Hasta Nakshatra Overview

Hasta Nakshatra, as the name suggests, has a symbol of an open fist or a blessing hand. The deity or the lord of Hasta nakshatra is 'Savitar', a form of the Sun. This is the 13th Nakshatra / Lunar mansion for the Moon. Moreover, Virgo is Hasta nakshatra Rashi or the zodiac sign and thus, people are born in this nakshatra when the Moon lies between 10:00 and 23:20 degrees. The Sun travels through this area from August 23 to September 22.

Dates for Hasta Nakshatra 2024

These are the dates and times for Hasta Nakshatra 2024.

DateStartTimeEnd Time
Wednesday, 3 January 202402:49 PM, Jan 0305:29 PM, Jan 04
Tuesday, 30 January 202410:09 PM, Jan 3001:10 AM, Feb 01
Tuesday, 27 February 202404:33 AM, Feb 2707:31 AM, Feb 28
Monday, 25 March 202410:41 AM, Mar 2501:32 PM, Mar 26
Sunday, 21 April 202405:10 PM, Apr 2108:00 PM, Apr 22
Sunday, 19 May 202412:25 AM, May 1903:12 AM, May 20
Saturday, 15 June 202408:17 AM, Jun 1511:11 AM, Jun 16
Friday, 12 July 202404:11 PM, Jul 1207:12 PM, Jul 13
Thursday, 8 August 202411:37 PM, Aug 0802:42 AM, Aug 10
Thursday, 5 September 202406:17 AM, Sep 0509:21 AM, Sep 06
Wednesday, 2 October 202412:19 PM, Oct 0203:29 PM, Oct 03
Tuesday, 29 October 202406:37 PM, Oct 2909:41 PM, Oct 30
Tuesday, 26 November 202401:27 AM, Nov 2604:32 AM, Nov 27
Monday, 23 December 202409:09 AM, Dec 2312:15 PM, Dec 24

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Features of Hasta Nakshatra

These are the different features of Hasta Nakshatra that represent them the best:

Hasta Nakshatra AspectFeatures
Hasta Nakshatra Lord PlanetMoon
Hasta Nakshatra SymbolOpen fist or Blessing hand
Hasta Nakshatra LordSavitr or Adhidev
Hasta Nakshatra Rashi or NavamsaAries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer
Hasta Nakshatra zodiac signVirgo
Hasta Nakshatra Lucky StonePearl
Hasta Nakshatra Lucky Number9 and 5
Hasta Nakshatra Animal and BirdFemale Buffalo, Falcon
Hasta Nakshatra TreeJuhi and Jasmine Plant
Hasta Nakshatra GanaDevta
Hasta Nakshatra Lucky ColourGreen and White
Hasta Nakshatra NatureSwift (Kshipra)

The Zodiac Sign of Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra is one of the 27 lunar mansions in Vedic astrology. It is associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo. Hasta is from the Virgo constellation and exalts in the sign of Mercury. It is co-ruled by the Sun and the Moon.

People born under Hasta Nakshatra possess qualities such as intelligence, creativity, and a desire for perfection. They are also known for their ability to communicate effectively and their love for learning new things.

Moreover, people born under the Hasta Nakshatra zodiac sign are said to be blessed with a strong life force and creative potential. Lastly, in Vedic astrology, Hasta Nakshatra is considered to be auspicious and beneficial. So, read below to know about Hasta Nakshatra in english.

Hasta Nakshatra Characteristics Male

The movement of the earth impacts the position of the moon, and that’s how the moon resides in different nakshatras and accordingly contributes to hasta male characteristics. Following are different aspects of the hasta nakshatra male characteristics.


Hasta nakshatra males are true gentlemen with a positive outlook on life. They are open-hearted and honest. They also have a great sense of humour and get people's attention with their witty jokes. Moreover, they are mostly the ones who get attached easily and thus have to deal with heartbreaks more often, but they always come back stronger.

Love Life and Marriage

Hasta Nakshatra compatibility highly matches that of their partners due to certain traits. Hasta Nakshatra male marriage life tends to be joyful and untroubled, and the Hasta Nakshatra marriage age for males is 30. These individuals are usually flexible in nature, which makes their love life and married lives smooth and long-lasting.


The male natives of the Hasta nakshatra have stable careers and are financially strong, but only after the age of 30. In their early 20s, they start by experiencing different fields and career options. They wish to try multiple career fields to decide on the profession that best matches their interests and provides stability. Also, people always ask them for work-related suggestions because they are great advisors.


Even though they have a good personality, their health is sometimes not in their favour, which makes them lose many opportunities. Hasta nakshatra males may have weak lungs and should take care of their respiratory health by doing regular breathing exercises and going for morning walks.

They are prone to asthma, so it's crucial to keep their lung capacity in check. They may experience mild coughs, colds, and fevers from time to time, but they can build their immunity by practising yoga and other healthy habits.

Hasta Nakshatra Characteristics Female

Just like the male natives, the following are different attributes of the Hasta Nakshatra female characteristics.


The females of Hasta Nakshatra are socially awkward and shy. However, they have a charm in what they do, which attracts attention. They do not speak much, but they never shy away from stating things that seem wrong. Moreover, they are pure souls and good at heart. They have a helping nature and try to lend a hand to those in need. However, they don't get the same in return, and it doesn't bother them.

Love Life and Marriage

Since male natives are highly compatible with female natives, Hasta Nakshatra marriage compatibility is appreciable. Also, the Hasta Nakshatra female marriage age is 25 and above. These natives share a good relationship with their partners, and they will never mix their professional and personal lives. Therefore, the Hasta Nakshatra female marriage life is delightful and filled with warmth and affection.


The hasta nakshatra females are hyper-independent women. They do not take others' help easily and have a habit of trying until the last moment to get their work done instead of asking for help. They have a fluctuating career graph. But if they lived long, probably after 60, they would be filthy rich. But they also tend to lose their job and start again. The journey of the female natives keeps them grounded but a little disturbed. They are wedding planners, architects, designers and the media.


Similar to the male natives of this nakshatra, female natives have weak lungs, which can cause shortness of breath and air hunger. They live a healthy life and face illness rarely. However, they need to check their breathing frequently as they can face lung-related diseases after attaining 60 years of age. Power Yoga is a must health regime for them.

Hasta Nakshatra: Characteristics

Here are some of the outstanding characteristics and traits of Hasta Nakshatra that make them different from other individuals.

  • People born in Hasta Nakshatra are strong individuals with high intelligence and attention to detail.
  • The element Fire keeps them alert and on their toes, allowing them to complete their work on time without any delay.
  • These natives have a hunger for competition, which attracts attention from everywhere, which they might often dislike.
  • They handle heartbreaks and unfortunate things maturely. They are aware of what to say and when to say it.
  • Hasta Nakshatra individuals are very spiritual in nature, which makes them feel calm and composed even in tough situations.
  • They easily impress others with their wit and humour. They are great at throwing sarcastic jokes that become difficult for the other person to understand.
  • They are always true and honest, which allows them to speak their minds and never pretend.
  • If they get too involved with someone emotionally, they encounter setbacks. However, they quickly realise themselves, which brings back their attention level.
  • They have a creative mindset and bring many ideas to the table. They appreciate social rituals and the local lifestyle.
  • They avoid sitting, and instead, they are always seen doing something or another to keep themselves distracted.

Hasta Nakshatra Pada

The nakshatras at the time of birth of an individual are divided into four padas or divisions for better calculations and predictions. Following are the four padas of this nakshatra:

Hasta Nakshatra Pada 1

People of the 1st pada of this nakshatra are very particular about their work and get aggressive if they face delays. Born in Aries Navamsa, they tend to be bossy and try to keep everything under their control. They behave like bosses who set rules that everyone has to follow. Under the reign of the planet Mars, they are adept at doing tasks without mistakes.

Hasta Nakshatra Pada 2

People born in this pada are great speakers and can pursue others quickly. Born in the Taurus Navamsa, they tend to attract a lot of attention. These natives have a creative mindset that develops an emotional attachment to their work, becoming emotionally invested in the products they create. They are usually working in the field of painting and pottery. In the reign of the planet Mars, they have a peaceful face and are very composed.

Hasta Nakshatra Pada 3

Individuals of Hasta Nakshatra Pada 3 are very interactive, and they like meeting and communicating with new people. They are bright and intelligent and love to give feedback. Born in Gemini Navamsa, they are outspoken and cheerful. They sometimes do not have control over their words, which tends to hurt people's feelings.

Moreover, they try to improve their bad deeds by getting involved in religious affairs. They pray and attend rituals frequently. In the reign of planet Mercury, they always have a difference of opinion and successfully convince others to listen to them.

Hasta Nakshatra Pada 4

Although people born in hasta nakshatra are very professional, those in the 4th pada can compromise their work for the family. Half of their minds are always busy with matters related to the family. Born in Cancer Navamsa, they are brave and know how to be calm in any situation.

Moreover, they are intelligent and sharp-minded, which allows them to avoid being terminated from their job effectively. In the reign of the Moon, they liked to travel to places and explore new cultures.

Different Planets In Hasta Nakshatra

Here’s how different planets can impact individuals' lives when placed in Hasta Nakshatra. Read below to learn about their effects.

  • The placement of Venus in Hasta Nakshatra makes an individual quite practical and romantic in nature.
  • Jupiter in Hasta Nakshatra makes an individual have a keen interest in subjects related to astrology. Moreover, they also tend to possess leadership qualities.
  • Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra makes an individual courageous and confident in nature.
  • Individuals with Mars in Hasta Nakshatra are very disciplined and protective of their loved ones.
  • The Sun in Hasta Nakshatra makes an individual very practical. However, the natives also tend to be very knowledgeable individuals.
  • With Moon in Hasta Nakshatra, individuals become very wealthy and have a good source of income. However, the natives also come around to be very sensitive beings.
  • Mercury in Hasta Nakshatra makes individuals very intelligent and analytical, helping them make mindful decisions in life.
  • Saturn in Hasta Nakshatra makes individuals very clever and sharp-minded. However, they are also very experimental, allowing them to relate more to the realities of the world.
  • Ketu in Hasta Nakshatra easily frustrates individuals if things do not go their way. Moreover, the natives are almost always unsatisfied with the things they do and have in life.

Mythologies About Hasta Nakshatra

Below are the two mythological stories associated with Hasta Nakshatra according to Hindu mythology.

The Marriage of Sukanya and Chyavana

Bhrigu Maharishi and his wife Pauloma had a son named Chyavana. It was a fine day, and Chyavana went into deep meditation or tapasya. During this time, he was covered with anthill except for his eyes.

At that very moment, Sukanya, the daughter of King Saryata, was roaming in the forest with her friends. She saw something shining in the anthill and mistook it to be worms. So, she pierced a pointed object into it and made Chyavana blind. He was in deep pain and anger. Maharishi Chyavana cursed the soldiers who came with Sukanya that they would die and Sukanya would suffer from their rotten bodies.

However, King Saryata came to know about it and asked for the culprit. Sukanya accepted her mistake and was ready to do whatever it took to save the kingdom's people. King Saryata offered her daughter Sukanya's marriage proposal in front of sage Chyavana and that is how Sukanya and Chyavana got married.

Sukanya’s Love for Her Husband Chyavana

One day, Ashwin Kumars, the three sons of Lord Surya, visited Chyavana's house. They were attracted towards the beauty of Sukanya. They wished to marry Sukanya and offered her to be their bride. Sukanya was a loyal wife and, therefore, rejected their marriage proposal.

Later on, they told her if she took a bath with them, their powers would heal her husband's eyes. Sukanya was delighted to know this and agreed to do so. They all went to the nearby river to take a bath. Suddenly, the three sons looked alike and claimed to be the real Sage Chavanya. They asked her again to be their bride. They could not break Sukanya's principles. She refused and was firm on her decision to look after sage Chavanya, who is blind.

Also, even though she had three handsome men in front of her, she still chose to stay with her husband. The sons of Lord Surya became happy seeing Sukanya's support for her husband. The Ashwin Kumars were sent to test Sukanya's loyalty, and she passed the test successfully.

The pure soul and goodness of Sukanya are the foundation of the main characteristics of the Hasta Nakshatra. The Pushpa Dwiteeya vrat or fast is performed yearly to commemorate Sukanya's sacrifice for a youthful and healthy life.

Famous Personalities Born in Hasta Nakshatra

Mentioned below are the famous Hasta Nakshatra celebrities who have the arrangement of Hasta Nakshatra in their kundli.

  • Madhu Bala - Actor
  • Swami Vivekananda - Spiritual Leader
  • Jagdish Chandra Bose - Physicist
  • Jimmy Carter - Former US President
  • Rudolph Valentino - Actor
  • Richard Burton - Actor

Frequently Asked Questions

People who fall under Hasta Nakshatra do not have any secrets. They are honest and speak their minds. They are open about whatever they feel and do not keep any secrets.
Jewellers, architects, designers, painters, and writers are some of the most successful professions for Hasta Nakshatra. These Hasta Nakshatra career options would give these natives good success and stability.
Getting married in Hasta Nakshatra has been observed to be fruitful. It is believed to bring prosperity to both the couple's lives, making their marriage blissful and long-lasting.
Pearl is a lucky stone for people born in the Hasta Nakshatra. It helps them avoid harmful energies that can hinder their overall growth and development.
Hasta nakshatra should worship the Sun God or Suryadev. It keeps them vibrant and full of energy. It also helps natives get rid of enemies and overcome troubles in life.
According to Vedic Astrology, the Moon is the ruler of the Hasta Nakshatra, which brings care, compassion, and selflessness to people born with Cancer.
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