Hasta Nakshatra - Unleashing Creative Energy

Hasta nakshatra, as the name suggests, has a symbol of an open fist or a blessing hand. The deity or the lord of Hasta nakshatra is 'Savitar', a form of the Sun. This is the 13th nakshatra / lunar mansion for the Moon and has positive energy or vibration. It is always a win-win situation for this nakshatra as they form genuine connections and are beneficial for people who they bond with. They go by their symbol and name as the Hasta nakshatra career involves using hands like painting, martial arts, writing, ploughing, sculpting, sewing and others. In addition, they have the Trigun 'Rajasic', which brings enthusiasm and determination to its zodiac sign.

Virgo is Hasta nakshatra Rashi or zodiac sign. People are born in this nakshatra when the Moon lies between 10:00 - 23:20 degrees. The Sun travels through this area from August 23 to September 22. If you are a Virgo and want to know more, read further about how the position of the Moon in this nakshatra contributes to the character development of the individuals taking birth in this period.

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The story of Sukanya and Chyavana

Bhrigu Maharishi and his wife Pauloma had a son named Chyavana. It was a fine day, and Chyavana went into deep meditation or tapasya. During this time, he was covered with anthill except for his eyes. Sukanya, the daughter of King Saryata, was roaming in the forest with her friends. She saw something shining in the anthill and mistook it to be worms. So she pierced a pointed object into it and made Chyavana blind. He was in deep pain and anger. Maharishi Chyavana cursed the soldiers who came with Sukanya that they would die and Sukanya would suffer from their rotten bodies.King Saryata came to know about it and asked for the culprit. Sukanya accepted her mistake and was ready to do whatever it took to save the kingdom's people. King Suryata offered her daughter Sukanya's marriage proposal in front of sage Chyavana. That is how Sukanya and Chyavana got married. One day Ashwin Kumars, the son of Lord Surya, visited Chyavana's house.

They were attracted towards the beauty of Sukanya and showed astonishment at marrying an old and ugly man. They wished to marry Sukanya and proposed to her. Sukanya was a loyal wife and therefore rejected their marriage proposal. They ask her if she can take a bath with them; their powers will heal her husband's eyes. Sukanya was delighted to know this and agreed to do so. They all go to the river to take a bath. Suddenly, the three sons looked alike and claimed to be the real Sage Chavanya. They asked her again to be their bride. They could not break Sukanya's principles. She refused and was firm on her decision to look after sage Chavanya, who is blind. She had three handsome men in front of her, but she still chose to stay with her husband. The sons of Lord Surya became happy after seeing Sukanya's support towards her husband. The Ashwin Kumars were sent to test the loyalty of Sukanya. And she was successful in her test. They blessed her and went back.

The pure soul and goodness of Sukanya are the foundation of the main characteristic of the Hasta Nakshatra. The Pushpa Dwiteeya vrat or fast is performed yearly to commemorate the sacrifice of Sukanya for a youthful and healthy life.

Significant Features of the Hasta Nakshatra characteristics

  • Hasta Nakshatra Lord Planet - Moon
  • Hasta Nakshatra Symbol - Open fist or Blessing hand
  • Hasta Nakshatra Lord - Savitr or Adhidev
  • Hasta Charan Rashi / Navamsa - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer
  • Hasta Nakshatra Gender - Male
  • Hasta Nakshatra Nature - Swift (kshipra)
  • Hasta Nakshatra Zodiac Sign - Virgo
  • Hasta Nakshatra Lucky Stone - Pearl
  • Hasta Nakshatra Lucky Colour - Green, White
  • Hasta Nakshatra Lucky Number - 9,5
  • Hasta Nakshatra Lucky Letter - P, S, N & D
  • Hasta Nakshatra Animal and Bird - Female Buffalo, Falcon
  • Hasta Nakshatra Tree - Juhi or Jasmine plant
  • Hasta Nakshatra Gana - Devta

Significant Dates for Hasta Nakshatra 2023

  • January 23, 2023, Monday
  • February 19, 2023, Sunday
  • March 19, 2023, Sunday
  • April 15, 2023, Saturday
  • May 12, 2023, Friday
  • June 9, 2023, Friday
  • July 6, 2023, Thursday
  • August 2, 2023, Wednesday
  • August 29, 2023, Tuesday
  • September 26, 2023, Tuesday
  • October 23, 2023, Monday
  • November 20, 2023, Monday
  • December 17, 2023, Sunday

Hasta Nakshatra Pada

The nakshatras at the time of birth of an individual are divided into four padas or divisions for better calculations and predictions. Following are the four padas of this nakshatra:

Hasta nakshatra 1st pada

People of the 1st pada of this nakshatra are very particular about their work and get aggressive if they face delays. Born in Aries Navamsa, they tend to be authoritative. They behave as a boss who sets rules that everyone has to follow. In the reign of the planet Mars, they are adept at doing tasks without mistakes.

Hasta nakshatra 2nd pada

People born in this pada are great speakers and can pursue others quickly. Born in the Taurus navamsa, they tend to attract a lot of attention. They are creative, get attached to their work, and get emotional about their products. They are usually working in the field of painting and pottery. In the reign of the planet Mars, they have a peaceful face and are very composed.

Hasta nakshatra 3rd pada

These people are very interactive. They talk a lot. They are bright and intelligent and love to give feedback. Born in Gemini navamsa, they are outspoken and cheerful. They are sometimes shameless and tend to hurt people's feelings. They try to improve their karma by getting involved in religious affairs. They pray and attend rituals frequently. In the reign of planet Mercury, they always have a difference of opinion and successfully convince others to listen to them.

Hasta nakshatra 4th pada

Although people born in hasta nakshatra are very professional, those falling in the 4th pada can compromise their work for the family. Half of their minds are always busy with matters related to the family. Born in Cancer Navamsa, they are brave and know how to be calm in any situation. They are sharp-minded and are kept from getting fired from their jobs efficiently. In the reign of the Moon, they liked to travel places.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hasta Nakshatra Individuals

Every individual has two sides to them; the right and the wrong or the strengths and the weaknesses. The reason is the moon mansions in which an individual is born. The following tells us more about it.


People born in Hasta Nakshatra are strong individuals with high intelligence and attention to detail. They have a focused outlook towards life. They complete their work on time and don't let others' work get delayed because of them. They are energetic and have a go-getter attitude. Their zeal never goes down if they do an activity that they like. The element, Fire, keeps them alert and on their toes. They easily impress others with their wit and humour. They speak their minds and never pretend. They handle heartbreaks and unfortunate things maturely. They are aware of what to say and when to say it. They have a creative mindset and bring many ideas to the table. They appreciate social rituals and the local lifestyle of the people.


They have a hunger for competition. Due to this, they often face unwanted attention. They tend to get involved in disputes. If they get too involved with someone emotionally, they encounter setbacks. That's why they try to remain unattached, which comes out as rude in front of others. They do not want to sit free. It makes them restless. Even on a Sunday, they tend to find things at home that would need an improvement or a new design to stay active. They are shameless, if not shy. They are good human beings but can't be trusted. They are opinionated and control freaks. They are tempted towards intoxication and turn to alcohol and drugs to deal with physical and mental pain. Though everyone in the family likes them, they are not family oriented. They tend to follow the path of spirituality.

Hasta Nakshatra Male Characteristic

The movement of the earth impacts the position of the moon, and that’s how moon resides in different nakshatras and accordingly contribute to hasta male characteristics. Following are different aspects of the hasta nakshatra male characteristics,

Physical Appearance

The physique of Hasta nakshatra males tends to be tough and rough. They are tall in appearance with round-shaped faces. They have small eyes and short hands. They have birthmarks near the shoulders and the right hand. They are gifted with beautiful smile that catches the women's attention.

Personality and Attitude

Through the body language of the Hasta nakshatra males, you will find them to be gentlemen. They have a positive outlook towards life. They are open-hearted and honest. They are witty and would get laughs instantly. Unfortunately, they tend to get overindulged with the opposite sex or the females because of the attention that they get. And they are often at risk because they get too attached and have to deal with heartbreaks. But they always come back as fighters. They are good human beings and wish to save the world. They possess bright minds and are good at academics.


The male natives of the Hasta nakshatra have stable careers. They are financially strong but only after the age of 30. In their early 20's, they are experimental. They wish to try for multiple career fields to decide on their ultimate profession. They are good advisors as well. People always tend to them for work-related suggestions. They always work at the top-most designations in an organisation. Most of them settle for business, filling their pockets with money in the latter half of their life. Other than the business, they are seen as teachers, event managers, astrologers, writers and in consulting services.

Compatibility and Marriage

Hasta nakshatra males are highly compatible with their partners and family members. An Hasta nakshatra compatibility, given the male, gets a whole point. They are happy-go-lucky. Father, mother and siblings, are proud to have them. Their wives adore them a lot and want their full attention. Their partner understands them completely. There are arguments, of course, but that, too, lasts for a few seconds. All in all, an Hasta nakshatra male marriage life tends to be joyful and untroubled. The hasta nakshatra marriage age for males is 30.


The lungs of the hasta nakshatra males are weak. It is recommended that they do regular breathing exercises. They must go for a morning walk every day. They need their lung capacities in check, especially in times like covid. If not taken care of, they can catch asthma easily. They have mild coughs, colds and fevers now and then, which they get used to. They must do Yoga.

Hasta Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Just like the male natives, the following are different attributes of the female characteristics of the Hasta nakshatra:

Physical Appearance

It is a unique attribute of the female natives of the Hasta nakshatra that their projected shoulders catch the attention of the male natives. They have adorable eyes and ears. Their skin is soft, and they represent an authoritative persona. They have an extremely beautiful soul and minds.

Personality and Attitude

The females of this nakshatra are socially awkward and shy. But, they have a charm in what they do which attracts attention. However, they may not like it. They fear interacting, and the male natives tend to find it rude. But if you know them closely, they will be some of the best people you will ever meet. They do not speak much, but they never shy away from stating things that seem wrong. They have excellent attention to detail and can't tolerate the slow process. They are pure souls and good at heart. They have a helping nature and try to lend a hand to those in need. However, they don't get the same in return, and it doesn't bother them.


The hasta nakshatra females are hyper-independent women. They do not take others' help easily and have a habit of trying until the last moment to get their work done instead of asking for help. They have a fluctuating career graph. But if they live long, probably after 60, they will be filthy rich. They start earning early but often face dissatisfaction with their assigned work. So, they tend to switch careers for better pay and employment. They quickly get good positions in terms of jobs and money. But they also tend to lose their job and tend to start again. The journey of the female natives keeps them grounded but a little disturbed. They are wedding planners, architects, designers and the media.

Compatibility and Marriage

Since the male natives are highly compatible with the female natives, Hasta nakshatra marriage compatibility is appreciable. The hasta nakshatra female marriage age is 25 and after. They are believed to be married to a wealthy family. Hence, there won't be issues or arguments ever over money. They should be careful about whom they date and marry as they are prone to heartbreaks similar to the male natives of this nakshatra. All in all, they will share a good relationship with their partners, and they will never mix their professional and personal life. Therefore, the hasta nakshatra female marriage life is delightful.


Similar to the male natives of this nakshatra, female natives have weak lungs. They live a healthy life and face illness rarely. But they need to check their breathing frequently as they can face lung-related diseases after attaining 60 years of age. Power Yoga is a must health regime for them.

You can read about Hasta nakshatra in English and Hindi on Instaastro.com.

Hasta Nakshatra Celebrities

Many renowned personalities were born in Hasta nakshatra. They are as follows:

  • Madhu Bala - Actor
  • Swami Vivekananda - Spiritual Leader
  • Jagdish Chandra Bose - Physicist
  • Jimmy Carter - Former US President
  • Rudolph Valentino - Actor
  • Richard Burton - Actor

Different Planets In Hasta Nakshatra

  • Venus in Hasta Nakshatra : comes around to make an individual quite practical and romantic in nature.
  • Jupiter in Hasta Nakshatra : comes around to make an individual have a keen interest in subjects related to astrology. Moreover, they also tend to possess leadership qualities.
  • Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra : tends to make an individual courageous and confident in nature.
  • Mars in Hasta Nakshatra : tends to make an individual very disciplined in nature. Along this, the individuals are also known to be protective of their loved ones.
  • Sun in Hasta Nakshatra : tends to make an individual very practical in nature. But on the same hand the natives also come around to be very knowledgeable individuals as well.
  • Moon in Hasta Nakshatra : tends to make an individual wealthy. However, the natives also come around to be very sensitive beings.
  • Mercury in Hasta Nakshatra : comes around to make an individual very intelligent in nature, along with having an analytical mindset.
  • Saturn in Hasta Nakshatra : comes around to make an individual very clever. However, on the other hand, the individuals are also very practical in nature.
  • Ketu in Hasta Nakshatra : tends to make an individual get easily frustrated with any and everything. Moreover, the natives are also almost always unsatisfied with everything they have or do.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who fall under Hasta Nakshatra do not have any secrets as they are honest and speak their minds.
Jewellers, architects, designers, painters, and writers are some of the most successful professions for Hasta nakshatra.
Getting married in Hasta nakshatra has been observed to be fruitful. It is believed to bring prosperity to life.
Pearl is a lucky stone for people born in hasta nakshatra. It helps in staying away from harmful energies.
An Hasta nakshatra should worship the SunSun or Suryadev. It keeps them vibrant and full of energy.
Based on Vedic Astrology, Moon is the ruler of the Hasta Nakshatra. It brings care, compassion and selflessness to people born with Cancer.
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