Krittika Nakshatra Meaning

Krittika (कृत्तिका ) Nakshatra is the third lunar station for the moon. It is a cluster of seven stars symbolising a knife, so it is no wonder the literal meaning of Krritika is “The Cutters.” The lord planet for this nakshatra is the Sun (Surya), and the ruling deity is Agni, the god of fire.

Also, people are born in the Krittika Nakshatra zodiac sign Aries and Taurus. They are born when the position of the moon is 26°40′ to 30°00′ in Aries and 30°00′ to 40°00′ in Taurus. So, if you are interested in knowing more about Krittika Nakshatra in english, scroll down.

Dates for Krittika Nakshatra 2024

Here are the important dates of Krittika Nakshatra in 2024.

DateStart TimeEnd Time
Saturday, 20 January 202402:51 AM, Jan 2003:05 AM, Jan 21
Friday, 16 February 202408:48 AM, Feb 1608:43 AM, Feb 17
Thursday, 14 March 202404:58 PM, Mar 1404:05 PM, Mar 15
Thursday, 11 April 202403:08 AM, Apr 1101:35 AM, Apr 12
Wednesday, 8 May 202401:36 PM, May 0811:50 AM, May 09
Tuesday, 4 June 202410:39 PM, Jun 0409:11 PM, Jun 05
Tuesday, 2 July 202405:30 AM, Jul 0204:37 AM, Jul 03
Monday, 29 July 202410:59 AM, Jul 2910:21 AM, Jul 30
Sunday, 25 August 202404:48 PM, Aug 2503:52 PM, Aug 26
Sunday, 22 September 202412:37 AM, Sep 2211:00 PM, Sep 22
Saturday, 19 October 202410:48 AM, Oct 1908:30 AM, Oct 20
Friday, 15 November 202409:58 PM, Nov 1507:25 PM, Nov 16
Friday, 13 December 202407:53 AM, Dec 1305:45 AM, Dec 14

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Features of Krittika Nakshatra

Here are the detailed features of Krittika Nakshatra. Each factor symbolises different features.

Krittika Nakshatra AspectFeatures
Krittika Nakshatra Lord PlanetSun
Krittika Nakshatra SymbolA sharp Object
Krittika Nakshatra LordLord Agni, God of Fire and Lord Muruga (Kartikeya)
Krittika Nakshatra Rashi or NavamsaSagittarius
Krittika Nakshatra zodiac signAries and Taurus
Krittika Nakshatra Lucky StoneRuby
Krittika Nakshatra Lucky Number1 and 3
Krittika Nakshatra Animal and BirdFemale Sheep and Peacock
Krittika Nakshatra TreeFig
Krittika Nakshatra GanaRakshasa (Demon)
Krittika Nakshatra Lucky ColourWhite
Krittika Nakshatra NatureThe Sharp and Soft

The Zodiac Sign of Krittika Nakshatra

In astrology, the Krittika nakshatra is divided into four quarters. The first quarter falls in the zodiac sign of Aries, while the remaining three quarters fall in Taurus, as long as the moon is present in the sky. Also, if you’ve been thinking about krittika nakshatra which rashi. The Krittika Nakshatra is associated with two Rashi, Aries and Taurus.

Well, the fiery Aries are born leaders with a sharp and analytical mindset that sets them apart. Due to their bold and energetic nature, they are confident individuals with a high competitive spirit. They try to be in the first position in every activity. They are fearless and can get through any challenges on their own, which makes them independent individuals.

On the other hand, Taurus-born children are cheerful and full of life. They are jolly and kind-hearted individuals. Every people around them likes their company, and there’s never a dull moment with them. They are well-disciplined and highly obedient individuals. They are loyal and reliable friends and life partners.

Krittika Nakshatra Characteristics Male

These are some of the krittika nakshatra characteristics of males. We’ve mentioned its different aspects, including health, love, relationships, and marriage of krittika nakshatra male.


The krithika nakshatra characteristics and personality of male natives are that they are knowledgeable but do not have a long-term goal. They only stay in a particular profession briefly and quickly get bored. Moreover, they are good advisors and help people find easy solutions, but they need clarity in their lives. They prefer to act according to their own will and avoid taking advice from others, even when they are making a mistake.

Love and Marriage

The Krittika male nakshatra natives and their wives are lucky for each other. They put in equal effort to maintain the spark in their relationship. However, sometimes, these natives indulge in their work lives so much that they might end up facing divorce or separation.

Moreover, the Krittika Nakshatra marriage life will see many ups and downs, but the love between them will never fade. Regarding a life partner, Krittika nakshatra compatibility is seen strongly with Jyeshta nakshatra natives if they are looking for long-term relationships.


Krittika Nakshatra career for males would not be stable as they have the tendency to switch jobs more frequently. They keep jumping from one profession to another due to boredom. But they are never out of money as they know how to manage finances well.

Moreover, they put in a lot of effort and hard work if they desperately need a job in their preferred domain. Jobs in the government sector, doctors, and engineers are the most probable careers for the male natives of this nakshatra.


The male natives of the Krittika nakshatra are carefree and do not pay attention to their health. They do not monitor their eating habits and thus always consume junk foods. They are not limited to screen time, which causes them to suffer from severe headaches more often. They must keep an eye on their eating habits and other activities, which can help them sharpen their weak eyesight and obesity.

Krittika Nakshatra Characteristics Female

Here is a list of characteristics that best define females with Krittika Nakshatra. Additionally, we have provided insights into their love life, marriage, career, and health.


The first and foremost Krittika Nakshatra female characteristics are that they are very sensitive and hold on to a lot of emotions. They must practise reducing the intensity of their emotions as people can exploit them and take advantage of their situation.

If we have to talk about the physical appearance that shapes their personality, they have lean bodies, beautiful features and flawless skin.

Love Life and Marriage

The Krittika Nakshatra marriage life for females does not seem happy and joyful. Their relationships lack love, affection, and care, which can weaken their bond with their partner. Also, if you’re looking for a suitable Krittika Nakshatra marriage age, then it can probably be between the age of 35 and 37.

However, in some cases, in terms of Krittika Nakshatra love life, natives also get separated and divorced due to a lack of understanding and satisfaction in their married lives. Also, in Krittika Nakshatra female marriage life, they do not share good family dynamics, which makes them incompatible with family members and relatives.


Only a few of the Krittika Nakshatra female natives are highly educated. Whether in their professional or personal lives, they fulfil all their duties with perfection. They also tend to be experts in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, and other local industries.

However, if females are born in the first quarter of the Krittika nakshatra in the presence of the moon, they become intellectual and knowledgeable. Also, females like them can make a huge contribution to society by being part of administrative services, doctors, engineers, and teachers.


The health of the female natives is adversely affected due to excessive workload and mental stress. They are always seen taking too much stress, which directly impacts their mental health, making them physically and mentally exhausted.

They should also keep their health updated, as symptoms of Glandular tuberculosis can arise, worsening their overall health. Taking care of their eating habits and daily routine can improve their symptoms and keep them fit and healthy.

Krittika Nakshatra: Characteristics

Here are some of the unique characteristics and traits of Krittika Nakshatra that make them different from other individuals.

  • Kritikka Nakshatra individuals are carefree, jolly and warm-hearted.
  • They are clever and sharp-minded and observe the situation before making any decisions.
  • They do not like to work under pressure, which makes them frequently jump from one task to another.
  • They are independent and live their life on their own terms.
  • They have a huge social circle due to their frank and open communication skills.
  • They can’t tolerate if things are not done their way, and thus they always seek perfection in all that they do.
  • Individuals born under Krittika Nakshatra have a spiritual inclination and often seek answers to their inner questions through spiritual practices.
  • While in a conversation or argument, they always seek logical answers that can make them believe in the situation.
  • They are great at problem-solving and dealing with rumours that are not true.
  • They are not someone who can easily adapt to situations and new places.

Krittika Nakshatra Pada

According to Vedic astrology, each nakshatra is divided into four padas based on the location of the moon when an individual is born. The pada in which a person is born is attributed to its specific traits. Let us look at the four padas for Krittika Nakshatra.

Krittika Nakshatra Pada 1

People born in 1st pada are extremely family-oriented and prioritise social connections. For individuals with Krittika Nakshatra, the planets Sun, Mars, Ketu, and Jupiter are powerful. Under the rule of Sagittarius Navamsa, Krittika nakshatra natives are provided with willpower, stamina, and strength. Individuals are considered to be born under this pada when the moon is positioned between 26:40 degrees Aries and 0:00 degrees Taurus.

Krittika Nakshtra Pada 2

People born in this pada are calm, composed, and blessed with a balanced mind. These people fall under Capricorn Navamsa, who are punctual and have an organised working approach. The influence of the ruling planet Saturn, they believe in maintaining a stable work ethic that allows them to earn good material gains.

Also, they are very tempted towards worldly pleasures, and this may get them into risky situations. Lastly, people take birth in this pada when the position of the moon is between 0:00 and 3:20 degrees Taurus.

Krittika Nakshatra Pada 3

Krittika Nakshatra Pada 3 are Aquarius Navamsa natives ruled by Saturn. Natives born in this pada value social work and providing shelter for underprivileged people. They have a natural tendency towards philanthropy and spreading kindness. They are socially active but may have a short temper and struggle with impatience and intolerance. So, when the moon's position is between 3:20 and 6:40 degrees Taurus, these individuals are born.

Krritika Nakshatra Pada 4

When the moon's position is between 6:40 and 10:00 degrees Taurus, individuals of Krittika Nakshatra take birth. They fall under Pisces Navamsa natives and are ruled by Jupiter. These natives are compassionate to the people around them, which is admired and appreciated by people. Theses traits make them earn respect and reputation in society. Also, they might seem materialistic all the time, but deep down, they have religious and spiritual desires as well.

Different Planets In Krittika Nakshatra

The positioning of planets can greatly influence individuals' lives. Let us examine the effects that different planets have when placed in Krittika nakshatra.

  • Venus In Krittika Nakshatra tends to make an individual romantic. These individuals also possess a fine eye for the arts, which makes them quite creative.
  • Jupiter In the Krittika Nakshatra makes an individual quite spiritually inclined, enabling them to be at peace with their mind and soul.
  • Rahu in the Krittika Nakshatra causes the natives to possess a destructive attitude towards life. This can create many challenges and unexpected situations in individuals' lives.
  • Individuals with Mars in Krittika Nakshatra tend to have a strong sense of independence. Additionally, they may have intense sexual desires.
  • The Sun In Krittika Nakshatra makes an individual aggressive and short-tempered. However, they indulge in various spiritual activities to control their anger.
  • The Moon In Krittika Nakshatra makes individuals quite romantic. In addition, these individuals tend to develop a peaceful and composed state of mind.
  • Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra makes natives knowledgeable, sharp-minded, and clever. These traits help them earn fame and success in life.
  • When Saturn is placed in Krittika Nakshatra, it can lead to an individual having an impatient nature. Also, they may not share a strong bond with their father.
  • Ketu In Krittika Nakshatra makes individuals quite down to earth and stable in life. They always desire to live a simple lifestyle without any materialistic desires.

Mythologies about Krittika Nakshatra

Here are some of the interesting mythological stories associated with the Krittika Nakshatra. Read below to learn more.

The Birth of Lord Kartikya

When Lord Kartikya was born to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, he was taken care of by the five Krittika sisters: Siva, Sambhuti, Priti, Sannati, Anasuya, and Ksama. But before that, who is Lord Kartikya? Lord Kartika is the God who is also known as Skanda, Subrahmanya, Shanmukha, and Murugan. He was born to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva and is the brother of Lord Ganesha.

Moreover, the Krittika sisters are considered to be the caretakers of Lord Kartikya, who nurtured and raised him. These five women played an important role in raising Kartikeya to become a great warrior and leader.

Story of Agni & Swaha Devi

Once, Agni, the God of fire, fell in love with the wives of the SaptaRishis, but they all rejected him. Finally, he married Swaha, Daksha's daughter. At first, Agni was not interested in marrying her, but he was later convinced.

Moreover, Swaha had a special power that allowed offerings to be made to Agni when her name was spoken. One day, Swaha tricked Agni into thinking he was with the wives of the SaptaRishis, and they had a son named Skanda.

Famous Personalities born in Krittika Nakshatra

These are some of the famous celebrities who have Krittika Nakshatra in their birth chart.

  • Sanjay Dutt
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Sri Devi
  • Sushmita Sen
  • Bob Dylan
  • Bill Clinton

Frequently Asked Questions

Krittika Nakshatra has two Rashi or zodiac signs: Krittika Nakshatra Vrishabha Rashi or Mesha Rashi (Aries and Taurus). People are born in this nakshatra when the moon's position is 26°40′ to 30°00′ in Aries and 30°00′ to 40°00′ in Taurus.
Ruby is the lucky stone for Krittika Nakshatra. It helps in enhancing focus and reducing concentration issues.
The ruling planet of the Krittika Nakshatra is the Sun, which is associated with Agni, who represents fire, transformation, and purification.
People born in Krittika nakshatra have the blessings of the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Ketu, which give them strength, determination, willpower, and intelligence.
People born in Krittika Nakshatra are known to be intelligent and analytical. Their sharp minds and good memories help them excel in their studies.
Lord Kartikya was born on the Krittika Nakshatra, who is known as the God of war and the child of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
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