Venus Mahadasha - Increased Interest in Arts and Culture

Most of the time, Venus Mahadasha is either good or average. Moreover, Venus's major time period, or Mahadasha, witnesses a person’s life for a huge duration. It captures a zodiac sign for 20 long years. Venus defines beauty and elegance in every sphere of life. It represents happiness in a relationship. People think that Venus represents health and luxurious life, but this fact is partially correct. Venus necessarily represents wealth which is utilised to gain luxury. Moreover, the wealth that you possess is not always your own but instead has been gifted to you through your life partner after marriage or maybe a destined friend. Hence, Venus symbolises wealth only if it controls the wealth houses in your horoscope.

In fact, in your actual horoscope, it can control the house of diseases, the house of marriage, the house of career and children. So, depending upon where it’s placed in your horoscope, those are the things it is mainly going to indicate. But the main energy of Venus is finding balance and joy in relationships with other people.

So, Venus Mahadasha is based on the placement and transit of Venus in different zodiac signs and impacts a person’s life according to it.

Let us read further to explore other important aspects related to Venus Mahadasha. Also, if you are curious about your current Mahadasha and related consequences, connect to InstaAstro today. Here, you get insights from various experienced astrologers.

Venus Mahadasha Positives

When Venus/Shukra is well-placed in your horoscope, it is in the first house, second house, fourth house, fifth house, seventh house and eighth house. In fact, the eighth house’s Venus makes a person very kingly or royal. Venus also creates a positive impact in the eleventh and the twelfth house. Specifically, in the eleventh house, it gives a lot of gains if it’s in a particular Nakshatra. It gives you passion. So, you can check for your Nakshatra to see where Venus is placed and read the benefits of Venus Mahadasha.

Creativity and success are on the cards when Shukra Mahadasha positively influences the native. People in professional arts, music, and acting see huge accomplishments. With the proper position of Venus in its Mahadasha, natives also witness a successful married life, good children and cherishable family bond. Some people also get benefits from their predecessors’ dhan or gathered wealth. Losses incurred in the previous Mahadasha are even recovered in this Dasha. People in business see a drastic growth in their profit numbers and also get gifted with new and better deals. Wishes and dreams are likely to come true in the Venus Mahadasha. In addition, the natives attract good-looking and smart people towards them and may even find their potential life partner.

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Venus Mahadasha Negatives

The fame, happiness and entertainment that Venus involves in the life of the natives fall short when improperly placed. If we talk about the sixth house, Venus tends to do okay. However, your relationship is faced with a lot of downs and enemies. If it is in the seventh house, troubles in marriage are to be seen.

During the Sukra Dasa period, when Venus is not in the right order or position, cheating can be observed in a relationship. You or your partner can cheat on each other. You certainly feel unsettled and uneasy both in your personal and professional life. A lot of effort and struggles would be required to move ahead in your career, and even after that, the result would not be as desired. As a result, you will likely indulge in excess alcoholism and other bad habits. Due to this, your health might deteriorate.

But Venus, when badly placed, becomes more realistic. It teaches you that everything is not a cakewalk. You have to go through upheavals in order to gain good outcomes. For example, let’s suppose you’ve won a lottery that offered you a lot of money, but you forget to file your taxes, and the next moment, government officials come in and take all your money. Instead, if your money came with hard work, the situation would have been different. That’s what Venus teaches you.

Venus Mahadasha Bhuktis/Antardashas

Venus Mahadasha can bring negative or positive results depending on the position of the ruling planet Venus in a certain Nakshatra and its associated rashi or zodiac sign. Furthermore, a Mahadasha is divided into short periods or Bhukti called Antardasha. These are nine in number, where each period is dedicated to a particular planet. Thus, we see a combined effect of the main planet and an Antardasha in one specific time interval. Constant exaltation and affliction form the basis of a Mahadasha.

Below are explanations of all nine Antardashas and their influences.

  • Venus Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Venus Antardasha under Venus Mahadasha brings good effects to the natives. They are gifted with popularity in society, and people praise them wherever they go. Musicians and actors in films mostly fall under this category. Money, luxury, and richness get loaded into natives’ fate. There are no insufficiencies that bother them. They feel complete. Relationships blossom without much effort.

Newness and freshness get showered in married life. Boredom is eliminated. Creativeness is illuminated into their life paths and leads them towards innovation. These people will have discovered themselves completely in this Mahadasha, and their soul gets free from conflicts. Moreover, people get promotions, and candidates crack their dream jobs. Great deals benefit those in business. This Dasa period stays for 3 years and 4 months.

  • Venus Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Since Venus is one of the nearest planets to the Sun, they both have a cordial or friendly relationship between them. Hence, there will be a mix of ups and downs in this section of the Antardasha. While your prosperity and money are protected, tough situations are expected in friendship, love and family. Tensions in married life will likely prevail for a long period.

Disputes among siblings may lead to separation of the house. But since Venus is not very harsh, it may provide a calming effect to the fierce shadow of the sun. This means sincere efforts and convincing may sort things out, and terms may become better. However, take care of your vision, stomach, heart and brain muscles. This Antardasha remains under Venus Mahadasha for one year.

  • Venus Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

Venus and Moon are exalted in your life chart or horoscope under Venus Mahadasha Moon Antardasha. Female gender is highlighted during this Dasha as the unity of Venus and Moon brings female characteristics to the natives, especially to the community of water signs ( Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer). Natives in this Mahadasha are inclined towards arts and beauty professions.

Though Venus and Moon both are peaceful Grahas, impacts are varied for different Janam kundlis. Natives need to mind their karma and try to do good deeds. Based on their karma, their career path and personal relationships are influenced. If this Dasa period of one year and eight months is incorrectly placed or afflicted, intimacy issues are likely to be observed. And the natives tend to do bad karma like betrayal, uncontrollable desires and growing envious of others.

  • Venus Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Under Venus Mahadasha Mars Antardasha, the situation is advantageous and disadvantageous depending upon the position of the ruling planet and the Antardasha planet. If Venus and Mars are appropriately placed, the natives attract money, richness, recognition, and praise. Moreover, they tend to draw the attention of the opposite gender. Those in the business see growth in profit margin. Natives are likely to buy expensive clothes and other items. There will be abundant wealth or Goddess Laxmi’s blessings showered upon them. Their creativity would lead them to take brave steps and bring something new. They would encourage innovation.

On the other hand, if Venus and Mars are debilitated or weak, natives may throw negative aggression and may turn revengeful. They may also face sexual frustration and heartbreak from their lovers for their changed behaviour. Their temper needs to be paid attention to as it would reflect poorly in the workplace. Anger issues may result in destructive behaviour with office colleagues. Issues like colds, coughs, fever, haemoglobin levels and gastric problems are encountered.

  • Venus Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

Rahu is scary because of its habit of making things go out of proportion and uncontrollable, but with Venus, Rahu Anatardasha will cause mixed effects. While kids will perform great at school, relatives will bring you peace and good memories. You will enjoy quality time with family and friends. So, if properly placed, Venus Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha will bring positive energy and happiness to the natives.

But if there is improper placement of Venus and Rahu, the usual impact of Rahu will disturb the native. Then, there are family fights, arguments, jealousy, unacceptable desires, criminal mindset and all negative things that you can name. Furthermore, life at the office would get miserable, and the natives will tend to lose the trust of their bosses. Loss of money and debt may cause mental stress. Side effects of a medicine are also expected during this duration. This Antardasha remains under Venus for three years.

  • Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Venus Mahadasha and Jupiter Mahadasha are benefic planets when they are in their own places. However, a combination of Venus And Jupiter is not considered good and is believed to bring a hostile environment. But thankfully, we get to see that less in Venus Mahdasha Jupiter Anatardasha. Jupiter seems to be expanding Venus’s benefits. Professional satisfaction and happiness in family relationships are observed. They also find joy in acquiring material possessions.

Natives are more spiritual here and do donation acts for the needy during this dasha period. Along with reputation and appreciation in society, kids are happy, and mother and father also share affection. Jupiter also blesses them with abundant knowledge and wisdom. But, sometimes, Venus and Jupiter are aligned wrong, and the natives have to face the consequences. Often, natives work hard and attain maximum knowledge, but still, they lag behind. Insufficiency affects their mental health. It lasts for two years and eight months.

  • Venus Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Venus and Saturn are a healthy combination and indicate exaltation. This means even with Shani’s throw of struggle, natives are not seen to be very tense and unrelaxed. Rather they enjoy their life a bit and are able to put in effort without many hurdles. They tend to enjoy hard work and witness successful careers. However, with inappropriate positions, this Dasa period will show the natives some sufferings like not getting potential woman partners and child-conceiving problems. The natives also tend to lose the energy to wake up every day and go to work. They start to show laziness in everything. Incomplete wishes and unfulfilled dreams tend to shatter them. This Dasa period survives for three years and two months.

  • Venus Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

It is an excellent period to win over opponents and mark your identity. Competitions and contests related to art are likely to be invited. And the natives are also energetic this time around. Venus Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha brings comfort and peace. The natives enjoy all worldly pleasures and are satisfied with the money they have accumulated. The business of the natives also flourishes.

Recognition and increments are also to be seen. Bhakti and spirituality are also highlighted in this period. Still, if wrongly placed in your birth chart, tough times in married life and problems in fixing the natives’ daughter’s marriage are seen. Reputation remains, but losses in business happen. So it remains for two years and ten months.

  • Venus Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Ketu Mahadasha is a negative influence on the natives during Venus Mahadasha. It tires the female energy of the ruling planet, Venus. The mental health of the native is disturbed. Frustration and bitterness in bonds create tension and stress. Rivals take advantage of this opportunity. As a result, you tend to lose your current job or position. Be careful of enemies who are portrayed to be friends. However, some sound effects are also seen when the alignment of Venus and Rahu is proper. A lottery win and purchase of new items are indicated.

Remedies for Bad Shukra Dasha effects

For the best advice on eliminating Bad Shukra Dasha effects, you must consult best astrologers on InstaAstro. Meanwhile, you may read below the suggestive measures for eradicating the ill effects and bad influences of Shukra/ Venus Mahadasha.

  • A six-Mukhi Rudraksha bead is believed to be a beneficial remedy for the negative Sukra Dasa period. It brings good fortune, energy and funds for property purchases.
  • Wear a diamond gemstone as a ring with white gold or silver bar on the middle finger. It will be great if you carry this on a finger on Friday nights during Shukra aarti or puja.
  • Cleaning your gemstone in Ganga Jal or the milk of a cow is also considered to enhance the radiance of the stone.
  • It is also advisable to chant Shukra Mantra- “Om Sham Sanaischaray Namah” 108 times every morning after bath.
  • Tabiz folded with sandalwood must be worn on the neck or the arm.
  • Keeping the Shukra Yantra image or page beside the deity must be kept in mind every time a puja is performed for the Shukra graha.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vimshottari Dasha system is followed in Indian astrology to determine the sequence of Mahadasha and its sub-periods. Based on this system, Sun Mahadasha is the next Mahadasha period after Venus Mahadasha. So, an individual survives a 20-year-old Shukra/Venus Dasha to enter into Sun Mahadasha.
Venus Mahadasha Antardasha is spread over a span of 20 years in short periods. These short periods are nine in count and are dedicated to a specific planet under the ruling planet, Venus.
First, you need to know if you are in your Venus Mahadasha. Then, under Venus Mahadasha, you need to check which Antardasha you are currently falling into. After this, you need to observe your life to see if it’s running smoothly or captured by simultaneous problems.
White sapphire or diamond is an auspicious gemstone for Venus Mahadasha. It is believed to bring fortune and luck to the natives, especially to the people of Cancer and Libra. Some astrologers also advise not to wear diamonds if you are not under Venus/Shukra Mahdasha.
Mercury and Venus are friendly planets. Hence, bring exalted effects or positive outcomes when they come together. So, Mercury Antardasha is good for Venus Mahadasha. Therefore, opportunities for victory and great bonding are increased under Venus Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha.
Rahu is known for disrupting the normal flow of human life. It makes everything go out of control. Debts, adultery, cheating, blame and fights at the workplace, family separation or any possible bad experience you name, you will find it under Rahu Antardasha under Venus Mahadasha.
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