Purvashada Nakshatra: An Overview

Purvashada Nakshatra is the 20th lunar station for the moon. Known as the “Jal Nakshatra” and the “invisible star”, it brings a fighting spirit and a never give-up attitude to the natives. The word “Purvashada” means “one who cannot be defeated”. Venus - the planetary lord, and Apas (goddess of sacred waters) - the deity, bring beauty and optimism.

Moreover, Purva Ashdha Nakshatra is associated with female characteristics, including progress, continuity, courage and positivity. It illuminates a guiding light in the people to spread knowledge and awareness. Purvashada Nakshatra is also known as Pooradam Nakshatra.

Essential Dates For Purvashada Nakshatra In 2024

Some important dates in 2024 for the natives of Poorvashada Nakshatra are as follows.

DateStart TimeEnd Time
Wednesday, 10 January 202407:42 PM, Jan 1005:37 PM, Jan 11
Wednesday, 7 February 202406:29 AM, Feb 0704:34 AM, Feb 08
Tuesday, 5 March 202404:03 PM, Mar 0502:50 PM, Mar 06
Monday, 1 April 202411:12 PM, Apr 0110:49 PM, Apr 02
Monday, 29 April 202404:49 AM, Apr 2904:42 AM, Apr 30
Sunday, 26 May 202410:36 AM, May 2610:13 AM, May 27
Saturday, 22 June 202405:54 PM, Jun 2205:03 PM, Jun 23
Saturday, 20 July 202402:55 AM, Jul 2001:49 AM, Jul 21
Friday, 16 August 202412:44 PM, Aug 1611:49 AM, Aug 17
Thursday, 12 September 202409:53 PM, Sep 1209:35 PM, Sep 13
Thursday, 10 October 202405:15 AM, Oct 1005:41 AM, Oct 11
Wednesday, 6 November 202411:00 AM, Nov 0611:47 AM, Nov 07
Tuesday, 3 December 202404:42 PM, Dec 0305:15 PM, Dec 04
Monday, 30 December 202411:57 PM, Dec 3012:03 AM, Jan 01

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Essential Aspects Responsible For Purvashada Nakshatra Characteristics

Some important aspects of the Purvashada Nakshatra include:-

Purvashada Nakshatra Lord planetVenus
Purvashada Nakshatra Zodiac SignSagittarius
Purvashada Nakshatra GenderFemale
Purvashada Nakshatra SymbolElephant’s tusk, fan/winnowing machine that separates grains from the husk
Purvashada Nakshatra LordApas (Goddess of sacred waters)
Purvashada Nakshatra GanaManushya
Purvashada Nakshatra GunaRajas
Purvashada Nakshatra Lucky LetterB and G
Purvashada Nakshatra Lucky StoneDiamond
Purvashada Nakshatra Lucky ColourBlack
Purvashada Nakshatra Lucky Number6
Purvashada Nakshatra ElementVaayu
Purvashada Nakshatra Animal and BirdMale Monkey and Shuka (Parrot)

Purvashada Nakshatra Rasi or Zodiac Sign

We often think of Poorvashada Nakshatra which rashi? People are born in this Nakshatra when the moon's position is between 13:20 – 26:40 in the Sagittarius Nakshatra. Purvashada Nakshatra rasi, or Zodiac Sign, as already mentioned, is Sagittarius. They differ from the Sagittarius people who fall in Moola and Uttarashada Nakshatras.

They are unstoppable individuals. They are brave and never fear taking up challenges. They can adapt to situations and are flexible. Sagittarius is also known as a sign of believing in supreme power. Pooradam nakshatra in english is Purva Ashadha Nakshatra.

Purvashada Nakshatra Male Characteristics

Here are detailed characteristics and overall behaviour of Male natives of Purvashada Nakshatra:

Physical features

Purvashada Nakshatra male natives have lean bodies. They are tall in height. They have beautiful and clean teeth. They also have long ears and arms. They have intense, beautiful eyes and narrow waists to add to their charming appearance.

Personality and Characteristics

Purvashada Nakshatra male natives are extremely confident individuals. They are good advisers, but they don’t like getting pieces of advice. They have strong opinions and do not change them at any cost. They are dominating and argumentative.

They have high intellect and sharp minds and consider themselves better than their peers. They decide things on instinct and do not consider facts. They show off their courage and bravery, but they hide behind their fears when the time comes. They are impulsive and make decisions without considering the pros and cons.


Purvashada Nakshatra Career of the male natives is smooth. They find success in any profession they choose. They have good chances of being a successful doctor. The business line is a risky career field as they would not be able to get a trustworthy team.

Other Professions that they can successfully pursue include lawyers, teachers, writers, sailors, traders, travel, and film directors.


Purvashada Nakshatra wealth of the male natives tends to be sufficient. They are likely to accumulate wealth after the age of 50. Their bank balance will benefit their children. They will be able to give a high standard of life to their families.

Marriage life

Poorvashada Nakshatra married life shows good signs. The male natives of this Nakshatra tend to marry late. They enjoy their bachelor life for a long period of time. After marriage, their relationship with their wives is cordial.

If they have a housewife, they are lovable and decent. They do not put any effort towards each other. They tend to go with the flow. Their love for each other only grows with time. To conclude, it can be said that they have a happy married life.


Purvashada Nakshatra compatibility is not that great with their parents. They tend to have a respectful relationship with them. However, they are more attached to their in-laws. They share a great bond with their siblings.

The male natives and their wives share a friendly bond, and love and understanding take time. In terms of marriage, they will be most compatible with the natives of Revati Nakshatra.


The health of the male natives of this Nakshatra will be good. There will be just some minor cold, cough, or injury. Although they will look healthy and will hardly have to visit a doctor, they will be tense from the inside.

They would think they are unhealthy. In the latter half of their lives, there are chances that they will suffer an incurable disease. But they would never compromise their work performance because of it.

Purvashada Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Here are detailed characteristics and overall behaviour of Female natives of Purvashada Nakshatra:

Physical features

Purvashada Nakshatra female natives are unbelievably gorgeous. They have brown hair and fair complexions. They have lean bodies and long, attractive noses. Their beautiful eyes and elegant looks catch males’ attention quickly.

Personality and Characteristics

The female natives of this Nakshatra are full of energy and are ready to take up any challenge and win it. They are smart and have high intelligence. They are extremely ambitious and work in the top positions in any organisation. They are highly qualified and have achieved academic awards.

They are logical and analyse the pros and cons of a situation before deciding on something. They stand for the right and are never afraid to speak about it, whether someone likes it or not. They are fond of animals. They make plans and promises but fail to complete them. They have strong willpower and speak the truth.


It is interesting to know about the Purvashada Nakshatra career life of female natives. They belong to the category of students who are smart and intelligent in school. They are highly qualified and tend to have reputed careers.

In their early 20s, they would wish to travel and visit pilgrimages to seek spiritual connection. Once they are back, they will be highly competitive in any field and will be selected above others. Since they are academically inclined and well-read, teachers, college professors, investment bankers, and IAS officers are the career fields they go for.


The female natives bring decent wealth to the family. They have enough money to afford anything they wish to own. They have reputed careers, and some do not realise if they bring excess wealth home. Their family members are satisfied with the contribution of the female natives of this Nakshatra in terms of wealth.

Marriage life

Purvashada Nakshatra Female marriage life is absolutely great. If they choose to be housewives, they will manage their houses well. However, if they are working, their partners would equally share the load at home. Purvashada Nakshatra love life will be intense or include love only after a certain age. The female natives and their husbands would take their own sweet time to understand each other.


Purvashada Nakshatra compatibility with female natives is unique. They are not close to their families as they usually stay away from their homes either for studies or work.

However, they are happy with their husbands and in-laws. Their compatibility, love, and understanding improve with time. In terms of marriage, they will share the best compatibility with the natives of Revati Nakshatra.


The health of the female natives has been observed to be fine. Similar to the male natives, they tend to look healthy but feel unhealthy on the inside. They also have a chance of suffering an incurable disease after 40. Apart from this, they may have issues with the uterus and the thighs.

Purvashada Nakshatra Pada

In Vedic Astrology, each Nakshatra is divided into four padas to help us understand and gain better insights into people’s lives. Let us look at each pada of the Purvashada Nakshatra.

Purvashada Nakshatra Pada 1

The natives of this pada walk with pride on their shoulders. Born in the Leo navamsa, they immensely love themselves for their achievements. They want to be the centre of attention, so they make great efforts to be recognised. The Sun in Purvashada Nakshatra is the ruler of this pada, which gives the natives confidence and belief.

Purvashada Nakshatra Pada 2

The natives of this pada have been told that they will only attain financial success and top-level positions if they work hard. Born in the Virgo navamsa, the focus has been on the professional front. The mercury in Purvashada Nakshatra is the ruler of this pada, pushing the natives to attain security.

Purvashada Nakshatra Pada 3

The natives of this pada are gifted with luxury and comfort. They have generational wealth, and they work and add to it. Born in the Libra navamsa, they will enjoy the benefits of being financially strong. The Venus in Purvashada Nakshatra is the ruler of the Nakshatra and has showered the people of this pada with positive energy and money.

Purvashada Nakshatra Pada 4

The natives of this pada are involved in mystical activities and are believed to have attained spiritual wisdom. Born in the Scorpio Navamsa, they appear suspicious, mysterious, and secretive. The Mars in Purvashada Nakshatra is the ruler of the Nakshatra, which makes the people of this pada sure and aware of themselves.

Different Planets In Purvashada Nakshatra

Let us have a look at the effects that different planets have when placed in Purvashada Nakshatra. These are as follows:

  • Venus in Purvashada Nakshatra tends to make an individual a very intellectual and knowledgeable person. Along with this, the natives are also known to be very good speakers.
  • Jupiter in Purvashada Nakshatra tends to make an individual very intelligent. They are known to be the best advisors any person could go to in times of trouble.
  • Rahu in Purvashada Nakshatra tends to make the natives come around as highly unsatisfied beings. The natives will always want more and will never be happy or satisfied with what they already have.
  • Mars in Purvashada Nakshatra tends to make an individual very caring in nature. Moreover, the individuals also come around to have a nurturing nature for the people they care for.
  • Sun in Purvashada Nakshatra tends to make an individual come around to be a little egoistic and aggressive in nature.
  • Moon in Purvashada Nakshatra makes the natives come around as highly creative and artistic beings.
  • Mercury in Purvashada Nakshatra tends to make the individuals very good advisors. People will turn towards the natives in order to seek advice from them in terms of any and every matter of concern.
  • Saturn in Purvashada Nakshatra tends to make individuals very hard-working. The natives will achieve everything based on their hard-working attitude.
  • Ketu in Purvashada Nakshatra tends to make an individual have a keen interest in research-based projects. The natives will love to do research and might even take this up as their career.

Purvashada Nakshatra Famous Personalities

Mentioned below are some famous personalities born under Purvashada Nakshatra. Let us have a look at them:

  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Mel Gibson
  3. Ernest Hemingway
  4. Dustin Hoffman
  5. Aishwarya Rai
  6. Karishma Kapoor
  7. John Major

Strengths and Weaknesses People born in Purvashada Nakshatra

Every individual has strengths and weaknesses in personality traits. It is interesting to note that this also happens under the influence of the heavenly bodies.


People born in Purvashada Nakshatra are attractive and good-looking. Other people often can’t take their eyes off them. They are sharp-minded. Everybody likes them. They are intelligent and put a lot of effort into their work.

They sometimes handle multiple tasks at once in times of need. Their patience, hard work, and sincerity make them valuable employees. They are polite and humble. They are not fond of junk food and costly dishes from big restaurants.

Instead, they enjoy healthy meals at home. They are truthful and truth seekers. They are artistic in nature. They tend to create things through painting, pottery, etc. They believe in simple living.

However, Rahu in Purvashada Nakshatra will lead towards higher education, especially in spiritual aspects. They can adapt to situations and are never irritable. Their works and contributions make them influential figures. People tend to get inspired by their deeds. They are good managers, professionally and personally. They are trustworthy and supportive. They never shy away from courageous decisions.


The natives of this Nakshatra are incredibly proud of themselves that they are never ready to listen to anyone’s advice. The Ketu in Purvashada Nakshatra can make them obsessed with attaining higher knowledge. They can get too indulged in seeking psychic knowledge or mystical information, which is not a good sign. They are loud when angry. They are strong-headed and rigid.

Sometimes, it gets difficult to change their opinion. They are authoritative and egoistic, and they often behave immaturely. They think very highly of themselves and have a superiority complex. They are restless when they have to settle for less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, people born in the fourth pada of the Purvashada Nakshatra tend to cut off from the world and secretly seek answers using spiritual or mystical activities.
People born in Purvashada Nakshatra have Apah or Apas as their goddess. She is also known as the Goddess of heavenly Waters. It brings a never-give-up attitude and go-with-the-flow attitude to the natives of the Purvashada Nakshatra.
Purvashada Nakshatrarashi, or Zodiac Sign, is Sagittarius. People are born in this Nakshatra when the moon's position is between 13:20 – 26:40 in the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.
People born in Purvashada Nakshatrashould visit “The Akshayapureeswarar Temple” located in Kaduveli village, near Tiruvaiyaru in Tamil Nadu, India, at least once in their lifetime. It has the energy of light that benefits Purvashada Nakshatra. The natives should make offerings, offer flowers and perform archana for a peaceful life.
Purvashada Nakshatra is good for a person. A person born in Purvashada Nakshatra is gifted with intelligence, determination, fighting spirit and good looks.
Purvashada Nakshatra lucky letters are B and G, the lucky number is 6, the lucky colour is Black, and the lucky stone is Diamond. If Purvashada Nakshatra uses these in their life, it will be auspicious for them.
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