Ardra Nakshatra - The Directing Storm

Nakshatra in English means 'lunar mansion'. In simpler words, the meaning of a nakshatra is a constellation. According to Hindu mythology, there are 27 nakshatras in total. These are based on the 27 wives of the Moon God, Chandra. Ardra nakshatra happens to be the sixth in the order. The meaning of the term Ardra is transformation and destruction. Thus, the meaning of Ardra Nakshatra in English is the transformative and destructive lunar mansion.

This nakshatra range lies from 6:40 - 20 degrees. Moreover, the native of this nakshatra are of the Gemini zodiac. Also, it is a female nakshatra symbolised by a teardrop, diamond and a human head. Thus, the natives of this nakshatra tend to be soft-spoken and have a nurturing and caring attitude. Therefore, the people near them will always feel loved and cared for by the native.

Another interesting fact about the Ardra nakshatra is that the star associated with it is Betelgeuse, a red supergiant star and one of the only stars visible to the naked eye. So, to know more about the Ardra Nakshatra in aspects of career, love life, marriage, and the behaviour traits of the native. Keep reading through the blog and find answers to all these questions wondering in your mind.

Mythologies Associated With The Ardra Nakshatra

Brahma Dev And Rudra

Rudra, in Hindu mythology, is associated with Lord Shiva. He is known for being the mightiest of them all. Once, when he was a child, he cried and howled to the best of his abilities. The child's cry created a thunderstorm and caused an imbalance on earth. Also, his tears formed the very precious Rudraksha. Lord Brahma saw this and asked Rudra the reason for his cry. Rudra proceeded to tell him that he was very upset as he didn't have a name. Lord Brahma tried to solve this problem by giving Rudra a name. However, Rudra kept on disliking all the names Brahma Dev suggested. Some of the names that he disliked included Pashupatinath and Eisana. Later, after the rejection of eight names, Lord Brahma suggested the name Rudra. The child asked Brahma dev for its meaning, and Brahma dev explained that Rudra means the one who eradicates problems from their roots. Finally, this name was chosen by the child, and therefore he is called Rudra.

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Rudra and Prajapati

Prajapati was unhappy with the marriage of his daughter, Sati, to Lord Shiva. He disowned Sati because of this. Later, he organised a Yagya in which he invited all the Gods but did not invite Shiva and Sati. However, Sati still went for the Yagya. Upon her arrival, Prajapati humiliated her in front of everyone. Sati Mata was angered by her father's act and proceeded to jump in the holy fire of the Yagya. When Shiva learned about this, he plucked two strands of his hair, by which Rudra and Kali were born. He, in a fury, asked them to cause damage to the Yagya. When Rudra and Kali reached the Yagya location, they started to injure the gods. Rudra, in the end, because of his anger, cut off Prajapati's head.

Both of these stories hold great significance in Ardra Nakshatra. This is because they give us insight into the lives of the native, in aspects of their behavioural traits and characteristics.

In accordance with the first story it is said that the people born in the Ardra Nakshatra will not get the recognition they deserve in the initial stages of their life but in the later phase of life this issue will be resolved. Moreover, it also tells us that these people will like their own company rather than anyone else's. They will be the lone wolf.

In accordance with the second story the people born in this nakshatra will be justice loving. They will have critical thinking abilities and if they think something is wrong they will not shy away from standing up against it. Moreover, they will not tolerate lies and will always believe in punishing those who have wronged them.

Important Features Of The Ardra Nakshatra

  • Ardra nakshatra lord - Rudra
  • Ardra nakshatra planet - Rahu
  • Ardra nakshatra tree - Krishna Kadira
  • Ardra nakshatra symbol - Teardrop, Raindrop, Diamond and a Human Head
  • Ardra nakshatra rasi - Gemini
  • Ardra nakshatra lucky number - 4
  • Ardra nakshatra lucky colour - Green
  • Ardra nakshatra stone - Gomedha
  • Ardra nakshatra gana - Manusha
  • Ardra nakshatra guna - Tamsic
  • Ardra nakshatra dosha - Vata
  • Ardra nakshatra animal - Female Dog
  • Ardra nakshatra bird - Andril

Ardra Nakshatra 2023 Dates

  • Thursday, January 05 , 2023
  • Thursday, February 02, 2023
  • Wednesday, March 01, 2023
  • Tuesday, March 28, 2023
  • Tuesday, April 25, 2023
  • Monday, May 22, 2023
  • Sunday, June 18, 2023
  • Sunday, July 16, 2023
  • Saturday, August 12, 2023
  • Friday, September 08, 2023
  • Thursday, October 05, 2023
  • Thursday, November 02, 2023
  • Wednesday, November 29, 2023
  • Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Ardra Nakshatra Pada

All the nakshatra are divided into four groups that we call padas. These padas are divided based on the planetary position of the moon during the birth of a native. Similarly, the Ardra nakshatra is also divided into four padas. Moreover, these padas help us get to understand the characteristics of a native by telling us their behavioural traits. Therefore, let us look at the characteristics of natives of this nakshatra based on their pada.

1st Pada -Sagittarius Navamsa, the native, tends to be very attractive and beautiful. This beauty helps them to impress people. They, indeed, are the ones who go by the saying that the first impression is the last impression. As the ruler of this pada is Jupiter, the natives also tend to be a little materialistic in nature. No other joy matters to them more than worldly pleasure. Also, by being a Sagittarius, the native possesses qualities like being faithful and sympathetic towards others. Moreover, they are also very intelligent.

2nd Pada -Capricorn Navamsa, the natives tend to know a little of all qualities. They come around to be the Jack of all trades. It is their behaviour that helps them get success in life. As Saturn is the ruler of this pada, the native also has a deep sense of justice within them. They might become lawyers or judges in the future because of their justice-loving attitude. Also, by being a Capricorn, the native will be very hard-working in nature. Also, they will possess excellent communication skills.

3rd Pada -Aquarius Navamsa, the natives tend to be dreamers. They will possess amazing creative abilities, and the combination of these two amazing qualities will guarantee success in the native’s life. As Saturn is also the ruler of this pada, the native will be justice-loving. Therefore, lawyers and Judges are some of the most suited professions for the native. Also, by being an Aquarius, the native will come around to be a researcher. They will always be asking questions and will also seek to find answers to these questions. However, in aspects of health, the native might face some health concerns.

4th Pada -Pisces Navamsa, the natives tend to be very sensitive, compassionate and loving towards others. They will make everyone feel at home with them. Moreover, as Jupiter is the ruler of this pada, the native will also be a little materialistic in nature. To them, the greatest joy in life will be fulfilled by worldly pleasures and nothing else. Also, by being a Pisces, the native will come around to be a little short-tempered in nature, but if they love someone, they will go to extreme lengths to make them happy and showcase their love. The native of this pada is built by love and for it too.

Ardra Nakshatra Characteristics : Male Native

Physical Appearance

The Ardra Nakshatra male will have a tall height. However, their physical attributes may vary. Also, there is no fixed characteristic of the natives because of their constantly changing and transforming bodies. Thus there are no prominent physical characteristics of the native, but one thing that can be said definitely is that they will have a good height. There is also a high chance of the native to be fair or wheatish-skinned.


The natives are blessed with good thinking and communication skills. They will also have analytical and creative minds. All these characteristics together will guarantee success for the native as they will have just the right amount of knowledge that one needs to be successful. The most successful phase of their life will start once they turn 32. The years before that will see a bit of downfall in terms of the native's career, but later they will succeed. Moreover, the natives will be quick learners and will be quick to adapt to the new work environment and culture. This quality of them will be used efficiently as the native will not be able to find stability in their work, which will eventually lead them to change their jobs frequently.

Personality And Behaviour

The native will have a personality that might not be liked by all. This is because of their straightforwardness and their ability to put up their thoughts freely. They will not stand quiet and be silent watchers for something they feel is wrong. The native will believe in taking action. However, when one gets to know the native, one will be the most intellectual and lovable person one can know. They will have an extreme love for their families. A good sense of humour is something the native is blessed with. One more negative trait of the natives can be that they will not be thankful to the people who have helped them. They will have a deep sense of pride and will also be very self-centred.

Family, Love And Marriage

The Ardra nakshatra compatibility with his family will be great as the native will love his family deeply. He might have to stay away from them due to their work and job requirements, but this will only increase the love from both sides. In terms of marriage, the male Ardra nakshatra marriage compatibility with his partner will not be so good. There are high chances of getting into frequent fights and arguments with their partner, but this will not be the only problem. The fights and arguments may lead to incidents of cheating by the natives or their partners. Separation and divorce are also high chances for the native. Thus, it is advised for the native to have a delayed marriage, probably after the age of 35. In the case of delayed marriage, the native will be blessed with a very supportive and loving partner.


The natives health is a matter of concern. He will have to take proper care of his health as there are high chances of him getting infected by a disease. Moreover, if the native takes care of his health from the beginning, this illness can be prevented. However, if the native is not concerned and focused on his health, he will have to face severe health issues, including deadly diseases.

Ardra Nakshatra Characteristics : Female Native

Physical Appearance

The Ardra nakshatra female native will be very beautiful and attractive in appearance. They will have an average height and will also be fair-skinned. Moreover, adding to her beauty will be her eyes. She will have big and beautiful eyes. They will also possess a unique eye colour which will enhance their beauty. A sharp and pointed nose is also an adding factor to her beauty. Moreover, she will have a slim figure as she takes care of her diet and is very self-conscious. She will always present herself at her best, and dressing up will be one of her hobbies.


The female Ardra nakshatra career will be very prosperous. She will have good academic grades and will pursue her passion. Therefore, there are excellent chances of her getting successful in this sphere. Moreover, she will possess a passion for scientific knowledge and research-based work. These are the prominent fields for her in terms of career. Also, she will be very intelligent and will possess an insight for gaining knowledge. These habits and passions of hers will help her in her work environment and career life. Moreover, she would become independent and will not tolerate anyone interfering in her personal matters and decisions.

Personality And Behaviour

Ardra nakshatra female characteristics include her being soft-spoken and polite towards others. As stated above, she will not like the involvement of others in her decisions and life. She will become the true example of a modern woman who will excel in all fields of her life. However, she will have to face some hardships in her personal life, but she will never show them to the world. She will always have a happy and confident face towards all the problems she has to deal with in her life.

Family, Love And Marriage

The female Ardra nakshatra compatibility with her family will be very good. She will have a very supportive and loving family. They will be her pillars of strength, and she will also be the same for them. There are also chances of her gaining a huge inheritance from their relatives or the maternal side of the family. On the other hand, the Ardra nakshatra female married life will not be very auspicious. She will face a lot of problems and trouble from her husband and in-laws. There are chances of separation and even divorce if the problem persists for the native. Additionally, the native will also be unhappy in her marriage, and this might lead to her cheating on her spouse.


The native will enjoy life to the fullest with a healthy body. Therefore, she will not have to face any significant concerns or health-related issues in her life. Thus she does not need to be very careful or considerate of her diet and health. However, in the later phase of life, the native might have to face certain minor issues related to menstruation, blood pressure, asthma and diabetes.

Different Planets In Ardra Nakshatra

Planets play a very important role in analysing an individual’s life. The placement of these planets in an individual's kundli can decide if the individual will enjoy the riches of life or will push them deep in the hole of darkness. Let us have a look at these planets and what are their effects on an individual’s life. These are as follows:

Venus In Ardra Nakshatra: The natives come around to be very emotional in nature. Moreover, the people who have Venus in this nakshatra tend to have good relations with all their family members.

Jupiter In Ardra Nakshatra: The natives having Jupiter in this nakshatra are known to be very spiritually inclined people. Moreover, they also tend to come around to have quite some insatiable relations with their peers and family members.

Rahu In Ardra Nakshatra: People with Rahu in this nakshatra are known to have problems in their relationship with their partners and spouse. Moreover, they also tend to have a keen interest in the subject matters of science and technology and are known to excel in the same fields.

Mars In Ardra Nakshatra: Mars in Ardra nakshatra teens to make an individual quite aggressive in nature. Moreover, the individual also tends to be a little abusive and mean to their peers and fellows.

Sun In Ardra Nakshatra: Natives having Sun in this nakshatra tend to come around to have a very unstable career. Moreover, the individuals are also prone to encountering a lot of troubles and turmoils in their life.

Moon In Ardra Nakshatra: Moon in Ardra nakshatra tends to make an individual quite loyal and serious in nature. Moreover, the natives with this nakshatra are also known to be very hard working individuals.

Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra: Mercury in Ardra nakshatra tends to make an individual quite violent in nature. Moreover, they also tend to possess bad and ill relations with their peers and fellow mates.

Saturn In Ardra Nakshatra: Having Saturn in this nakshatra tends to make an individual’s life slow. Thus, the individual will face troubles in achieving and gaining success. Moreover, they will also have slow progress in their life.

Ketu In Ardra Nakshatra: The natives having Ketu in this nakshatra come around to be very troubled people. They will have to face a lot of problems and challenges in their life. Moreover, they will also encounter and experience instability in their life.


To conclude we can say that the Ardra nakshatra born natives are lucky in all aspects of life apart from marriage. They will be successful in their career and will claim a lot of wealth. Also they will be very good academically and will be the brightest students in their class. However, in the phase of marriage the native will not be very auspicious as the compatibility between them and their partners will not match. This will cause a lot of fights and arguments and can also be the cause of separation and divorce. To know about what the future holds for you according to your nakshatra or to find out the nakshatra you were born in according to your kundli go to our InsataAstro page and find the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are chances of the Ardra nakshatra native to get divorced.
Ardra nakshatra is not auspicious in terms of marriage perspective for the native.
Ardra nakshatra is neither good nor bad. It will balance the life of the native and will give them what they deserve based on their karma. Some letters for Ardra nakshatra come around to be the following: Gha, Ng, Na, Chha, Ku, and Kam.
One issue for the male natives of this nakshatra is that they might have delayed marriage.
The most suitable nakshatra for marriage include Mrigashirsha and Swati Nakshatra.
Lord Rudra is said to be born in the Ardra Nakshatra.
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