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Pushya Nakshatra - Nurturing Divine Potential

A nakshatra in English translates to ‘lunar mansion’. It is made up of a combination of 2 Hindi words- Naksha, meaning Map and Tara meaning Star; thus, the word Nakshatra forms the meaning of ‘Map of The Star.’ To put it in simple terms, they are constellations of stars. In Hindu Astrology, there are a total of 27 nakshatras. Pushya happens to be eighth out of them. Pushya is a Sanskrit word; in English, it means ‘The Nourisher’. Therefore, the meaning of Pushya Nakshatra in English literally translates to ‘The Nourishing Lunar Mansion’ or ‘The Nourishing Constellation’. The natives belong to the Zodiac Sign of Cancer with an Astrological Range between 93°20′ to 106°40′. As the name suggests, the one born in this Nakshatra will be huge-hearted and have a helping nature. Moreover, they will experience incredible joys and success in life. The natives of this Nakshatra are considered to be lucky. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi is one of the Gods born in Pushya Nakshatra. Having Saturn and Jupiter as the ruling planets tends to be in favour of the native. Keep reading through the blog to gain more knowledge about the Pushya Nakshatra, its auspicious dates, characteristics, careers, and love lives.

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Mythology Of Pushya Nakshatra

Disrespecting Brihaspati- Guru Of Devas

Brihaspati is known as the Guru of Devas. Because of his title as the Guru, a lot of devas visited him regarding their problems. Once Brihaspati had some critical work with Indra Dev, he reached DevLok to talk to Indra regarding this matter. However, Indra was in deep meditation and paid no attention to Brihaspati. This action of Indra was taken by Brihaspati as an act of disrespect. He then proceeds to abandon the Devlok.

This news reached the Rakshasas, and they found this as an opportunity of a lifetime. They knew without the Guru - Brihaspati, the Devas were weak and thus proceeded with war towards them. The fight happened, and initially, the rakshasas won. The Devtas, without their Guru's guidance, could not claim victory. Thus all the Devas altogether went to find Brihaspati. Upon seeing him, they urged him to return to the Devlok and take charge. Upon everyone's request, Brihaspati agreed to return to the Devlok. The Devas went to war against Rakshasas once again, and this time with the help of Guru, Brihaspati won.

Brihaspati, Chandra And Tara

The story goes as Brihaspati was paid a visit by Chandra Dev(Moon God). Chandra saw Brihaspati's wife Tara, and instantly admired her beauty. So Chandra proceeded to woo Tara with the help of black magic. Later, with Chandra, Tara eloped. When Brihaspati came to know about this, he instantly went to Chandra and demanded his wife back. But Chandra refused, and thus the situation got so bad that they were about to be at war. However, Brahma dev intervened and convinced Chandra to let Tara go with Brihaspati. However, Tara, by that time, was already pregnant by Chandra's child, who today is known as Budh. Brihaspati, upon learning this, was angered. But, on the other hand, as he was an illegitimate child, he never had a liking towards Chandra and thus always envied him. Moreover, seeing Budh's genius and kindness, Brihaspati proceeded to adopt him.

The two stories can claim different outcomes in the life of a person born in the Pushya Nakshatra. As the ruling planet for this nakshatra is Jupiter along with the Lord of Pushya nakshatra being Saturn, the native with a strong Pushya Nakshatra can display a disrespectful attitude toward their Gurus. This is the outcome according to the first story. However, according to the second story, the natives can experience a bittersweet relationship with their spouses. There are also chances of separation or divorce due to the indulgence of a third party.

Important Aspects Of The Pushya Nakshatra

Some important aspects of the Pushya Nakshatra includes:-

  • Pushya Nakshatra Deity - Brihaspati
  • Pushya nakshatra Symbol - Teat of Cow, Arrow and Wheel
  • Pushya nakshatra Zodiac Sign - Cancer
  • Pushya nakshatra Lord Planet - Saturn
  • Pushya nakshatra Gana - Deva
  • Pushya nakshatra Guna - Rajas/ sattva/ tamas
  • Pushya nakshatra Animal - Goat
  • Pushya Nakshatra Preferred Direction - East
  • Pushya nakshatra Lucky Stone - Blue Sapphire
  • Pushya nakshatra Lucky Colour - Red
  • Pushya nakshatra Lucky Number - 8
  • Pushya nakshatra Lucky Letter - H and D
  • Pushyami nakshatra Tree - Peepal
  • Pushya nakshatra Dosha - Pitta
  • Pushyami nakshatra Element - Water
  • Pushyami nakshatra Body Parashara - Lips
  • Pushyami Nakshatra Rasi - Kark Rasi

Important Dates Of Pushya Nakshatra 2023

  • Sunday, 08 January 2023
  • Sunday, 05 February 2023
  • Saturday, 04 March 2023
  • Friday, 31 March 2023
  • Friday, 28 April 2023
  • Thursday, 25 May 2023
  • Wednesday, 21 June 2023
  • Wednesday, 19 July 2023
  • Monday, 11 September 2023
  • Sunday, 08 October 2023
  • Sunday, 05 November 2023
  • Saturday, 02 December 2023
  • Friday, 29 December 2023

Pushya Nakshatra Pada

The Pushya Nakshatra, just like all the other 26 Nakshatras, is divided into 4 Padas. These Padas are divided based on the moon's position during a specific time period. They also provide an insight into the life of the native, telling us about the characteristics and all the prominent aspects of a native's life. Let us look at the 4 padas of the Pushya Nakshatra.

1st Pada-Leo Navamsa, the natives tend to be Kind and giving. They are best known for their philanthropic work. However, in their personal lives, they tend to be lonely and are prone to depression. Having the Sun as the Ruling Planet of this Pada, the natives tend to be attractive and love to be the centre of attention. By being a Leo, the natives also possess qualities of achieving anything they desire, having supportive parents, they will also attract wealth towards themselves.

2nd Pada-Virgo Navamsa, the natives are pretty caring and highly sensitive. Moreover, they also have a very forgiving nature. Moreover, as Mercury is the ruling planet for this Nakshatra, the natives are blessed with analytical skills and intelligence; they also have a constant urge to learn new skills. Moreover, by being a Virgo, the natives tend to be Hardworking, materialistic and attractive.

3rd Pada-Libra Navamsa, the natives, are spontaneous and quite Lovable. Moreover, they will act as a human magnet as the native tends to attract people towards them. The ruling planet is Venus in Pushya Nakshatra ; Thus, the natives tend to be peaceful in nature and are highly cautious about their looks and how people perceive them. By being a Libra, the natives will have a natural inclination towards luxurious items and also would love their comfort.

4th Pada-Scorpio Navamsa, the natives tend to be exceptionally social and will also be someone people would easily trust. However, they will also be quite aggressive in nature. The ruling planet for this pada is Mars; thus, the natives tend to be dominant in their relationships and will have a deep desire for sexual pleasure. In addition, by being a Scorpio, the natives may experience difficulties in gaining education, and health problems will also be a point of concern for the native.

Pushya Nakshatra Characteristics : Male Natives

Physical Appearance

In the case of the Pushya Nakshatra characteristics males will be well-built. They will have fair complexion and will also have a distinct mark on their body. This mark can be a birthmark like a scar, but in some cases can also be a different and distinctive mole.


The natives will have promising careers. Success is guaranteed, but it will be late. In the initial stages of the Native's career, they will overtake a lot of work in the desire to prove themselves. Unable to handle the pressure, the Native will experience failure. Thus, he will struggle in the initial years. But slowly and steadily, they will get better and better and finally accomplish their goal. As success follows the Native, money too well. Thus, for the natives of Pushya Nakshatra career will be good and successful.

Personality And Behaviour

The Native tends to be aggressive at times. If things are not going his way, outbursts of aggression are displayed by the natives. Moreover, the natives will have a deep sense of justice. He will also be of dominating nature and will be the head of the family. The Native will have ill qualities of selfishness and also hypocrite behaviour. If we talk about family, the natives will portray a compassionate yet logical approach towards their family. Being emotional will also be a prominent characteristic of the Native. Adding to this, the Native will find it hard to trust people and also be more comfortable and at their best if left alone: thus, they will prefer their own company over anyone else's

Family, Love And Marriage

The Native will have good relations with his family; however, in the later phase of life, he will drift away from his family. The reason for this can be the Native's aggressive behaviour. On the other hand, he will have good relations with his friends. As the Native does not tend to trust a lot of people. He will choose his friends wisely, and they will be his escape from the world and his biggest supporters. The relations with relatives will also be very beneficial for the Native, and he is likely to inherit wealth and property from them.

Regarding Pushya Nakshatra marriage compatibility, the natives will have a great bond with their spouses. So the Pushya Nakshatra male marriage life will be fulfilling, and he will profoundly love his spouse and child/ children. The Pushya Nakshatra marriage age most suited for the male native is after 30 Years.


In terms of health, the natives will enjoy a healthy and content life. This will happen after he passes the mark of age 15. Before that, there are chances of the natives facing problems regarding health, but they will not be severe.

Pushyami Nakshatra Characteristics : Female Native

Physical Appearance

The Pushya Nakshatra Female Characteristics will include her being of Wheatish complexion. An average height will be the main characteristic. The women will naturally be inclined towards dressing up as they will always love to be presentable and at their best. She will also have a well-balanced body; this is likely because she maintains and is cautious about her diet.


Like most women today, the Pushya nakshatra female will be independent. She has a high chance of succeeding in her career in any field she is in. Most of her money will come from land resources and will also be spent on that. The most suited profession for the native is to be in the real estate department because the placement of certain planets, land and luck go hand in hand for her.

Personality And Behaviour

The native will pose utmost importance to her health and diet. She is blessed with an attractive personality and also physical appearance. Also, she is soft-spoken and believes in old morals and values. Respecting her elders is one of them. However, no matter how sweet and lively she is, there is a high chance of her facing ill-treatment from her peers.

Family, Love And Marriage

As good as her career is, her family and personal life will not be the same. The native will experience a hard time with her family. Moreover, the issues will continue all throughout her life. The main reason for this is that she prioritises her work over family. The Pushya Nakshatra Female marriage life will be filled with ups and downs. A compatible partner is all she desires, but her inability to speak up for herself and not being able to express her thoughts will refrain her from getting the man of her dreams. Moreover, the female of Pushya nakshatra marriage life will involve arguments with her husband, suspecting her of cheating on him with someone in her work field. The Pushya Nakshatra marriage age most appropriate for the female native is after the age of 24.


Similar to the case of the male native of the Pushya Nakshatra, the female native will also experience minor illness before her 20s. However, after that age, she will not have any issues regarding health and will enjoy all the bliss life has to offer.

Different Planets in Pushya Nakshatra

Mentioned below are the effects that different planets have when placed in Pushya nakshatra. The placement of these planets tend to affect the individual’s life tremendously. These effects are as follows:

Venus in Pushya Nakshatra: The placement of Venus in this nakshatra tends to make an individual quite selfless when it comes to loving someone. Moreover, the individuals also come around to be very emotional in nature.

Jupiter in Pushya Nakshatra: The placement of Jupiter in their nakshatra tends to make an individual quite compassionate in nature. Moreover, the individuals also come around to be very lucky and generous.

Rahu in Pushya Nakshatra: Rahu in Pushya nakshatra tends to make an individual a family oriented person. However, this can lead to the individual having struggles in their career in order to keep their family happy.

Mars in Pushya Nakshatra: Mars in Pushya nakshatra tends to make an individual quite aggressive in nature. Moreover, the individual also comes around to be diplomatic in nature along with being stubborn.

Sun in Pushya Nakshatra: Having Sun in this nakshatra tends to make an individual be an authoritative figure. Moreover, the natives also come around to be very wealthy.

Moon in Pushya Nakshatra: the placement of the Moon in Pushya nakshatra makes an individual a learned individual. Moreover, the natives also come around to be very good at communicating and are excellent speakers.

Mercury in Pushya Nakshatra: the placement of Mercury in this nakshatra tends to make an individual quite intelligent. Moreover, the natives also come around to be knowledgeable individuals.

Saturn in Pushya Nakshatra: The placement of Saturn in thai nakshatra tends to make the native quite law-abiding individuals. Moreover, they also tend to be very orderly in anything and everything they do.

Ketu in Pushya Nakshatra: Ketu in this nakshatra turn to make an individual face ejection and resentment from their family. Moreover, the natives will also not be able to see motherly love or affection in their life.

Celebrities Born In Pushya Nakshatra

Some international celebrities and famous people born in this nakshatra include:

  • Vivian Richards
  • Nancy Reagan

Some indian celebrities born in Pushya Nakshatra include:

  • Raj Kapoor
  • Lata Mangeshkar
  • Madhuri Dixit

Frequently Asked Questions

Pushya Nakshatra is considered to be not that good in terms of Marriage.
The Pushya Nakshatra compatibility matches most with the Ashwini Nakshatra.
It is believed that Goddess Laxmi is the God to be born in Pushya Nakshatra.
The Pushya nakshatra Rashi tends to be the Cancer rashi.
Pushya nakshatra is termed to be the most auspicious and favourable nakshatra according to ancient texts. Moreover, the natives of thai nakshatra are blessed with wealth, health and also ample prosperity. The names for the natives of Pushya nakshatra are as follows: Humpreet,Humshika and Humsiha
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