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Astro Rajesh

Exp. 35 years

Hindi , Punjabi

Vedic KP

₹ 153/min

₹ 180/min

wait time: 5 min Not Available

Astro Shilpaa

Exp. 5 years

Hindi , English

Vedic Vastu

₹ 54/min

busy wait time: 5 min
Not Available

Tarot Shivapriy…

Exp. 14 years

Hindi , English

Numerology Tarot

₹ 60/min

wait time: 4 min Not Available

Tarot Parisha

Exp. 7 years

Hindi , English

Tarot Law of Attraction

₹ 135/min

busy wait time: 4 min
Not Available

Astro Amarmani

Exp. 10 years

Hindi , English

Vedic Love Astrology

₹ 72/min

Not Available

Tarot Swatii

Exp. 8 years

Hindi , English

Tarot KP

₹ 108/min

₹ 150/min

wait time: 23 min Not Available

Tarot Sapna

Exp. 9 years

Hindi , English

Numerology Tarot

₹ 135/min

busy wait time: 23 min
Not Available

Tarot Sadhika

Exp. 10 years

Hindi , English

Numerology Tarot

₹ 60/min

Not Available

Astro Lovelesh

Exp. 5 years

Hindi , English

Vedic Vastu

₹ 75/min

wait time: 6 min Not Available

Tarot Kalika

Exp. 10 years

Hindi , English

Numerology Tarot

₹ 60/min

busy wait time: 6 min
wait time: 7 min Not Available

Astro Nishit

Exp. 12 years


Vedic Prashna Astrology

₹ 63/min

busy wait time: 7 min
Not Available

Astro Amita

Exp. 22 years

Hindi , English

Vedic Nadi

₹ 81/min

Talk to Astrologer

Does your life feel like a struggle? Talk to India’s Best Astrologers on InstaAstro and find the right guidance for you. For ages, people have turned to astrology and astrologers to find solutions to the problems they have no control over. Now, we bring you more than 1500 expert astrologers at your fingertips. All you need to do is select the astrologer of your choice and start your consultation from the comfort of your home. Your first consultation will only be @Rs. 1/.

How Talk To Astrologer Consultations Guides You?

InstaAstro has over 1500 astrologers who can give you genuine astrological advice on all aspects of your life. We select our astrologers after various rounds of interviews to make sure that our users get genuine help and guidance. We offer not only Vedic Astrologers but also Tarot Readers, Palmistry Experts, Vastu Shastra Experts, Feng Shui Experts, Psychics, and much more. Our experts can help you with the following aspects of your life:

  • Love and Relationship

Wondering when will you find your perfect partner or want to know your partner’s feelings about you? Talk to Astrologer and find the answers you want.

  • Marriage

Are you facing issues in getting married or after marriage? Did you know that these marriage-related questions can be answered via astrology? Consult our astrologer on the phone and get guidance.

  • Career

Are you in doubt about your job, or is it your business that concerns you? Well, your kundli can help you know what is best for you. Get online astrology predictions and remedies from our astrologers.

  • Money and Finance

Do you want to make more money? Talk to astrologer to get genuine guidance and remedies regarding your money and finance situations and know what the future holds for you.

  • Kundli Analysis

Your Kundli tells a lot about your life, and by using our free kundli tool, you can make your kundli online. To get it analysed, you can talk to an astrologer online to learn about your karmic astrology past lives, and present loves.

  • Matchmaking

Are you planning your marriage and want to know if he/she is the right one for you? Consult our astrologer to know if you two are destined to be together or not and get detailed astrology future predictions.

  • Vastu Shastra

Feeling stuck in life? Or does everything seem to go the wrong way? Consult our astrologer to get genuine and helpful Vastu-related guidance and welcome peace and happiness in your life.

  • Muhurat

Performing a task in shubh muhurat is known to bring good luck. So, do you also want to know the most auspicious time for your special event? Talk to astrologer and know Shubh Muhurat for marriage, Griha Pravesh, Namkaran and much more.

How To Talk To Our Astrologers?

In order to connect with our astrologers, all you need to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below to start your consultation. These steps are as follows:

  • Log in or Sign up on InstaAstro’s website or app.
  • Recharge your wallet.
  • Select the astrologer of your choice and start your consultation. Your first consultation will be only at Rs. 1/.

Why Talk To Our Astrologers?

  • 24/7 Talk Consultations Available

On InstaAstro, you get to select the astrologer you want and then start your consultation. You can consult our astrologers anytime you want, as we offer 24/7 astrology online services.

  • Talk to an astrologer with the assurance of privacy

Every conversation with our astrologers will be confidential. Your discussions, problems, details of your Kundali, aspects of your life, solutions, and remedies will surely stay between you and your astrologer, and nobody will know about it apart from you and the astrologer.

  • Detailed and interactive Live phone calls

On calls, explaining things in detail and receiving the guidance you want becomes easy. Moreover, astrology phone consultations provide enough time to talk to astrology experts and make the process relatively easy for both parties.

  • Solutions for all your problems in one place

Now, you don't have to worry about looking for solutions at different places, as our platform will help you find all the answers to your problems. On our platform, we have Vedic Astrologers, Nadi Astrologers, Psychics, Tarot Readers, Numerology Experts, Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Experts and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

InstaAstro's 'Talk to Astrologer' platform is entirely safe. Furthermore, you can rest assured that InstaAstro and its astrologers will treat your details with utmost privacy. You can talk to the best astrologers here, who will provide solutions and answers to all your problems and questions. Moreover, you can also get horoscope consultation and astrology advice from our astrologers.
Connecting with an astrologer on the phone through our app or website does not take much time. Your consultation will start within minutes of you booking it.
You can ask any question to your astrologer about Relationship Advice, Vedic Astrology art of living, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, Panchang, Horoscope Predictions, Muhurat, art of living astrology consultation, and more based on their specialisation and your requirements.
Your first Call/Chat on our platform will be only at Rs. 1/. After that, if you want to continue or consult another astrologer, you will be charged according to the astrologer’s price mentioned on the website and app.
Yes, InstaAstro selects astrologers after various rounds of interviews. Thus, the astrologers here are genuine and good.
In order to recharge your wallet, just log in or sign up on InstaAstro’s website or app, click on the recharge option (Website) or wallet Icon (App) and choose from the packs below. Complete the transaction, and your recharge is done.
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