Rahu Mahadasha - Period of Having Ruling Powers

The north nodal point of the Moon, Rahu, is an astral planet and significantly impacts the life of natives on Earth. Rahu's major time period, or Mahadasha, has a giant duration. It stays in a zodiac sign for 18 years. It is an intense planet and, therefore, brings extreme positive as well as negative results. Therefore, an individual must be aware of his or her natal chart.

Rahu planet highlights the attributes of a demon due to its history of being the head of a supernatural poisonous snake, stated distinctly in the story of “Samudra Manthan”. It is considered a malefic planet, i.e. it has the potential to cause harm and destruction. But that’s a half-truth. It also infuses a few good qualities in a native’s persona. The good and bad impacts largely depend upon the house where Rahu lies at a particular moment in time.

Rahu largely influences you through the company that you have. Under Rahu Mahadasha, a native gets influenced by the habits of their friends and family. If the people they surround possess bad habits like intoxication, excess alcoholism, abuse and violence, the individual in Rahu Mahadasha becomes one of them. On the other hand, if the company or the people they know are righteous or illuminate goodness, the natives are found with good attributes and intentions.

Rahu Mahadasha is strong and positive in the third, sixth, tenth and eleventh houses, while it is weak and negative in the fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth and twelfth houses. Based on this information and the placement of Rahu, the aspects of life associated with different houses are influenced.

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Rahu Mahadasha Positives

A well-placed Rahu in the birth chart shifts its effects to the positive side, which is not usual according to what people believe. Moreover, after you have learnt your lessons, you are on the path to success, and Rahu supports you in this journey. Furthermore, Rahu offers a lot of ups when you are spiritually connected to the divine. It makes you brainy and mindful. The Trikonas and quadrants are well-managed in the positive influence of Rahu Mahadasha.

Rahu Mahadasha, in case of the proper position of Rahu, makes your heart brave. You realise self-worth and sincerely work towards your goals. You have a say in society. Your decision-making improves, and you are appreciated for your actions. You are inclined towards bhakti or spiritual aspects that enhance your personality even more. You will be mentally and physically excited. Your energy is levelled-up, and good fortune seeks you without expecting it. People who dream of travelling abroad or going for higher studies in a foreign land are able to witness it become a reality. You earn well and can feed your family. It’s fascinating that we are even shocked at the good surprises from Rahu.

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Rahu Mahadasha Negatives

Rahu Mahadasha overshadows a person's life in a negative light when afflicted. This means that the improper position of Rahu in your Nakshatra and zodiac sign invites unfortunate events in your horoscope and are very clearly marked in your destiny. Troubles, obstacles, hardships and pain seem constant under Rahu’s influence. Rahu rules your birth chart for a significant amount of time in its Mahadasha, and its weakness causes a lot of tension and distress, especially in people’s personal life.

There are Rahu Mahadasha marriage concerns as the married life of the natives sees an extremely bad phase. Every couple goes through a lot of stress, misunderstandings, arguments and even violence. Furthermore, the lovers get incompatible. Standing with each other almost becomes impossible. This leads to heartbreaks and divorces. Natives keep multiple love affairs and are obsessed with adultery.

As Rahu highlights the head, there are possibilities that your thinking abilities may be disturbed. You constantly face confusion, and everything right from relationship to career seems unclear. All of a sudden, you may not like your job even when working at the top-most level, but you still continue to do it. All the frustration accumulates and is thrown out as harsh words to your partner. You even start seeing things that don’t exist, like ghosts. Your brain's general functioning is disturbed. As a result, you will likely have mental health disorders like anxiety, suicidal thoughts, fright and brain fever.

Rahu Mahadasha Bhuktis/Antardashas

Like every other Mahadasha, Rahu Mahadasha of 18 years is divided into small pockets of Antardashas, also known as Bhuktis. Each Anatardasha specifies the united impacts of the ruling planet Rahu and one particular planet. In this way, Rahu plays with human life by seeking the assistance of every other planet.

  • Rahu Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

The horoscope of natives under Rahu Mahdasha Rahu Antardasha has shown immense career growth. They have acquired great business empires and cracked humongous profit margins. So, properly aligned Rahu provides many good opportunities to the native. Natives often achieve overnight success. Money is loaded in their fates, and wealth becomes a lot more than sufficient. Strength, authority and power give them the scope to be arrogant and not lose anything. Students considering higher education are granted admission to the universities they dreamt of getting through. People attain societal praise for the choices they make. Children are benefited from the luxurious life their parents have gifted them. The natives and their families stay fit and healthy.

However, if negatively aligned or improperly positioned in a horoscope, the life of an individual faces adversities. Painful experiences, loss of life and property, separation from partner and downside at the workplace are encountered. Life almost shatters for an individual, and they are not able to find clarity in anything. Moreover, their ability to understand and analyse anything is hindered. Life goes upside down suddenly, and they are in a state of constant shock. Even health is affected by issues like migraine attacks, brain haemorrhage, shooting pain in the leg, arthritis, brain tumour, depression etc.

This Dasa period lasts for two years, eight months and a few days plus.

  • Rahu Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Jupiter brings positive occurrences to the lives of the people. Hence, when acting as an Antardasha under Rahu, it rubs off some of its goodness onto Rahu, especially when placed in favourable positions. Guru with Rahu makes an individual develop a deep interest in spiritual studies. It makes a native curious about things that people normally ignore or do not pay attention to.

A person is believed to have become new and transformed in this period. Intelligence, confidence, self-control, and convincing powers are in strong positions. Matters revolving around health are under control. Successes in work, love and marriage are seen. Intercaste marriages have prominent chances under Rahu Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha. Families missing their kids sitting in a different country would get to visit them, or the kids may return back to home.

But when wrongly placed, natives can witness mild or moderate ill effects like health issues such as heart problems, head pain, problems in walking, weight gain etc. They may take impulsive decisions and regret them later when faced with bad outcomes. Their intelligence takes the wrong route as they tend to act over-smart and make mistakes in denial.

This Dasha remains in an individual’s destiny for two years, four months and twenty-four days.

  • Rahu Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Rahu and Saturn together bring major hardships and turning points in the life of people facing Rahu Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha. Life is already challenged under the cast of Rahu, and with Saturn coming into the picture, it becomes a roller-coaster ride. Moreover, it is highly likely that the positions of the astronomical planets, Rahu and Saturn are not in the right positions. Rahu and Shani are considered harsh planets. Their combined effects may lead an individual to perform bad karma and face pain in return. Their thinking power gets paralysed, and they struggle in work and academics and face health diseases rarely known.

Still, people who have been exposed to Shani’s influence already might face some benefits when they enter this Mahdasha’s Saturn Antardasha, like money in life and respect in public.

Shani’s period lasts for two years, ten months, and six days during Rahu Mahdasha.

  • Rahu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Mercury or Buddha is soft on the natives and, therefore, creates a good atmosphere for humans under Rahu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha. Joyous experiences are mostly expected during this portion of Rahu Mahadasha. Career takes a front seat. Natives do well in office, and higher officials depend a lot on them. As a result, promotions and salary increments are expected. Maturity and wisdom also take a straight path into the soul of the native. Relationships with family and love with partners or married life blossom. Better health conditions are observed, and improvement in decision-making is noticeable.

Mercury, however, when shifted from their normal position, shows the natives a hard time. They lose interest in work and are attacked with financial debts. Frustrated due to failures, they even indulge in criminal acts like stealing, telling lies, harming people, and joining a group of criminal minds.

The period of Rahu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha is two years, six months, and eighty-eight days.

  • Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

According to the famous “Churning of the ocean tale (Samudra Manthan)” in Indian mythology, Rahu and Ketu are the head and tail of the venomous snake Vasuki who was cut down in the middle for the devas and the asuras. Hence, Rahu and Ketu are two portions of one entity. Some people also believe that they are siblings. This indicates that both Rahu and Ketu, when combined in a period, may bring worse scenarios. Therefore, people must be extra careful during this Dasha. Clearly, planetary positions are disturbed in Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha. Career, relationship and health are affected. Natives tend to indulge in bad deeds like addiction, thievery and even murder.

This duration of Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha is in progress for one year and eighty days.

  • Rahu Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Venus is a good-natured planet. Rahu and Venus are a good combination as their friendly behaviour with each other benefits the people on Earth. All the difficulties created by Rahu in love, career, marriage and health gets subsided in the presence of Venus. Initially, people under Rahu Mahadasha Venus Antardasha are faced with some challenges but later stay peaceful as their days of struggle become less. This period shed its influence on the natives for 3 years.

  • Rahu Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

Although Sun is known to bring ultimate power to the natives, its unity with Rahu alters the impact from positivity to negativity, specifically when the position of the planet is changed. The enmity between the Sun and Rahu causes a lot of tough situations in the life of human beings. Constant shifting and transfers are possible in this duration. As a result, the balance between work and personal life is troubled. A lot of responsibilities frustrate the native, and they feel friendless and lonely. Fights without purpose are picked up. Reputation is affected. Some astrologers also stress on the health of the natives’ fathers.

While rightly positioned, recognition, acknowledgement, money and a successful career in politics are mostly observed. Rahu Mahadasha Sun Antardasha period is seen for ten months and twenty-four days.

  • Rahu Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

The astrological planet Moon deals with the emotional aspect of the natives. When Rahu’s position is in the right direction with Moon, the Moon is believed to nullify the harmful impacts of Rahu. This creates a calming effect on the lives of the people facing Rahu Mahadasha Moon Antardasha. They are able to strike a fine balance between work and home. Senior officials are happy with them, and partners at home adore them for giving them love and satisfaction.

When the placement of the ruling planet and the Moon is not right, pain in joint muscles, headache and anxiety are observed.

Rahu Mahadasha Moon Antardasha survives the period of the D asha for one year and six months.

  • Rahu Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

Rahu and Mars arrive with fierce force on the lives of humans on Earth. With positive positioning or exaltation, energy and excitement for work and personal bonds are noticed. Win over rivals is also seen.

But when the planets are not in the correct position, many problems knock on the door of the individuals. Work disputes, tension in marriage, unexpected accidents and meetings with lawyers for legal issues are possible. Natives need to be careful of loss of money, attacks, injuries and defamation. Moreover, efforts and hard work will be of no use in this Dasha time frame.

One year and eighteen days is the planetary time period of Rahu Mahadasha Mars Antardasha.

Remedies for Rahu Mahadasha effects

Rahu Dasha remedies are essential for removing the intense impact of Rahu from your horoscope. Below are some of the most suggested remedies for overcoming the negative experiences of the Rahu Dasha period.

  • Bad Rahu dasha effects can be reduced by making a knot of camphor, urad dal, mishri, hessonite stone, some silver and supadi in a white cloth piece. Bury it in mud present at your house’s entrance.
  • Keeping your dining table, kitchen and food items in the east direction of your house attracts the favours of Rahu and hence must be kept in mind.
  • Reciting Rahu Mantra every morning 324 times in your Rahu Mahadasha period is one of the most effective Rahu Mahadasha remedies and impresses Rahu.
  • Conducting poojas and offerings in the name of your forefathers also helps a lot in Rahu Mahadasha.
  • Wearing eight-faced or eight-mukhi Rudraksha also helps fight the ill effects of Rahu Mahadasha.
  • Coconuts offered to temples at the time of Amavasya during Rahu Mahdasha are also considered beneficial.
  • Donating food items and clothing to the needy, preferably dal, til (sesame seeds), gud or jaggery, gehu or wheat and black blankets, must be exercised in Rahu Mahadasha.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rahu is considered an auspicious planet for its history with the serpent king, Vasuki. But Rahu is a passionate planet. If it can give you a lot of downs, it can also make you witness a lot of success and luxury.
Wearing blue-coloured footwear and clothes is advised to be avoided during Rahu Mahadasha. Even auspicious stones in blue are suggested to be removed for this Dasha period as blue colour is associated with the radiance of negative vibrations of Rahu.
In Rahu Mahadasha, people can expect both negat ive and positive life situations. It will depend upon the position of the planets in the Rahu Mahadasha. For information in depth, if you are currently in your Rahu Mahadasha, you can consult our expert astrologers at InstaAstro.
Rahu Mahadsha is observed with fear, but it is not always bad. It is believed to bring obsession into people’s lives. Obsession of doing good karma does not cause any harm and thus is fine to acquire. Whereas obsession with bad karma or deeds like crime, going against the law, constant anger issues, violence etc., are bad and must be dealt with timely.
Mahadasha, when combined with other planets in positive placement, suggests wealth and prosperity. Sun, Jupiter and Moon as Antardasha under Rahu Mahadasha indicate luxury and good hold on finances and hence, can make you rich but not without hard work.
Durga Mata, Bhairav Deva and Lord Varaha ( an incarnation of God Vishnu) must be worshipped during Rahu Mahadasha. They are considered destroyers of Rahu’s bad effects.
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