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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Healing has the following health benefits: Increased blood flow, reduced stress, healthy skin, reduced insomnia, better sleep, and a more relaxed body. If you have undergone any surgery, it will help increase the healing rate and minimise pain and infections.
One session of Medical Healing ranges from 15-90 minutes. However, the time it takes may vary depending on your health condition and how the astrologer treats you.
Your body will undergo several feelings and changes. You might feel like sweating as your body releases the toxic energy. Also, your body will feel light and more relaxed
Our team will get in touch with you via a chat window and we will assign you an astrologer. They will inform you regarding your healing process through a phone call, telling you the details and requirements of the process. Further, you will be given a date and time as per your convenience.
The early morning time is advised to be the best for the relationship session as your body is fresh and most active. In addition, your organs work faster during morning hours to prepare you for the day.
Yes, Medical Healing is 100% safe. The reiki gently breaks down the negative energy and stabilises the Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha, which balances the person's body level. As a result, immunity increases, and you become less prone to diseases.
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