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Frequently Asked Questions

Your body will become light and your mind peaceful as you will be letting out things you had not told your partner. Moreover, other things that affect your relationship, such as career, family, friends, money etc., will be clear for your loved one. They will understand things from your perspective.
One session of Relationship Healing is about 60-90 minutes. The duration may vary depending on the astrologer, couple and the number of problems they face in their relationship.
Your body will feel more relaxed and connected to your partner as you hold hands and think about things, situations, and the good or bad moments you shared with them. Furthermore, the astrologer will ask questions, making your thoughts vibrate and raising many questions.
You will get to connect with the astrologer you have chosen via a chat window. Your astrologer will make you call regarding your healing process, telling the details and requirements of the process. Further, you will be given a date and time to execute the healing process.
The early morning time is advised to be the best for the relationship session as your body is fresh and your mind is free of thoughts during the day.
Mainly couples are involved in this process. But that is unnecessary, and you can participate in this session with your partner, friend, child, or family members. This session is meant for your loved ones with whom you wish to solve your relationship issues.
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