Understanding the Basics of Planet Moon

Regarded as the ‘Queen’ or ‘Feminine’ planet, the Moon is the ‘manaha karaka’. Planet Moon in astrology represents our inner world and emotions and sheds light on how we react to certain things. It symbolises our subconscious mind and reveals our emotional habits, needs, and instincts. Read along to learn more about the powers and secrets of Moon astrology!

Key Characteristics of Planet Moon

Before we get into the significance, characteristics, and benefits of Chandra astrology, let's take a look at the special features of the planet in the table below:

Key CharacteristicsDescription
Time Period27 days
Enemy PlanetsNone
Friendly PlanetsSun and Mercury
Ruling DeityLord Shiva
Exalted and Debilitated SignTaurus and Scorpio
Associated ColourWhite, Silver and Soft Blues

सटीक भविष्यवाणी के लिए कॉल या चैट के माध्यम से ज्योतिषी से जुड़ें

Impact of Planet Moon on Zodiac Signs

It takes 27 days for the Moon to travel through all twelve zodiac signs. Placed in different zodiacs, the Moon can bring different results and impacts. So, let us see how the planet of emotions influences our lives by sitting in different zodiac signs.

Moon in Aries Sign

When the Moon(water planet) is placed in Aries (fire element), it creates conflicting situations, making a person hot-headed. Being controlled by others makes a person with the Moon in Aries emotionally vulnerable and upset. Health issues such as headaches, low iron levels, blood pressure, and head injuries become common.

Moon in Taurus Sign

The exaltation of the Moon in Taurus leads to material success and happiness. People born under this placement develop an emotional and sympathetic factor from early childhood. Regarding their social life, they prefer fewer strong bonds instead of having a big social circle. At last, a stable career or business is their first priority on the professional front.

Moon in Gemini Sign

The Moon in Gemini creates conflicting situations due to the rivalry between Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) and the Moon. Natives with this placement are always confused about whether to prefer emotions or logic when making a decision. However, their love for multitasking causes concentration issues.

Moon in Cancer Sign

The Moon's placement in Cancer revolves around the mother, homeland, or country. People with Cancer moon feel safe and secure in their homes with family members and loved ones. Speaking of family members, these individuals share a close and emotional bond with their mother. In romantic life, they may prefer an established or mature life partner.

Moon in Leo Sign

The Moon's placement in Leo can be considered dominating. In fact, leading others, grabbing attention, and being extraordinary define their personality perfectly. In partnerships, these people prefer an old partner and get married very late or face a delay in marriage. However, on the work front, they achieve success in professions related to entertainment and art.

Moon in Virgo Sign

Being a perfectionist, a person with a Moon in Virgo pays attention to finer details. This obsession with putting everything in place sometimes suppresses their emotions. But on the other hand, the very same placement gives Virgos excellent communication, technical and presentation skills.

Moon in Libra Sign

The placement of the Moon in Libra makes a person desirous of material comfort. In their personal lives, these people worship loyalty, honesty and commitment. Being surrounded by their favourite people is their favourite thing. In work life, their role could appear as of a team player and negotiator.

Moon in Scorpio Sign

The debilitated Moon causes a strained or difficult relationship with the mother. The Moon in Scorpio makes a person bold, confident, and courageous in every aspect of life. However, on the downside, the Moon placed in Scorpio can make an individual secretive and obsessive. These traits create problems in their personal and romantic relationships.

Moon in Sagittarius Sign

In Sagittarius, the Moon revolves around high morals, religion, and philosophical beliefs. This is why, from early childhood, these individuals are interested in gaining spiritual and religious knowledge as much as they can. However, one negative factor of this planetary placement is that it makes a person egoistic, arrogant, and rude.

Moon in Capricorn Sign

Insecurities, doubts, and confusion wrap up the childhood of a person with the Moon in Capricorn. This is why, in adult life, they become result-oriented and cautious about every small thing. ‘Less is more’ is the basic life principle followed by these individuals, especially in the financial aspects. They are always careful with money and possessions.

Moon in Aquarius Sign

In Aquarius, the placement of the Moon brings detachment from the mother. So, in adult life, individuals lack emotional bonds in relationships and push people away. Despite the relationship problems, they desire a long-lasting and happy relationship. Health-wise, they suffer from cardiovascular disease, alcohol and smoking addiction.

Moon in Pisces Sign

The Moon's placement in Pisces brings health issues to the mother. These individuals' caring, empathetic, and understanding natures make it easier for them to work in professional sectors such as social service, nursing, counselling, or healthcare. But being a water planet, they can't separate themselves from daydreaming and imagination.

Impact of the Moon on Different Life Areas

In this section, let us explore how the characteristics of the Moon can shape various aspects of our lives. Below is a detailed discussion on the impact of Planet Moon on our love, career, health, finances and much more:

Moon Impact on Love

Being a feminine planet, the Moon enhances the feelings of love, compassion, and care of individuals. People with the positive influence of the Moon in their horoscope have a good-looking, understanding and loving partner. However, in the afflicted Moon, the partner may act insecure, possessive and controlling as per Chandra astrology.

Moon Impact on Marriage

Love, honesty, affection and emotional intimacy are the factors that make the marriage life of people with Moon in kundli successful. However, when the Moon is placed in the wrong spot or place in the kundli, it can bring disagreements, misunderstandings and disappointments in married life.

Moon Impact on Career

On the professional front, the water planet, Moon, opens doors for success, fame, recognition and a good reputation in society. The credit should be given to Moon's characteristics, such as a calm and composed attitude that helps individuals make a good impression on others and make rightful decisions.

Moon Impact on Finances

People with the influence of the Moon in their horoscope have big financial aspirations. Luckily, the planet Moon fulfils their wish and gives them financial security, great monetary status in society and zeal to move forward.

Moon Impact on Health

As a karaka of emotions, the feminine planet Moon is majorly responsible for individuals' frequent mood swings. In a positive placement, the Moon provides great healing powers, helping a person recover from any disease. On the other hand, it may also cause stomach-related and respiratory issues.

Moon Impact on Personality

The influence of the planet moon plays with the emotions of an individual, making them restless and confused. However, when it comes to subjects like art, literature, poetry and music, no one can beat their taste and expertise.

Exploring the Influence of the Moon on Different Houses

The ‘Queen’ of planets, the Moon, can affect the lives of people in different houses in various ways. In some houses, it can bring blessings, while in others, it may attract challenges. So, let us explore the placement of the Moon in different houses.

Kendra Houses: 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th

  • The moon in the first house influences physical appearance and personality traits. Apart from physical features, the Moon governs health and its emotional nature.
  • The Moon's placement in the 4th house makes a person sensitive and calm. Individuals with such placements are inclined towards their home, family, and traditions.
  • People with the Moon in the 7th house seek emotional connection and validation from others. They also value peace and harmony in their marriages or romantic relationships.
  • Moon in 10th House revolves around career and fame. It indicates that people with such placements can succeed in their chosen field due to their intelligence.

Trikona Houses: 1st, 5th and 9th

  • When the ruler of the mind, the Moon, sits in the 5th house, it indicates multiple romantic relationships. People have a tendency to choose love, intimacy and affection in their relationships.
  • People with the Moon in 9th house are strongly interested in supernatural and spiritual activities. However, at the same time, they struggle with their decision-making skills.

Upachaya Houses: 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th

  • The moon in 3rd house revolves around siblings, communication, and courage. People with this planetary placement enjoy taking time for travelling but also value their family.
  • Strained relationships with the mother and health issues are some common indicators of Moon in 6th house. Moreover, a person has to deal with enemies and legal matters.
  • When placed in 11th house, Moon affects relationships with siblings. Luckily, people with this placement enjoy a positive and supportive bond with their elder siblings.

Moksha Houses: 4th, 8th and 12th

  • The Moon in the 8th house focuses on emotional values, career, and health. Although it experiences ups and downs in its career, it is inherited from the paternal family, which is why it is so wealthy.
  • The planet Moon enhances an individual’s imagination and spirituality in the 12th house. Moreover, people with this placement value privacy and personal space.

Maraka Sthana Houses: 2nd and 7th

  • Placed in the ‘Dhanakaraka’ (2nd house), the Moon is about material possessions and wealth. People with this placement have creative talents in singing, songwriting, etc.

Effects of the Planet Moon

Do you know that benefic in nature, the Moon can have its dark or negative influences too? However, when placed strongly, the planet Moon can bless an individual with several surprises and opportunities. Read along to know how the bright and dark sides of Moon impact an individual’s life.

The Bright Side of Moon:

  • Name, fame and respect becomes common when the planet Moon is placed in the strong position in the horoscope. Such individuals enjoys a big social circle and great social status.
  • A positive influence of the Moon enhances an individual’s leadership and decision-making qualities. Even in difficult situations, their mental stability and adaptability are their biggest strength.
  • The benefits of strong moon in astrology includes a joy, happiness and peace life. Their larger-than-life and calming personality makes them popular among their social circle.
  • One of the bright sides of a strong moon can lead to wealth and financial prosperity. Individuals with a strong Moon are highly likely to enjoy financial abundance through family inheritance.

The Dark Side of Moon:

  • Weak or strained relationships with mothers are one of the darkest sides of a weak moon in the horoscope. Either there will be constant fights or separation from the mother at an early age.
  • The weak placement of the Moon directly attacks the emotional well-being of an individual. With a conflicted state of mind, it becomes a bit difficult for him to concentrate properly. In the worst care scenarios, they also face workplace harassment.
  • The emotional instability of the individual also impacts their personal and romantic relationships. The dark side of the moon brings issues such as insecurity, trust, codependency and emotional unavailability.
  • Having a weak Moon in the horoscope makes the native more prone to mental health and psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc.

Powerful Yogas Formed by Planet Moon

Here, we will explore the top powerful yogas formed by the planet Moon in astrology. Understanding the auspicious and inauspicious will help us know how the planet Moon and our emotions define our life’s destiny.

Auspicious Yogas Formed by Moon:

  • Anafa Yoga: The placement of any planet other than Rahu, Ketu, and Sun with the Moon in the 12th house forms Anafa yoga in kundli. People with this yoga have a charming and attractive personality that attracts attention wherever they go. Along with charm, excellent communication skills are their superpower in gaining attention and respect.
  • Gauri Yoga: Gauri yoga happens when the Moon is strongly in Taurus or Cancer in the birth chart. It seems that individuals with Gauri yoga have good luck by their side. They live a happy and lucky life, from a loving family to enjoying financial abundance and marrying a partner of their choice.
  • Chandra Mangal Yoga: The placement of Mars right close to the Moon in a house leads to the formation of Chandra Mangal Yoga in kundli. This type of yoga brings mixed results for the individual, such as wealth and respect in society. On the other hand, it can negatively affect the relationship with the mother and cause confusion.

Inauspicious Yogas Formed by Moon:

  • Kemadruma Yoga: This yoga occurs when the Moon sits alone in the house or 12th house without any planet nearby in the birth chart. When this yoga comes into effect, it directly affects an individual's finances, bringing difficulties while accumulating wealth.
  • Shakat Yoga: Shakat yoga, in astrology, is an inauspicious yoga formed by the Moon. It occurs when Jupiter is in the 6th or 8th house from the Moon in a birth chart. This type of yoga can challenge the native's ability to achieve financial stability.
  • Alpayu Yoga: As the name suggests, Alpayu Yoga affects an individual's lifespan. It happens when the Moon is affected by a harmful planet and is in a weak position in a birth chart. It also occurs when the Ascendant(the first house in astrology) is weak.

Top Effective and Powerful Moon Remedies

Are you wondering how to strengthen moon in horoscope or how to make Chandra strong? If the dark side of the Moon worries you, then the following Moon remedies might be of great help to you. The simple remedies for weak Moon are as follows:

  • Colour-Related Moon Remedies:

According to colour astrology, the colour white is associated with Lord Chandra (moon). To strengthen the placement of the moon, one must incorporate white colours in one's clothing.

  • Gemstone-Related Moon Remedies:

Wearing gemstones, a Moonstone or a Pearl on a little finger on a Monday morning (Shukla Paksha) is one of the powerful yet simple remedies for a weak moon.

  • Donation and Worshipping:

If a person donates white-coloured items such as rice, milk, silver or white clothes to the needy, it is believed that the placement of the moon in his horoscope enhances.

  • Powerful Moon Mantra:

To get the blessings of Chandra Deva (moon), one must chant the powerful Moon mantra: Aum Shraam Shreem Shroum Sah Chandramase Namah. However, correct pronunciation is necessary when chanting the effective Moon Beej Mantra.

  • Lal Kitab Moon Remedies:

If someone wants to lessen the ill effects of the Moon, he should keep a glass full of water beside their bed. The following day, they must pour this water into a flower pot. Performing this remedy for 40 days straight will show favourable results.

Mythological Stories Related to Planet Moon

The tale of Lord Chandra’s origin dates back to the creation of the entire universe by Lord Brahma. While creating the universe, Lord Brahma felt the sudden urge to have a partner by his side. This is how Goddess Saraswati, the image of beauty and radiance, came into existence.

However, soon, Lord Brahma overcame his desire and transferred the feeling of attraction from him to Rishi Atri. From Rishi Atri, the feeling of desire passed on to his wife, Devi Anasuya. However, his wife, Devi Anasuya, returned the powers to him. Then Rishi Atri manifested the feeling of desire and lust into a physical form, his teardrop. As per popular mythological stories, the planet of inner emotions, the Moon, came into existence.

Why Moon Matter in Astrology?

Being a ‘benefic’ planet, the planet Moon in astrology, holds greater control over our inner emotions and feelings. Its placement can reveal how we react to certain situations. Below are the reasons why planet Moon matters in astrology:

  • Connection with body parts: Chandra graha, the Moon, is considered the karaka of mind and heart in vedic astrology. So, the body parts associated with the waning Moon are the sensory organs, sensory nerves and glands. Meanwhile, the waxing moon controls motor nerves, muscles, and arteries.
  • Diseases caused: A person with the weak placement of the Moon in the horoscope is more likely to suffer from health issues such as asthma, blood-related, insomnia, heart issues, urinary disorder, jaundice and much more.
  • Profession related to the Moon: As a watery planet, the Moon is associated with career options related to water, such as corals, milk, liquids, or corals. People employed in the navy, water supply departments, or shipping are more likely to enjoy a stable and successful career.
  • Physical Appearance: The physical features of a person with the strong influence of the Moon include dark black hair, big and attractive eyes, chubby body.

अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले सवाल-

In astrology, the planet Moon revolves around inner feelings, and emotional world of a person. It reveals that side of our personality that we want to keep hidden. For instance, our deepest desires, our secrets, our innermost thoughts.
Of all the twelve zodiac signs in vedic astrology, the karaka of emotions, the Moon rules over the water sign Cancer. Just like its ruling planet, Cancer natives are sensitive, caring and empathetic in nature. Moreover, the intensity of the moon enhances their emotions and intuitions.
To strengthen weak moon in horoscope one can donate white coloured things to the needy such as silver, white-coloured clothes or even food products like milk, rice, kheer etc. Along with this, fasting on Mondays is also one of the best remedies for weak moon.
As per moon astrology, Scorpio is the zodiac sign where the planet Moon debilitates. This means that in the Scorpio zodiac, Moon will be at its weakest position and produce malefic results such as anxiety, emotional unstability, stress or tension.
Chandra astrology believes certain personality traits or characteristics are associated with the planet Moon. These include sensitivity, empathy, imagination, creativity, and strong intuition.
The 8 moon phases are the new moon in astrology, the first quarter moon, the full moon in astrology, the last quarter moon, the waxing crescent moon, the waxing gibbous moon, the waning crescent moon and the waning gibbous moon.
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