus and determination. It should be worn on the right-hand middle finger, mainly on Saturdays.
  • Powerful Shani Mantra: It is also advised that the natives should chant the Shani mantra, ‘Aum Praam Preem Proum Sah Shanaishcharaye Namah’ or ‘Aum Sham Shanicharaya Namah’ 108 times daily. Chanting these powerful Shani Mantras removes obstacles and delays from life.
  • Donation: Natives with weak Saturn must feed or donate things to the needy. This will improve their karma and make Shani's planet happy. One can also regularly engage in charitable donations.
  • Worshipping: The natives with weak Saturn should worship and pray to Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. They can also chant Hanuman Chalisa every day. Worshipping them will surely benefit the natives who have weak Saturn.
  • Lal Kitab Saturn Remedies: To make a powerful Saturn in horoscope, one must keep a silver coin or ball in their wallet. Next, they can light a mustard/sesame oil diya under a peepal tree on Saturdays. Feeding crows and fish atta balls can also make the Saturn position powerful.

Mythological Stories Related to Planet Saturn

The mythological story of the origin of the most feared god, Lord Shani, is a tale filled with intense drama. Lord Surya was happily married to Sandhya, and they had three lovely children together. Sandhya, a caring mother and devoted wife, endured Lord Surya’s intense heat for years.

Eventually, however, she could not bear it and decided to go live with her parents. However, she didn’t want her family to suffer in her absence, so she created her lookalike, Chhaya, to care for her family.

No one suspected that Chhaya had taken Sandhya’s place. Later, Chhaya had three children with Lord Surya, one of whom was Lord Shani. The story takes an interesting turn when Chhaya, pregnant with Sahni, stays very close to Lord Surya, which results in Lord Shani having a dark complexion.

Surya was about to disown Shani and Chhaya, but then Shiva appeared and helped Surya understand the situation. After listening to Shiva’s wisdom, Surya accepted Shani as his son.

Why Does Saturn Matter in Astrology?

Saturn in Hindu astrology acts as a ‘strict teacher’, teaching the value of discipline, hard work, patience and structure in all aspects of life. Known as ‘Shanichara’, the Shani in english astrology means a ‘slow planet’. As per astrological beliefs, the effect of Shani is necessary for us to shape a better version of ourselves. Let us see what Saturn signifies in Vedic astrology:

  • Connection With Body Parts: Shani planet is the karaka of legs, teeth, skin, hair, ears and knee. Apart from body parts, Saturn vedic astrology also controls Muladhara Chakra (the root of existence).
  • Diseases Caused: Being a karaka of legs, skin, hair, ears and knee, it is evident that a weak Saturn in the horoscope will bring health issues related to these body parts. Therefore, a person with afflicted Saturn suffers from joint pain, skin-related allergies, hearing problems, hair loss, etc.
  • Physical Appearance: Natives under the influence of Saturn have a thin body and a pale or dusky complexion. Their most attractive feature is their dark-coloured, deep-set eyes.
  • Profession Ruled by Saturn: A profession ruled by the Saturn planet revolves around hard work, stability, responsibility, and discipline. So, a native with the influence of Saturn might perform well in a career in politics, police, army, administration, finance, or research.

अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले सवाल-

Malefic in nature, Saturn or Shani planet represents justice, karma, and struggle. It teaches individuals to face their challenges with long-term planning and continuous efforts in order to reach certain goals.
Despite being a ‘malefic’ planet, Saturn, aka Shani planet, gives favourable results when seated in certain houses in the horoscopes. The houses good for Saturn are 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th.
Of all the twelve zodiac signs, the Capricorn and Aquarius are the Saturn zodiac sign. In Capricorns, Saturn brings discipline and innovation. While in Aquarius, Saturn brings structure and a strong sense of responsibility.
In Hindu mythology, Shani is the Hindu god who ruled the planet Saturn. Known as the ‘god of karma’, Lord Shani is the son of Surya Deva and Chhaya. Shani, or Saturn in Hindu astrology, is seen as a strict teacher who teaches the value of discipline, struggle, karmas, and responsibility.
According to astrological beliefs, one can perform simple remedies to strengthen the Shani position in one's horoscope. For example, one can donate black sesame seeds(kala til), oil, or iron on Saturdays, worship Lord Hanuman, offer food to crows, light mustard oil, etc.
In vedic astrology, Saturn represents a relationship between a father and children. So, a powerful saturn in horoscope will bring happiness, understanding and joy to the father-child relationship. However, a malefic Saturn may create misunderstandings and conflicts.
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