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Frequently Asked Questions

Prosperity Healing benefits bring good luck, more growth in business, increased wealth, improved health, success in exams, more happiness, and balance in life.
One session of Prosperity Healing is around 15-90 minutes. But, depending on the areas you face difficulties in, this duration can fluctuate.
You will be experiencing frequencies around you. Your body will feel calm and relaxed. In addition, you will feel more happiness and peace. You will be seeing the positive side of little things. You will be earning from various sources. Consequently, you will be able to see prosperity in your life.
Firstly, you will connect with an astrologer via a chat window. To inform you of the details and requirements of the session, our astrologer will contact you through a phone call. Further, you will be assigned a date and time for the session.
You can do the Prosperity Healing session with your family, teachers, or business partners, as they all are a way of bringing overall prosperity into your life. While doing Prosperity Healing sessions with an astrologer, you can place your cash chest (Tijori), white cloth for peace, pen or anything related to the aspect you want success in.
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