Revati Nakshatra - Ocean of Infinity

Revati nakshatra is the last and the 27th lunar station for the moon. It is considered an auspicious nakshatra for conducting poojas, planning trips, buying new clothes, marriage and conceiving a child. Revati comes from the word “Revat”, which means wealth. Therefore, it indicates that the people of this nakshatra are gifted with financial security. It has the symbol of a pair of fish and a drum. The fish represents learning and progress, while the drum marks a time alert and enthusiasm. The deity of Revati Nakshatra is “Pushan”, also known as “Surya”. It is a part of the sun in Revati nakshatra and illuminates supreme power, safety and prosperity. The ruling planet Mercury in Revati nakshatra brings knowledge and creativity. Revati nakshatra has “female” as its gender and possesses characteristics associated with it.

People are born in this nakshatra when the moon is placed between 16:40 to 30:00 degrees Pisces. You will get to know some interesting facts ahead, so keep reading about how revati nakshatra impacts the life of the people of its zodiac sign.

Overview of Revati Nakshatra Zodiac Sign

As already mentioned, Revati nakshatra Rasi or Zodiac sign, is Pisces. So let us read how a Pisces behaves under this nakshatra.

Pisces borns are extroverts and good with words. They strongly listen to their instincts and do things based on them. Their intuitions are mostly correct. They are creative and artistic. The natives have a social life and are popular among colleagues. Empathy is in their blood. They often go out of their way to help others and forget about their own situations to handle. They have great convincing power. They change their behaviour with people according to circumstances. History is a topic of interest for them. They are fond of books. They are not a secret keeper and can blurt it out at any moment. Friendly and free-spirited are the qualities that are prominent in Pisces. They are sensitive and might be get in trouble if their expectations are not fulfilled.

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Important Features Responsible for Revati Nakshatra Characteristics

Revati Nakshatra Lord planetMercury
Revati Nakshatra Diety or LordPushan ( god of safety and son of the Surya)
Revati Nakshatra Zodiac signPisces
Revati Nakshatra Degree Range16°40 to 30’ Pisces
Revati Nakshatra GenderFemale
Revati Nakshatra GunaSattva
Revati Nakshatra GanaDevta
Revati Nakshatra Tattva or ElementAakash
Revati Nakshatra YoniElephant
Revati Nakshatra Animal and BirdFemale Elephant and Kestrel
Revati Nakshatra Lucky ColorBrown
Revati Nakshatra Lucky Number5
Revati Nakshatra Lucky StoneEmerald (Panna stone)
Revati Nakshatra LettersC and D

Important Dates Of Revati Nakshatra for 2023

  • January 26, 2023, Thursday
  • February 23, 2023, Thursday
  • March 22, 2023, Wednesday
  • April 19, 2023, Wednesday
  • May 16, 2023, Tuesday
  • June 12, 2023, Monday
  • July 9, 2023, Sunday
  • August 6, 2023, Sunday
  • September 2 , 2023, Saturday
  • September 29, 2023, Friday
  • October 27, 2023, Friday
  • November 23, 2023, Thursday
  • December 20, 2023, Wednesday

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Revati Nakshatra Pada

In Vedic Astrology, each nakshatra has been divided into four padas. Each pada has its specific navamsa and the ruling planet that gives us better insights into people’s lives. Let us look at each pada of the Revati nakshatra.

1st pada: The natives of this pada have a likeable personality. Born in the Sagittarius navamsa, they are best at what they do. Their knowledge promises wealth. Hence, they are successful and wealthy. The Jupiter in Revati nakshatra is the ruler of this pada, which brings excellent judgement to this pada.

2nd pada: The natives of this pada put in a lot of effort to make all their wishes come true. Born in the Virgo navamsa, they are go-getters and achievers. The Saturn in Revati nakshatra is the ruler of this pada, which pushes them to work in a disciplined manner and pay attention to their guru, teacher or guide to reach success and balance life.

3rd pada: The natives of this pada are tempted towards spiritual wisdom. They use their ideas and creativity to help society. Born in the Aquarius navamsa, they will seek answers from the divine. The Saturn in Revati nakshatra is the ruler of the 3rd pada also and pushes the natives to solve other people’s problems.

4th pada: The natives of this pada have control over their emotions, but they often get carried away towards the illusion. Born in the Pisces Navamsa, they are a free soul, smart and reputed. The Mars in Revati Nakshatra is the ruler of the 4th pada, and the people find their interest in astrology, arts and philosophy.

Strengths and Weaknesses

It is interesting to note that the solar system influences each individual's characteristics. Let us look at the positive(strengths) and negative(weaknesses) personality traits of the revati nakshatra natives.


People born in Revati nakshatra are attractive, good-looking and sharp-minded and highly educated. They are very likeable. They are intelligent and put a lot of effort into their work. Helping nature is very prominent in the people of this nakshatra. They are polite and humble. They are spiritual and creative. Rahu in Revati nakshatra will lead the natives towards spiritual aspects more. They wish to help society by any means. They get angry when someone tries to convince them to do something that goes against their principles. They have a strong faith in god. They observe and participate in each associated ritual. They are partially orthodox and are often in a dilemma between their modern-day practical approach and traditional thoughts.


The natives of this nakshatra get incredibly mean when hurt or jealous. The Ketu in Revati nakshatra can make them obsessed with spiritual activities, especially when too many things go wrong simultaneously. They can get too indulged in helping others that they might forget to deal with their own problems. It can cause them trouble. They also get extremely disheartened when they do not get the same favour in return. They always tend to doubt others and fall victim to misunderstandings. They are never satisfied, and there is a lack of self-love. They are very sensitive and often lie to get their loved one’s attention. They are stubborn as a mule and, sometimes, get unpredictable.

Revati Nakshatra Male Characteristics

Physical features:

Revati nakshatra male natives have a fit bodies. They are fairly tall in height. They are good-looking and have a fair complexion. They are gifted with attractive physical features.

Personality and Characteristics:

Revati nakshatra male natives are pure souls and sincere. They are good at public dealing. They do not pay attention to others’ personal life until required. They are self-dependent individuals and get sad when they really need someone on lonely days. They are bad at keeping secrets. They do not trust anyone easily, even their family and friends. But when they do, they trust with full conviction. They are short-tempered and try to do things that align with their principles. They are religious and slightly orthodox. They are ambitious and get miserable even at small failures.


Revati nakshatra Career of the male natives is flourishing as they are highly educated and smart-headed. They have a strong will power that pushes them to work daily. But they do not choose work based on experience and this often makes them lose out on best opportunities. There are chances of ups and downs till the age of 42 and career stability is only guaranteed at 50 or after. Scientists, Astronomers, Researchers, Historians, government officials are the most suitable career fields for them.


Revati nakshatra wealth of the male natives tends to possess generational wealth. They are born rich. Although there will be a lot of difficulties in getting career stability despite being highly educated, they will never lose wealth or be short of money. However, they would refuse taking any kind of money from their parents.

Marriage life:

Revati nakshatra marriage life shows normal state. Their relationship with their wives is cordial. They get an adjusting life partner. They hardly have disputes and respect each other's decisions. Their wives don't have any complaints. The male natives’ relationship with their family won’t have any effect on their bond. To conclude, it can be said that they have a harmonious married life.


Revati nakshatra Compatibility of the males is zero with their family members. The male natives are mostly self-made and their ideologies do not match with that of their parents and siblings. The male natives and their wives share moderate compatibility and hardly have any problems between them. In terms of marriage, they will share the best compatibility with the natives of Ashwini nakshatra, Ardra nakshatra, Purva Phalguni nakshatra, Hasta nakshatra, and Anurada nakshatra.


The health of the male natives of this nakshatra is a thing to be concerned about. There are chances of frequent illnesses such as dysentry and fever. Acnes and pimples will bother them all their life. They would keep a close check on their eating habits. Power Yoga and a healthy lifestyle is recommended to this nakshatra.

Revati Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Physical features:

Revati nakshatra female natives are incredibly beautiful. They have a healthy and fit body with glowing skin. They can be easily noticed amongst a crowd because of their physically appealing personality.

Personality and Characteristics:

The female natives of this nakshatra are strong headed and gain authority over others at home as well as workplace. They have bright brains and are very smart. They are rigid in their thoughts and have been conditioned with orthodox ideologies. They are god-fearing and superstitious. Not everyone likes them but they hold an importance in every decision making. They are very particular about participating in every ritual related to their religion. It gives them peace and is like therapy to them. They work on instincts rather than hard facts and figures. They are meant to achieve big in life but their laziness may become a hindrance in their goals.They also fear taking challenges and this stops them from achieving big in life.


Revati nakshatra career life of the female natives is interesting to know. They have strong inclination towards arts and mathematics. They have good communication skills and might find professions that include public dealings. They can also go for political lines and administrative services. They are fond of reading books,so they can also prepare for civil services examinations. There are scopes of being a great diplomat. Other professions that they can go for are typists, bank works, company representatives, influencers and brand ambassadors.


The female natives bring good wealth to the family. They would have enough money to afford anything they wish to purchase. They have great careers and hence wealth comes in the package. They together with their parents generate wealth that helps their kids in future.

Marriage life:

Revati nakshatra Female marriage life tends to be pleasant. There are no chances of ups and downs or any sort of dispute in marriage. They might even marry the one they fell in love with for the first time. They would not have to look for a second chance or a second relationship. Their relationship will be filled with joy and faithfulness. The female natives and their husbands tend to live with harmony.


Revati nakshatra Compatibility of the female natives is great with their husbands. They would enjoy a good relationship with their parents , siblings and in-laws. They do not tend to react to things quickly and hence enjoy understanding. God has blessed them with compatibility and love. In terms of marriage, they will share the best compatibility with the natives of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra.


The health of the female natives has been observed to be fine. Unlike the male natives, they do not tend to suffer any serious ailments. They might have deformities in the leg that require medical attention. They should avoid accidents as they can hurt their ears. Apart from this, there will be abdominal issues on and off.

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Revati Nakshatra famous personalities

  1. Rabindra Nath Tagore: Rabindra Nath Tagore was a poet, writer, philosopher and social reformer. He had won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913 much before India got independence.
  2. Robyn Rihanna Fenty: Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a famous pop singer and businesswoman from Barbados. She is a famous public figure in Hollywood.
  3. Angelina Jolie: Anjelina Jolie is an American actress and social activist. She is also a former Special Envoy to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
  4. Jaya Bachchan: Jaya Bachchan is an Indian actress and politician. She is currently a member of the Parliament from the Samajwadi Party since 2004.
  5. Whitney Houston: Whitney Houston was an American Singer and actress. She has one of the best selling songs till date. She died on February 11, 2012.
  6. Maneka Gandhi: Maneka Gandhi is a politician and animal rights activist She is a member of Lok Sabha and widow of former politician Sanjay Gandhi.
  7. Pieter Willem Botha: Pieter Willem Botha was the last prime minister (1978 -1984) and the first executive state President of South Africa (1984-1989).

Different Planets In Revati Nakshatra

Let us have a look at the effects that different planets have when placed in Revati nakshatra. These are as follows:

  • Venus In Revati Nakshatra: Individuals having Venus in this nakshatra will come around to be very spiritually inclined. Moreover, the natives will not have good relations with their spouse as they will constantly be engaged in arguments and fights.
  • Jupiter In Revati Nakshatra: Jupiter in this nakshatra tends to make an individual possess wisdom. Moreover, the individuals also come around to possess great intuitive powers and abilities.
  • Rahu In Revati Nakshatra: The placement of rahu in this nakshatra tends to make an individual dreamy in nature. Moreover, the individual will also come around to be innovative in nature.
  • Mars In Revati Nakshatra: The natives having Mars in this nakshatra will come around to be very spiritually inclined in nature. Moreover, they will also be very knowledgeable and learned people.
  • Sun In Revati Nakshatra: The natives having Sun in this nakshatra will come around to be very artistic in nature. Moreover, they will also posses great creative abilities.
  • Moon In Revati Nakshatra: The natives having Moon in this nakshatra will come around to be very wealthy individuals. Moreover, the individuals will also incur great success and achievement in foreign land.
  • Mercury in Revati Nakshatra: The placement of Mercury in this nakshatra tends to make an individual quite knowledgeable individual. Moreover, they also possess good communication abilities and skills.
  • Saturn In Revati Nakshatra: Saturn in this nakshatra tends to make an individual love their private space. Moreover, the natives will come around to be a little isolated from society.
  • Ketu In Revati Nakshatra: The natives having Ketu in this nakshatra tend to come around as spiritually inclined individuals. Moreover, the individuals will also be good at mediation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Revati nakshatra cannot keep secrets for a long period of time. They tend to listen to inner voices rather than facts for making decisions.
People born in Revati nakshatra have “Pushan”, the son of Surya as their lord or deity. It illuminates wealth and prosperity to the people of Revati Nakshatra.
Revati rashi or zodiac sign is Pisces. People are born in this nakshatra when the moon is placed between 16:40 to 30:00 degrees Pisces.
People born in Revati nakshatra should visit “The Sri Karunaakakravalli Samedha Sri Kailasa Nather Temple is located in the village of Karukudi, near Thaathaiyaangar in Tamil Nadu, India, at least once in their lifetime. It has the energy of the sky that benefits Revati nakshatra. The natives should make offerings, offer flowers and perform Archana for a peaceful life.
Revati nakshatra is good for a person. It is considered an auspicious nakshatra as it brings wealth and is a great time to start an event, conducting poojas, planning trips, buying new clothes, marriage and conceiving a child.
Revati nakshatra's lucky letters are C and D, the lucky number is 5, the lucky colour is Brown and the lucky stone is Emerald (Panna Stone). If Revati nakshatra borns try to add these to their lives, it will be auspicious for them.
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