Mahadasha - Period of Complete Bliss or Turmoil

Mahadasha in astrology is a crucial period in the life of humans on Earth. The word Mahadasha is a Sanskrit word meaning a “major period”. You may not realise it, but knowing what Mahadasha is, is really important.

Mahadasha are planetary time periods that every single human being or living organism is running into. This means that each planet impacts your course of life for a specific duration starting from the time you take birth. Even a dog or a cat is running through a Mahadasha. These time periods, or the Mahadasha period, are going to go in chronological order for every human being. And the sequence does not change until death.

Entering a Mahadasha includes the most influential events in your life that occur multiple times, depending on how long you live. The time periods or the dates for everybody is different, but the chronological order of the planets is the same. These dates become very significant as it marks your entry into a new planetary period. Mahadasha, by the name, suggests something risky and scary, but it is not always the case. It is a condition that will probably depend on the placement of planets in your birth chart and also your karma.

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Mahadasha and the Nine Planets

Planets have a gameplay that juggles with our life hitting different important areas connected to it. Each planet creates its impact by remaining in our zodiac sign for a specific period of time called Mahadasha. Let us read how the nine planets play their part here.


Mahadasha in an individual’s life is based on the positions of the planets. Based on the planets’ movement, Mahadashas or Mahadasha period is divided into nine durations, which are further broken down into Antardasha or sub-divisions. Do not get confused between Mahadasha and Antardasha.

Mahadasha is spread over a span of 120 years, as that’s the maximum age a human being is believed to live. It has been segmented into nine Mahadasha periods, where each division belongs to a particular planet in chronological order. This order is also known as the Mahadasha sequence.

And Antardasha is a further divide or bhukti of each Mahadasha into short periods of nine planets within the ruling or main planet. Another important point to note is that when a planet is felt strong in a Mahadasha, one or all Antardasha meaning brings positive results to an individual's horoscope. And if the planet is weak, the same entities will bring negative outcomes.

Hence, Mahadasha and Antardasha are interrelated, and the nine planets indirectly shed their radiance on all the nine Mahadashas. Furthermore, the Mahadasha influences or recognises a zodiac sign through its associated Nakshatra or group of constellations, also called the Lunar mansions. We have 27 such Nakshatras and 12 zodiac signs as per Vedic Science.

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We follow the “Vimshottari Dasha system” in Vedic astrology to determine Mahadasha's time periods or time spans in an individual’s journey. Before looking at the influences of each planet briefly, let us look at the division of 120 years over the nine segments with one planet seated on each. The Mahadasha occurs in the same order as displayed.

Mahadasha NameDuration (Dasa Period)
Sun/Surya Mahadasha6 years
Venus/Shukra Mahadasha20 years
Saturn/Shani Mahadasha19 years
Moon/Chandra Mahadasha10 years
Jupiter/Guru Mahadasha16 years
Ketu Mahadasha7 years
Rahu Mahadasha18 years
Mars Mahadasha7 years
Mercury Mahadasha17 years
Total120 years

Now, let us look into what each Mahadasha has to say.

  • Sun/Surya Mahadasha: With the name itself, we can figure out that the ruler of this Mahadasha is the Sun. Sun is the supreme source of power or authority, and hence it represents fame, money, reputation and career promotions. Some Vedic texts also mention that with authority comes the head of the family, which is usually a Father. People involved in politics and higher governing bodies must take special care when going through this Mahadasha
    The karma of the people working at the higher end will decide the position of the Sun in their zodiac sign and related Nakshatra. Also, the natives must regulate and have a close check on their father’s health, and someone who seeks to be a father must be careful about their unborn child and the going-to-be mother. If the Sun is rightly placed, people can expect positive results in all aspects of life mentioned previously. And if not, the native may face unfavourable consequences like loss in metabolic strength, heart risks, confusion and anxiety. It stays in a horoscope for 6 years.
  • Venus/Shukra Mahadasha: When the ruling planet is Venus, its positive or negative influence is called the Venus or Shukra Mahadasha. It deals with the matters of the heart, both emotionally and physically. It also highlights beauty, entertainment and romanticism. It is also about conceiving a child, nurturing relationships and finding a balance between personal and professional space
    When the placement of Venus in a Janam Kundli is disturbed, ill effects and bad outcomes are projected in the aspects stated earlier. Marriages seeing a tough time, constant arguments between lovers, skin diseases, heart breaks all become very prominent. Venus is gentle in its Dasa period, and it gives you minimal suffering if it wants to teach you lessons by being improperly placed. Hence, the 20 year time period under the Venus Mahadasha is definitely a rollercoaster ride where if you see a lot of downs, you would also see a lot of ups in life. As far as health is concerned, pay attention to reproductive organs and kidneys.
  • Saturn/Shani Mahadasha: Saturn is the planet of Shani Dev, and it is all about learning lessons and setting boundaries when faced with its Mahadasha. It leads you to the path of perfection, success and maturity by giving you a lot of downs or pit holes to cope with. It does it as it tests you and believes in you that you will successfully pass all hurdles and finally emerge victorious. It shows you the downside of major areas of life - love, career, money, relationship and marriage. But you do not have to fear. You just have to keep walking ahead and keep improving until the Mahadasha finally ends
    When this Mahadasha concludes, you become a better and much stronger individual. It builds good Karma and helps you get rid of Karmic debts. It rests in your rashi for 19 years. During this Mahadasha, health has to be kept the topmost priority as you will likely face all sorts of diseases that are present and may include risk. But eating simple food, regular exercise, and meditation are the precautionary steps that can be taken beforehand.
  • Moon/Chandra Mahadasha: Moon rules over this Mahadasha. Moon makes you an emotional person, and hence, your emotions are going to play a huge role during this period. The moon usually stays over your horoscope when you need to stand up for important decisions. Doing a business deal, taking a huge responsibility, buying a new property, trusting your work partner for a secret, confessing love to a potential partner etc., are the situations when your emotions come into play
    When the Moon is not in the right place in your Nakshatra and, in turn, the zodiac sign, it makes you a little weak on your knees, and you avoid confrontation. You tend to fall into the trap of an uncontrollable inferiority complex. You get introverted. But the Moon is not a harsh planet and hence does not disturb your general well-being. It just lets you get lost in emotional turmoil when placed wrong. Your memory strength is also under the shadow of the Moon, and hence you are likely to get teary remembering your childhood or the lack of it. And if it is proper in your Kundli, you tend to be happy, peaceful and mentally strong. It resides in your zodiac for 10 years.
  • Jupiter/Guru Mahadasha: With Jupiter in a Mahadasha, you tend to get impacted around fortune, destiny, and academic and spiritual knowledge. You tend to find an inclination towards books in this Mahadasha. With a strong Jupiter in your horoscope, your life becomes wholesome. You get all the happiness in the world. Be it kids, family, lovers, a successful career, spiritual strength and other highs in life. It can also make you extremely interested in the spiritual path and searching of gurus for pure wisdom
    When Jupiter’s position is disturbed, your general system or function gets distressed. This means your life as a whole is affected. For example, you may face career or work-related stress. Or tension in marriage may prevail. You may also get excessively obsessed in love, and your partner may face space issues. Jupiter comes under the category of Kapha, which highlights body and mind. Hence, your health is affected, specifically your weight. Diseases like obesity and phlegm are observed. It stays in your course of life for 16 years.
  • Ketu Mahadasha: Ketu is considered the southern nodal point of Ketu. Ketu makes you spiritually obsessed. It detaches you from all worldly desires and comforts and leads you toward the occult. It tends to give you a successful spiritual career if you are interested
    When Ketu is not properly placed in your fate, you are likely to encounter losses, debts, and maybe even casualties. As you have already left your family to achieve spiritual knowledge, you may be disturbed by missing out on an important family affair or the loss of a loved one. Ketu may affect you adversely if you are hooked to things that are unnecessary for survival. If you are a simple person who doesn’t have many expectations from life, Ketu may not be able to influence your life completely but will apparently shift your focus towards spirituality. If health is affected, strange ailments like sudden pain in a body part and complications in the nervous system are observed. Ketu Mahadasha lasts for 7 years.
  • Rahu Mahadasha: Rahu, the north nodal point of the moon, rules over a human being’s life mostly in its Mahadasha. Rahu highlights major highs and lows in a horoscope. It will keep creating shocking events for you. At a point where you think that everything is falling apart, you may be happily amazed when things get sorted all of a sudden. When people ask “Which is worst Mahadasha?” then the answer is: Rahu Mahadasha
    Moreover, there may also be a moment in life when you think that you are in a happy and peaceful state, and you may be shocked at the bombardment of an enumerable number of problems. You may even meet the loss of a beloved. In fact, Rahu and Ketu impact humans with equal strength, but Ketu Mahadasha survives a little more than Rahu, i.e. 18 years.
  • Mars Mahadasha: Mars Mahadasha brings aggression to your soul. A native is highly passionate about things under Mars. He/she may be found as a sincere lover and worker. Masculinity is highlighted in this duration. Therefore, male bonds are likely to blossom here. An individual is self-reliant and grows highly ambitious under the influence of Mars. Sensuality and lust are also underlined here
    Urges take a huge flight in this Mahadasha. When Mars is positioned wrong in a chart, you tend to indulge in disputes and fights. Relationship bonds are affected. Furthermore, rivals may also try to take undue advantage of it. Health issues like asthma, breathlessness, anaemia and anxiety may prevail. It stays in a horoscope for 7 years.
  • Mercury Mahadasha: Smarts and intelligence are highlighted in the rule of Mercury. Therefore, people involved in journalism, writing and other professions, which include the use of speaking skills, are benefitted. If Mercury’s position is proper, the natives’ convincing powers are enhanced. Businessmen are able to crack deals. Potential candidates are able to clear interviews. And if the position is not settled well, indecisiveness and confusion are likely to get them. Mercury Mahadasha stays in an individual’s horoscope for 17 years.

Mahadasha Effects

Mahadasha touches different areas of your life and are responsible for situations emerging in a certain way. The situation may be beneficial for you or fall unfavourable. Following are some of the Mahadasha change effects when an individual moves from one Mahadasha to another.

  • Transition from one Mahadasha to another in a length of 120 years brings Mahadasha change effects. These effects can be personal as well as professional.
  • Mahadasha may affect personal bonds, relationships, marriages and family dynamics.
  • It may bring work stress, misunderstanding, and confusion at the workplace. Or alternatively, create a peaceful environment for you.
  • It deals with the Moon sign of the natives. Henceforth, Moon is responsible for determining the influences of each Mahadasha.
  • While moving from one Mahadasha to another, your heart, mind, soul, body, and internal and external organs are impacted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Mahadasha is a major time period in which planets influence an individual’s course of life. It is spread over a time period of 120 years and is segmented into nine divisions dedicated to the effects of each of the nine planets.
Dasha indicates the time period or duration of th e planets' stay in a particular horoscope. It can be a short o r long duration. And Mahadasha is a major or large time period of planets affecting the native’s life in nine divisions over a duration of 120 long years.
There are dedicated calculators available on the internet for identifying your current Mahadasha. The starting duration of the planetary period always begins from your birth. The duration is based on the planets associated with the Nakshatra type an individual is born into.
The Mahadasha duration of each type or each plan et is the same. But the bad and good outcomes of each planet differ based on the placement of the planet and the karma of the natives. The impacts are different for different individuals.
If a Mahadasha brings negative effects to your horoscope, you must perform puja and make offerings to Lord Rudra, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Doing his Abhishekam is believed to eliminate the ill effects of the Mahadasha. Also, reciting Hanuman Chalisa and worshipping the planet whose Mahadasha is ongoing is beneficial.
Mahadasha lord is the deity of the nakshatra in which the ruling planet of your current Mahadasha resides. For example, during your birth, your janam nakshatra is the nakshatra where the Moon resides. Thus, the deity of your nakshatra during your birth becomes the Mahadasha Lord and must be worshipped.
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