Jyeshta Nakshatra - Unleashing Spiritual Depth

The term Jyeshtha in English means elder sister and manifestation. Thus, the term Jyeshtha Nakshatra in English means ‘Elder Sister Lunar Mansion’ or ‘Manifestation Constellation’. Kettai Natchathiram in english is known as Jyeshtha Nakshatra.

By knowing the Nakshatra, a child is born and can learn a lot about the behaviour, personality traits, and characteristics of the native. They even tell us about the relationship the natives will have with their family and peers.

Jyeshtha Nakshatra 2024 Dates

Important dates in Jyeshtha Nakshatra are given below:-

DateStart TimeEnd Time
Monday, January 8, 202410:05 PM, Jan 0809:08 PM, Jan 09
Monday, February 5, 202407:57 AM, Feb 0507:32 AM, Feb 06
Sunday, March 3, 202403:59 PM, Mar 0304:18 PM, Mar 04
Saturday, March 30, 202410:03 PM, Mar 3010:57 PM, Mar 31
Saturday, April 27, 202403:40 AM, Apr 2704:28 AM, Apr 28
Friday, May 24, 202410:10 AM, May 2410:36 AM, May 25
Thursday, June 20, 202406:10 PM, Jun 2006:19 PM, Jun 21
Thursday, July 18, 202403:13 AM, Jul 1803:25 AM, Jul 19
Wednesday, August 14, 202412:13 PM, Aug 1412:53 PM, Aug 15
Tuesday, September 10, 202408:04 PM, Sep 1009:22 PM, Sep 11
Tuesday, October 8, 202402:25 AM, Oct 0804:08 AM, Oct 09
Monday, November 4, 202408:04 AM, Nov 0409:45 AM, Nov 05
Sunday, 1 December 202402:24 PM, Dec 0103:45 PM, Dec 02
Saturday, 28 December 202410:13 PM, Dec 2811:22 PM, Dec 29

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Important Features Of Jyeshtha Nakshatra

Let us look at some features and aspects of Jyeshtha Nakshatra.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Rashi16° 40′ – 30° Vrishchika
Jyeshtha Nakshatra Zodiac Sign12° 40′ – 26° Sagittarius
Jyeshta Nakshatra Lord PlanetMercury
Jyeshtha Nakshatra SymbolEarring, Umbrella
Jyeshtha Nakshatra DeityVishnu, Indra
Jyeshtha Nakshatra TreeShalmali
Jyeshtha Nakshatra AnimalMale Deer
Jyeshtha Nakshatra BirdBrahmani Duck
Jyeshtha Nakshatra GanaRakshasa
Jyeshtha Nakshatra GunaTamas/ Sattva
Jyeshtha Nakshatra DoshaVata
Jyeshta Nakshatra Lucky Number5
Jyeshta Nakshatra Lucky ColourCream
Jyeshtha Nakshatra Lucky LetterN and Y
Jyeshtha Nakshatra Lucky StoneEmerald
Jyeshtha Nakshatra Body PartNeck and Upper Hips
Jyeshtha Nakshatra ElementAir
Jyeshtha Nakshatra Associated StarAntares, Sigma Scorpii and Tau Scorpii
Jyeshtha Nakshatra NatureTikshana/ Daruna
Jyeshtha Nakshatra GenderFemale

Jyeshtha Nakshatra Zodiac Sign

Jyeshtha Nakshatra is ruled by Buddha and Mercury. Another question that crosses our mind is Jyeshtha Nakshatra which Rashi? It is ruled by Makar rashi or Scorpio Zodiac Sign. Jyeshtha Nakshatra is 18th out of the 27 Nakshatras. It is known to represent superior or elder behaviour and is a representative of femininity.

Jyeshtha Nakshatra is present between 16:40 and 30 in the Scorpio Zodiac sign or Makar Rashi.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Characteristics: Male Natives

Here is a detailed overview of the characteristics, overall behaviour, and nature of males born under Jyeshtha Nakshatra.

Physical Appearance

The Jyeshta Nakshatra male characteristics in terms of physical appearance include the native possessing great physical strength. They might even have a little defect in their teeth, including gaps or deformities or missing some teeth. The native will also be very tall and fair or wheatish-skinned.


The male natives of Jyeshta Nakshatra career will be filled with troubles and difficulties, but they will overcome them. The natives will be very hardworking and will also possess a sense of independence from a young age. Unlike their peers, the natives will search for work from an early age and thus will have much more knowledge and experience than their peers.

Moreover, they will be very focused and efficient and give importance to work over everything. These qualities of the natives guarantee success for them. Furthermore, the native will also gain a lot of wealth in his life.

Personality and Behaviour

The Jyeshtha Nakshatra male will be very stubborn. They will not like anyone’s interference or even opinions on the matters of their work or even life. They also be insensitive towards others, but this is not true. The native tends to hide their true feelings, and this is the reason for the native being understood as insensitive.

Moreover, the native are also very hardworking, focused and efficient in their life. If they set a goal, they will certainly achieve it. Also, the native is a little too friendly with others and very talkative. This is one of the reasons why the native is not good at keeping secrets.

Family, Love and Marriage

The native of Jyeshtha Nakshatra compatibility with his family will not be the best. He will face a lot of problems from his maternal family. There are chances of his mother and even siblings disliking the native. Moreover, the native will also be distant from his father.

There are even chances that the native will live away from his family. The male natives of Jyeshtha Nakshatra marriage life will go smoothly. There are no signs of fights or arguments between the spouses. However, the native will always be dominated by his wife. His children may also dominate him in his old age, but they will also share a loving bond.


One question we often face is: Is Jyeshta Nakshatra good or bad for health? The answer to this is that natives may have to face certain minor health-related issues. Though there are no chances of anything major, it is advised that the native takes proper care of his health and diet from an early age.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Characteristics: Female Natives

Here is a detailed overview of the characteristics, overall behaviour, and nature of females born under Jyeshtha Nakshatra.

Physical Appearance

The Jyeshta Nakshatra female characteristics include being tall and beautiful, with big and bright eyes—her most attractive feature. The native will also be fair-skinned. One distinctive feature that she will possess is a mole or birthmark on the right side of her body. She will be extremely concerned about how others perceive her and will always present herself at her best.


The native will be very good at academics, so there is a chance that she will be at the top of her class. Moreover, her areas of interest usually include science, research, and essential general awareness.

However, the native will not be very determined to be a working woman. She will mostly prefer her comfort. Thus, the native might not be an independently earning woman but would live off her father’s or husband’s earnings.

Personality and Behaviour

The native will be highly cautious of how the world will perceive her. Therefore, she will always present herself at her best, which might be why she appears fake in other people’s eyes. Also, the native will be very sensitive, as even the smallest comment or action can either hurt her or make her extremely happy. Moreover, the native will also come to be a great believer in charity.

Family, Love and Marriage

The native will have a good and loving relationship with her father. On the other hand, there are slight chances of conflicts between the native and her mother, but they will be resolved later. Moreover, the Jyeshta Nakshatra female marriage life will also face difficulties. Jyeshta Nakshatra marriage problems will include issues with in-laws. Also, there is a chance that the natives will struggle to have children.


The native will live a healthy life overall but might have to face some issues in her old age. Therefore, it is advised that the native take care of her health from the beginning if she wants to avoid the coming of these diseases.

Jyeshtha Nakshatra Pada

Just like all other Nakshatras, Jyeshtha Nakshatra rasi is also divided into four padas or quarters. These divisions are based on the position of the Moon. During the birth of a child in a Nakshatra, the planetary position of the Moon decides which pada the native will be in.

These padas determine the characteristics of the native and also assess the relationship they will have with their fellows. Moreover, it will also determine if the native will live a stress-free and happy life or will have to face some issues in their life. Let us now look at the traits of these four padas.

Jyestha Nakshatra Pada 1

Sagittarius Navamsa, the native, will possess a deep love for their families. They will love their family more than anything in the world and will go to great lengths for the happiness and well-being of their family. Moreover, as Jupiter is the ruling planet of this pada, the native will be blessed with abundant wealth.

Furthermore, Jupiter is known for blessing its natives with whatever they desire. Thus, the native will have anything and everything their heart desires. Also, by being a Sagittarius, the native will come around to be very dedicated in nature.

Jyestha Nakshatra Pada 2

Capricorn Navamsa, the native, will be very protective and authoritative in nature. They will always be known to assert dominance in all situations. Moreover, the native will also be materialistic in nature. Material and worldly pleasures will bring great joy and happiness to the natives.

As Saturn is the ruling planet of this pada, the native will also be justice-loving in nature. They will always stand for the things they feel are right, even if it means they have to go against their loved ones. Moreover, by being a Capricorn, the native will also come around to be very hard-working and righteous and can sometimes even be a little selfish.

Jyestha Nakshatra Pada 3

Aquarius Navamsa, the native, will be very sensitive. They will always be affectionate and loving towards others. Additionally, the natives will also possess a helping and giving nature.

As Saturn is the ruling planet of this pada, the natives will have a justice-loving approach in their lives. They will always be known for standing up for what is right, even if they have to go against their loved ones for doing so. Moreover, by being an Aquarius, the native will also become very intelligent and knowledgeable. They will also possess great creative skills, which might help them in their careers.

Jyestha Nakshatra Pada 4

The native Pisces Navamsa will be very sensitive and trusting, which can cause them to get hurt often. The native may also choose certain paths in life that might lead to self-destruction.

As Jupiter is the ruling planet of this pada, the natives will always want to know everything and everyone. They will be very curious about anything and everything that interests them or something new to them. Moreover, by being a Pisces, the Jyeshtha Nakshatra native will also come around to be an attention seeker in nature. They will love to have the spotlight on them wherever they go.

Different Planets In Jyeshtha Nakshatra

Different planets and their effects on Jyeshtha Nakshatra:

  • Ketu in Jyeshtha Nakshatra makes the natives very interested in supernatural powers. It makes them spiritually inclined and also develops an interest in mystic subjects.
  • Mercury in Jyeshtha Nakshatra makes the native highly intellectual. They will possess great knowledge in the subjects of science and maths, as well as analytical abilities. The native will also have a very logical approach while making any decision.
  • Rahu in Jyeshtha Nakshatra makes the natives have a great desire for sexual pleasures. They will always be interested in exploring their sexuality. Moreover, sexual pleasure will bring the natives the greatest joy.
  • The sun in Jyeshtha Nakshatra makes the native a little self-obsessed and self-centred. They will always be the centre of attention wherever they go. Moreover, the natives will also be inclined towards perfecting themselves and desire more in life.
  • Venus in Jyeshtha Nakshatra tends to make an individual quite romantic in nature. Moreover, the individuals also possess deep sexual desires.
  • Jupiter in Jyeshtha Nakshatra tends to make an individual wealthy. Along with this, the individuals will also enjoy marital bliss.
  • Mars in Jyeshtha Nakshatra tends to make an individual very courageous in nature. Moreover, they also tend to come around as romantic.
  • The moon in Jyeshtha Nakshatra tends to make an individual very creative. However, the natives will eventually develop unfavourable relations with their spouses.
  • Saturn in Jyeshtha Nakshatra tends to cause an individual to lack confidence. Along with this, the individuals also come around to have sick spouses.

Mythologies Associated With Jyeshta Nakshatra

As the age-old stories still continue to prevail, we know the one most prominent story ascribed to this nakshatra.

Chandra, Rohini and Jyeshtha

Daksha got all his 27 daughters married to Chandra, the Moon God in Hindu Mythology. He took a promise from Chandra to pay equal attention to all his daughters and not make anyone feel left out. Chandra, however, did not fulfil this promise.

Instead, he was giving more attention and time to Rohini. Rohini possessed the riches of beauty and was also a very skilled singer and dancer. This is the reason Chandra had greater affection for her than others. However, Chandra’s preference for Rohini angered the other sisters, and they first visited Jyeshtha, the eldest sister, with their complaints.

Jyeshtha was angry and went to seek Chandra. She advised him on how he should spend equal time with all the sisters. She even advised him on how to be a good husband, not just for one but for all his wives. Jyeshtha is the one who allotted the moon to spend one day with each of his wives.

However, the moon still did not listen to Jyeshtha, and as a last resort, the remaining 26 sisters went to their father, Daksha. Daksha, on hearing his daughters’ complaints, was angered by Chandra’s act of breaking his promise. Thus, cursed him. In his curse, he mentioned that Chandra would lose all his charm and light.

Moreover, he included that Chandra would also suffer from a deadly disease. So, the curse immediately started affecting Chandra, and he got sick day by day. He was so worried about his condition that he immediately went to Maha Dev, Shiva, to seek help.

Unfortunately, Shiva told him that he could not reverse a curse. Instead, he picked up Chandra's crescent form and placed it on his forehead. This helped Chandra regain all of his powers and strengths.

This story holds great significance in the lives of Jyeshta Nakshatra natives as it determines most of the characteristics a native will possess. The natives will have leadership qualities and will also be very authoritative in nature.

They will also be very emotional and will have a deep love for their family. The native’s family and friends will see them as someone they could go to in times of need for support, comfort and also advice.

Jyeshtha Nakshatra Famous Personalities

Some of the famous personalities born in Jyeshta Nakshatra include the following.

  • Richard Gere
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Charles Dickens
  • Rahul Gandhi
  • Suchitra Sen
  • Alka Yagnik

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the natives of this Nakshatra will be wealthy.
Jyeshtha Nakshatra is considered to be very auspicious for its natives.
The natives of Jyeshtha Nakshatra will possess leadership qualities and will also be a little selfish.
The deity of this Nakshatra is Indra.
Vata is the Jyestha Nakshatra dosha.
Yes, the female natives of Jyeshtha Nakshatra will be blessed with wealth, but they might face some issues with their families.
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