Mercury Mahadasha - Increased Interest in Politics

Planet Mercury is associated with Lord Buddha, who indicated the path of enlightenment and creative realisation. A journey of 17 years under the influence of Mercury is known as Mercury Mahadasha. It is also called Budha Dasha. This planetary time period of Mercury brings Budha Dasha effects on the natives. These effects are observed to be either good or slightly bad. Overall, it is a happy surprise that Mercury is a friendly planet and would disturb a native’s life only to a controllable extent. But its benefits are huge on the other end as you read below.

Mercury majorly enhances the skill set of an individual, especially in the arts field. Therefore, listening abilities, writing skills, strong communication, and managerial expertise are improved. Moreover, your analytical skills are also enriched. Progress and growth are observed in every area of a person’s life.

Also, the kids and students benefit a lot in terms of academic performance and extracurricular activities. An individual is also not satisfied with one thing and wishes to pursue more than one interest at a time. If someone wants to gain quick knowledge of politics and business studies, they will be able to do so under the strong shadow of Mercury.

Mercury Mahadasha mostly shows the positive side of life to the people under its Budha Dasa period. Still, its shift from its original position often causes some discomfort in certain houses. According to research by astrologers, Mercury favours the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh houses, while it disfavours the third, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth houses.

To get more awareness about Mercury Dasha, you must read forward. In addition, if you are concerned about your current Mahadasha, have a chat with our experienced astrologers at InstaAstro.

Mercury Mahadasha Positives

During the Mercury Mahadasha time period, if the ruling planet Mercury is aligned in the correct order in the rashi or zodiac sign of the native, the Budh Dasha effects are positive. It means that all your desires and everything that can give you peace and happiness are accomplished during this frame of time.

It provides you with a lot of communication chances or opportunities to network and socialise in your life. It behaves well, especially in the earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn). You are able to make sound decisions about business prospects and pull yourself out of that harshness. Through your ability to speak your way through things and make calculated moves in life, you are able to create a very optimistic lifestyle for yourself. It means that you would not have to work so hard to attain those gains that you always wished for. Hence, you are a bit more relaxed in this Mahadasha in comparison to other planets.

This period also pulls you towards studies meaning that you are able to complete your academics and get grades on time. Your focus levels are commendable, and you are able to grasp what the teacher is saying in no time. And hence, you do not have to study as much. You have a business mindset, and you may do very good in sales. Furthermore, your science also becomes strong. All in all, a Mercury Mahadasha in your favour does wonders in terms of career growth and wealth accumulation.

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Mercury Mahadasha Negatives

There are chances that your communication skills are compromised, and you encounter brain dysfunction under the negative influence of Mercury Mahadasha. This happens when the placement of Mercury, the ruler of your horoscope, is incorrect or bad. As Mercury is strong in some of the most significant houses and is responsible for a major part of your happiness, its displacement needs to be better watched out for. It can bring side effects to all those things that you have been happily getting habituated to.

Mercury is not favourable to water signs and water houses because it prefers logic and intelligence and, therefore, promotes practicality. But in water signs and houses, it weakens. It tussles between emotional and logical decisions, ending up with confusion in the natives’ life. Emotions tend to overpower honesty.

Businesses see a loss as a result of poor decision-making made out of affection and not sense. Natives tend to lose their charm and intellect. They forget their wisdom and knowledge. Their mental strength is paralysed as they are not able to perform, and people may not be able to understand them. Their cheerful and attractive nature fades, and they tend to become introverted and less likely to utter a word. It’s surprising as they were once the most talkative. As a result of failures and not being good enough, married life and health (mostly skin problems) suffer.

Mercury Mahadasha Antardasha/Bhuktis

The nine grahas or planets not only influence natives in their respective Mahadashas but also get exalted or afflicted by being the Bhuktis or Antardashas within each Mahadasha. Each ruling planet acts in a particular period or Mahadasha, and they combine with every other astrological planet in short intervals. It has been broken down for you below for various Mercury Antardasha:

  • Mercury Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Mercury Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha is all about empowering individuals with knowledge and nurturing successful careers. It brings good effects on the natives. They are able to maintain authority in society and have an important say in every big decision.

People at the workplace get promotions and hikes in salary. Their work is appreciated, and they get all the praise they deserve for their hard work. Their wisdom motivates them toward spirituality, and they often go in search of a guru or scholar for guidance. Some of them are also inclined towards teaching professions in this Mahadasha Antardasha period. In case it is displaced from its rightful place, which is rare, there might be nervous system-related issues. This period stays for two years, four months, and seventy-seven days.

  • Mercury Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Sun brings willpower, and Mercury conveys absolute intellect to the individuals under Mercury Mahadasha Sun Antardasha. Both planets lay the foundation of strong belief and abundant knowledge in people’s life. People here, under the right alignment, become influencers, counsellors and healers. You will also see them as spiritual leaders. They are gifted with a peaceful environment and joyous relationships. Calmness and relief are centred in the natives’ place of residence or home. They form good relationships even with their neighbours and get their support in return whenever needed.

People in reputed professions, like lawyers, teachers, administrators, officers, investment bankers etc., benefit a lot from this period in terms of professional success as well as personal satisfaction. In case of the wrong placement of planets, disputes in married life and mental stress are observed. Some gastric issues and skin diseases are also found. This time interval remains in a zodiac sign for ten months and six days.

  • Mercury Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

This dasha period focuses on personal bonding and spending quality time with family and friends. This is a time when life gives you sufficient time to show your affection and care to your loved ones, and you are not that busy. Husband and wife make new happy memories and enjoy life with kids. Newlyweds get more time to understand each other. Parents' blessings and support keep you motivated and loved.

Mercury and Moon are good mates and hence, do not bring any major problems in the natives’ life when afflicted or when badly placed. Moreover, during this time, people are inclined towards creative activities like painting, creating music etc. In case of bad placement of Mercury and Moon, family relationships are slightly at risk. Little arguments here and there are noticed. The natives also feel overburdened with too many responsibilities both at home and office. This Antardasha lasts for one year and five months.

  • Mercury Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

During this time frame, Natives get attracted towards aesthetics or outer beauty. They appreciate beautiful art, painting, faces and scenery. Natives are having a good time as they are well-acknowledged at the workplace and are loved at home. Businesses of people witness great profits. Moreover, wealth and prosperity are showered upon their homes. They are inclined towards the idea of romance, and chances are that they find a suitable partner for themselves. They also go back to their hobbies like painting, pottery, poetry, reading books etc. Relationships are affected due to the improper position of planets. This period stays in your horoscope for 10 months.

  • Mercury Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

This Dasha highlights anger and aggression in the behaviour of the natives. Mercury and Mars are not very compatible planets, and hence that the natives have to face its consequences. However, natives live a lavish life and get the admiration of family. Some have been noticed in purchasing a house and an expensive car. They may also buy a dog or a bird and get highly attached to them. Family and friends are happy and satisfied with them. When badly placed, rivals or opponents try to hamper their reputation, and they better need to be careful. The natives may suffer the loss of money due to overspending. Certain health issues related to the stomach and skin are present.

  • Mercury Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Mercury Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha is considered an auspicious and a great time for the natives. They are seen to excel both professionally and personally. Mercury brings satisfaction, and Jupiter brings intellect. Both planets offer beneficial effects to people in this phase of their lives. They also get spiritually inclined and read rigorously to attain more profound spiritual knowledge. They visit temples, pilgrimages, and monasteries for a better outlook towards life. Their sense of maturity and urge to provide selfless service also increases. They also contribute to humanitarian acts and donations. On the other hand, slight marriage worries and work stress are encountered when displaced from their correct position.

  • Mercury Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Saturn or Shani is known for laying hurdles in a native’s life. So, under Mercury Mahadasha, it is no different. Natives may have to put in a lot of effort and hard work to achieve their objectives. Still, it won’t be sufficient. But the hardships that you face in this duration are teachings to make you stronger and successful when the struggles finally end. Loss of life, heartbreak, separation, failures, everything will force you to give up, but you will be unstoppable. You have to keep at it, and one fine morning, you will be grateful to have come out of it and be a person who is more valued than ever.

If the planets are in favour, the struggles will be less, and victories will reach you faster, but when the planets are badly placed, struggles’ time stretch to the maximum and then give you the deserved reward. This period stays for two years, eight months, and nine days.

  • Mercury Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

Rahu within Mercury Mahadasha keeps you in constant confusion and shock. Just when you think that everything is going at the right pace, it shocks you by bringing the unexpected. In the same way, when things are not going great, it may suddenly bring a piece of good news or a source of joy to your life. Mercury Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha is a period where you are putting your heart and sweat into your aims in life, but you are also consistently stressed about it.

There are times when you are dissatisfied in spite of achieving your goals. And in other times, you are persistent in your energy to reach a certain milestone or accomplishment, but you are still very far. You are stuck in a channel of winning and losing. Depending upon the position of Mercury and Rahu in your birth chart, the good news or bad news of your journey depends. Mercury Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha remains for two years, six months, and eighteen days.

  • Mercury Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Mercury Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha perpetually draws you to a state of denial. Ketu belongs to the family of Rahu. Hence, its impacts are similar, yet both have their own ways of creating it. In the case of Ketu, it never lets the natives take a practical approach to dealing with things. As a result, they are categorised as poor decision-makers. Rahu makes it difficult for them to reach a conclusion. While Mercury helps the natives use their brains and creativity to their full potential, Rahu makes it difficult for them to have an end goal and throws them into a trap of unstable minds. Thus, it causes uncertainties and delays in work, studies, finding a partner and marriage. This period stays in a zodiac sign for eleven months and seventy-seven days.

Mercury Mahadasha Remedies

In case of poorly placed Mercury, it becomes essential to fight the budh Mahadasha effects through suggested remedies. Below are some of the most accepted remedies for Mercury/Budh Mahadasha:

  • Practice drinking water in a silver glass.
  • Wear a silver chain with a copper coin and a four-faced Rudraksha, says the sacred Lal Kitab remedy.
  • Donate Kheer to temples.
  • Emerald gemstone ring with 5-carat gold on it is believed to keep away the negative radiance of Mercury Mahadasha.
  • As Mercury is impressed by learners, pick up a book to read daily in its Mahadasha and chant Budha Mantra daily.

The above is thoroughly researched information on Mercury Mahadasha and is helpful. Still, for more reliability, connect with specialised people or astrologers at InstaAstro today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although Mercury’s behaviour is good in the second, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh houses, it gives the best results or outcome in the first house or lagna as it is a house of logic and intellect.
In Mercury Mahadsha, try to educate yourself and become well-read. Practice reading books as Mercury favours the seeker of knowledge. Also, recite associated Mantras everyday.
Mercury is the last Mahadasha period in the span of 120 years of human life. The last 17 years of your life are when you have attained maximum lessons and absolute wisdom.
Mercury Mahadasha treats you fairly well. It is not harsh on the natives. But still, if it is wrongly placed in your horoscope, it can create major discomforts like loss of intellect, communication lags, stress at the workplace and some health issues.
Panna, also known as Emerald, is a lucky gemstone for the natives during Mercury Mahadasha. It keeps away the negative effects of Mercury in case its position is incorrect in your birth chart or kundli.
An astrologer can guide you best about the strength of Mercury in your horoscope with the help of your Janam Kundli. As far as attributes are concerned, if you have good speaking and writing skills, a strong intellect, and a sharp mind, then your Mercury is strong. And Mercury is weak if there are poor communication skills and a lazy attitude.
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