Uttarashada Nakshatra

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Uttarshada Nakshatra - Conquering Boundaries

With the elephant's tusk as its symbol, Uttarshada nakshatra is the 21st nakshatra for the moon. Uttarshada nakshatra comprises people who are leaders in their life and love to be followed. The Sun, also called 'Surya' or 'Vishwadeva', is the lord/deity of this nakshatra. This group of stars, or the nakshatra, shines the brightest through the stars Sigma, Tau, Phi, and Zeta Sagittarii. And what’s even more interesting is that it has the governance of two planets, the Sun and Jupiter. With this, it undertakes and bridges the destiny of two zodiac signs, i.e. the Sagittarius and the Capricorn. People are born in this nakshatra when the moon lies between 26:40 degrees Sagittarius and 10:00 degrees Capricorn.

If you are a Sagittarius or a Capricorn, read ahead to get more information.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Zodiac Sign

By this time, you already know that Uttarashada nakshatra rasi or zodiac signs are Sagittarius and Capricorn. So let’s have a glance at them one by one.


Sagittarius includes individuals with a high understanding of right and wrong. It falls in the first quarter of the Uttarshada nakshatra. People of this zodiac sign are spiritual and admire deep conversations about devotion. They like to read books and impart knowledge. Their hearts are full of love, and you’ll feel warmth in their aura. At this stage of Uttarashada nakshatra, i.e. in the portion of Sagittarius, the moon attains wisdom. Sagittarians are wise with their words. They face the world with honest eyes and brave souls. In this zodiac sign, people are studious, calm-minded and wish to learn constantly. They are indeed scholars. Knowledge leads them to success and fame. Therefore, they tend to pursue careers in administrative services.

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When the moon reaches the second quarter of the Uttarashada nakshatra, it meets Capricorn, extending to the fourth quarter. The moon has reached the earth and attained stability. It is believed that Capricorn is the 10th house of the horoscope, meaning the action on the career is activated. Capricorns have a stable professional life and are workaholics. They are powerful in their nakshatra and can succeed in any field they pursue. They believe in enhancing their life personally and professionally. Action is in their karma, and they have gained enough lessons not to let the outer world know their soft side and earn a massive amount of money. The sun in Uttarashada nakshatra illuminates wisdom and energy to Capricorn. “Get, set, go!” is the mantra that the Capricorns need to remember. Then there will be nothing that can stop them.

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Essential Features of Uttarashada nakshatra for the Uttarashada nakshatra characteristics

  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Lord Planet - Sun
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Gender - Female
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Symbol - Elephant’s tusk / Bed slats
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Gana - Manushya (Human)
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Guna - Sattvic
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius and Capricorn
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Lucky Letter - B and G
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Lucky Stone - Ruby
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Lucky Colour - Copper
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Lucky Number - 1
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Animal and Bird - Male Mongoose and Stork
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Tree - Jackfruit (Palasa)
  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Element - Air

Essential Dates of Uttarashada Nakshatra 2023

  • January 3, 2023, Tuesday
  • January 31, 2023, Tuesday
  • February 27, 2023, Monday
  • March 26, 2023, Sunday
  • April 22, 2023, Saturday
  • May 20, 2023, Saturday
  • June 16, 2023, Friday
  • July 13, 2023, Thursday
  • August 10, 2023, Thursday
  • September 6, 2023, Wednesday
  • October 4, 2023, Wednesday
  • October 31, 2023, Tuesday
  • November 27, 2023, Monday
  • December 24, 2023, Sunday

Uttarashada Nakshatra Career

People in Uttarshada Nakshatra are born with the gift of having a good career life backed by respect in society. If they work hard, they can earn a lot of money. But they have to judge people carefully who contractually join them. Their career is meant to flourish after age 38 in terms of choice of work and paycheck. Progress may slow down for a while if they face problematic situations in their personal life. But with constant support from family, they are expected to achieve great heights of success. The most favourable professions for them are executives, administrative services, engineers, researchers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, philosophers, politicians, dancers and athletes.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Wealth

The people of Uttarshada nakshatra like to think about the future in advance. They have enough wealth to sustain themselves. They start saving as soon as they start earning. They never face financial difficulties. The wisdom in their moon guides and prepares them for the worst. They are not always the richest; still, money has never been a matter of concern for them.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Male Characteristics

A Uttarashada nakshatra male has a high intelligence quotient and can impress people with his knowledge. He has good analytical and creative skills and can quickly think of solutions. He easily gets along with everyone and appreciates people in his workplace. He thrives on performing better at work and encourages others to bring out their best. He is family oriented and keeps things evaluated already for the future. He is a gentleman and respects womanhood. He is good at saving expenses and investing them for better opportunities.

Most Uttarashada nakshatra males do not reveal their true emotions in front of everyone, and there are only a few with whom they can have deep conversations. They are well-read and can talk a lot about life in general. They don’t easily trust anybody. They have already gone through some hard-hitting lessons at the early stage of their lives that they keep a shield while dealing with the outer world. They can quickly sense someone’s evil intentions and are always alert. They rarely hurt people around them and create a lively atmosphere. They need to pay attention to how they walk as they often get injured by pointed objects. They also need to keep a check on their health as they fall ill quite frequently.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Uttarnakshatra Nakshatra Female natives are highly educated. They choose to do their work by themselves, and they fear dependency. Taking someone’s help feels like a huge favour to them that they must return someday. Although they are pure souls and do not like to complicate things, they often appear aggressive and short-tempered. They are the flag bearers of feminism and don’t tolerate ill talks about women. They usually have broad heads and overthink a lot. They lead a simple life and are good at studies. They are inclined towards a spiritual path and fear leaving behind their families by getting too involved. After a certain age, they tend to look for answers to everything. They become restless if they don’t get their answers. Always ready to take the initiative, they have innocent hearts and keep their guards on all the time. They often stay in a different city or country, away from their families or partners, for professional reasons. They are oversensitive only when it comes to family. They dream of achieving big and have the courage to pass any hurdle that comes their way. They are responsible not by choice but by circumstances.

Females of Uttarashada nakshatra often face health problems like gas, acidity, hernia, urinary infections and eye infection. These issues do not remain for long and get subsided by medication and healthy food. They also have weak hearts, so they must do yoga and meditation daily.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Marriage life

  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Male Marriage life

Uttarshada nakshatra male marriage life will be a joy ride. They will have a loving and supportive wife. There will be differences of opinion, and things will get difficult to handle. But that would just be a test of the time. They must wait to see the problems fade away instead of taking an impulsive decision. They eventually lead a balanced, wealthy and happy married life.

  • Uttarashada Nakshatra Female Marriage life

Uttarashada Female Marriage life is a bit complicated initially, but the latter half is beautiful. Since the female natives might need to stay separate for work commitments, there might be trust issues, but after 30, both partners tend to stay in one place through certain workplace adjustments or job changes. They give a good life to their children.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Compatibility

According to Vedic Astrology, Uttarashada nakshatra are highly compatible with Rohini, Bharani, Hasta, Revati and Uttarabhadra nakshatra. An Uttarshada nakshatra with their compatible partners has care, companionship, compassion and understanding. Their power together is so effective that they can read each other’s faces and often do not need words to decode their partners’ thoughts.

If we talk about the male compatibility of this nakshatra, the female natives are usually very happy as they treat women with the utmost respect. However, if they did not face any hardships in their childhood and were kept protected by their parents, they may need more time to be ready for uncertainties in their relationship.

Let's talk about the female compatibility of this nakshatra. They might have to face some difficult situations when they have to be in a long-distance relationship with their partners. There may be professional reasons that might keep the female natives away from home.

The Impact of Rahu in Uttarashada Nakshatra

Rahu is the enemy of the Sun in Uttarashada nakshatra. This indicates that Rahu can be things that a person wants to achieve. A Rahu is an illusion or a foreign element, and in the case of Uttarashada nakshatra, it disrupts the functioning of the moon and the stars. In the case of Sagittarius, it is Jupiter, and in the case of Capricorn, it is Saturn. Desire to gain reputation and authority is prominent in Uttarashada nakshatra with Rahu. The Sagittarians would achieve this by using their knowledge and competitive spirit. When Rahu reaches the Capricorn portion, the desire for authority multiplies. With a strong will and determination, Capricorn would win over Rahu or gain authority.

The Impact of Ketu in Uttarashada Nakshatra

Ketu in the nakshatra of the enemy Sun brings separation and loss. The Sagittarius and the Capricorn would have already achieved authority and reputation. Due to Ketu, both zodiac signs will feel detached from materialistic things and would neither wish to be a boss nor live under someone’s authority. In the quarter of nakshatra, where a Sagittarian lies, a Ketu would be a person who is just moving with the flow and completing all the tasks assigned to him/her. And he doesn’t mind not getting appreciation or recognition for it. But when the Ketu reaches the second quarter, i.e. the Capricorn, the energy for authority multiplies. This is problematic as the Capricorns would be restless if they had to work under dominance or authority. They should better choose a field where they have to work for themselves. Otherwise, there are chances of disputes between a Capricorn and those in power and the law.

The Impact of Mercury in Uttarashada Nakshatra

Mercury is a friend of the Sun but indicates an enemy sign in the Sagittarius quarter with the rule of Jupiter and a friendly sign in the Capricorn quarter with the rule of Saturn. Hence, Mercury is powerful in the second to the fourth quarter of the nakshatra, where the Capricorn lies. Mercury makes business and communication prominent in the portion of the Capricorn. Capricorns’ thrive for recognition will push them into pursuing business, and they will interact a lot to be successful as a business person. At the same time, Sagittarius will continue sharing knowledge without any desires.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Pada

Padas or divisions of the nakshatra help predict the impact of the stars’ position with respect to the movement of the earth as it contains the moon. A nakshatra’s objective is derived using Padas. The first pada is Agni (fire) tattva, the second is Prithvi (earth) tattva, the third is Vayu (air) tattva, and the fourth is Jal (water) tattva.

Following is a description of how padas of the Uttarshada nakshatra establish the attributes of an individual born in it,

Uttarashada Nakshatra Pada 1:This pada is filled with innovation, creativity and smartness. People of this pada are very knowledgeable. With Sagittarius as their navamsa, they live a respectful life and have a reputation to maintain. At the same time, they help nature. They are born confident and have grown up with values given to them by their elders. With Jupiter as the ruling planet, their career is flourishing.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Pada 2:This pada is covered under the influence of the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Ketu. With Capricorn as their navamsa, people born in this pada are goal-oriented and very progressive. They like to plan things in advance so that they have a roadmap to reach their goals. With Jupiter as the ruling planet, they are very ambitious and strive for excellence.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Pada 3:This pada is influenced by worldly things. People born in this pada put their best foot forward to achieve all the luxuries of life. With Aquarius as their navamsa, they continuously gain knowledge to buy everything they wish. They are chances that they are inclined to travel and are fond of music. With Saturn as the ruling planet, they are lazy and want to get things without hard work. However, they choose to work to satisfy their greed.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Pada 4:With deep devotion in their heart, they tend to follow the path of spirituality. With Pisces as their navamsa, people who come under this pada try to acquire knowledge on spiritual concepts through books, travelling and discussions. They have no temptation towards the comforts of the world. They have strength and energy and believe that God is leading them to power. With Jupiter as the ruling planet, they are entrepreneurs in their heads and dream of working on their own terms.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Famous Personalities

  • Abraham Lincoln - Former US President
  • Deepak Chopda - Author
  • Napoleon Bonaparte - Ruler
  • Cat Stevens - Singer
  • John Lennon - Singer
  • Brad Pitt - Actor
  • Indira Gandhi - Former Prime Minister and Politician

Frequently Asked Questions

Uttarashada nakshatra brings wisdom and stability to the individuals who fall under it. It promises a life of happiness and prosperity.
Vishwadeva, the Sun of the universe, is the god or the lord of Uttarshada Nakshatra.
Capricorn is extended from the second to the fourth quarter of the nakshatra and is ruled by Saturn.
People born in Uttarshada nakshatra show themselves as solid and super-independent. They are strong, but deep inside, they crave dependency.
B and J are lucky letters for people who were born in Uttarashada nakshatra. Bhe, Bho, Ja, Jaa, Ji, Jee, Bha, Be, Bo are lucky sounds of letters for your Newborn baby.
Uttarashaada Nakshatra is committed to its goals. People born in this nakshatra have leadership skills and like innovations using traditional tools.