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Which tarot card represents me?

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Importance of tarot cards

In astrology, often used as a divination tool, tarot cards use the date of birth or confident choices to predict aspects of a person’s life. These cards provide them with answers and guidance stemming from some higher form of energy and spirituality. A significant question that arises is, “Which tarot card represents me?”. If you also want to know what tarot card you are or which tarot card represents you, read on!

How to use tarot cards, and what card am I?

Traditionally, a tarot card deck contains 78 cards with symbols, images, and messages. These guide and provide assurance to any person seeking a sign or answer to their problems. The deck of cards divides into two sets, and the first set is the Major Arcana or ‘Big secrets’ made up of 22 titled cards. The second set is the Minor Arcana or ‘Little secrets,’ which includes four main suits: wands, cups, pentacles, and swords.

So, to know what tarot card you are, you can work in several ways, but some of the standard practices are:

Place your shuffled deck face down on a surface, close your eyes and let your intuition guide you into choosing a card for the day. This chosen card will provide you with some guidance and direction for the upcoming day. The chosen card will also make you more familiar with the cards. You will also be able to understand the messages they are putting out if you’re a beginner. This method does not require you to ask specific questions. Instead, it presents you with guidance and underlying messages specifically meant for you by some higher sources. 

Be familiar with your zodiac card:

Tarot cards related to your zodiac sign help you make changes in your life and highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your life and recurring themes. Look up your sun sign and the Major Arcana card associated with it. Therefore, knowing your tarot card well can easily determine which tarot card represents you. 

  • Aries: The Emperor (I Am) represents ambition, authority, financial stability, energy, and power
  • Taurus: The Hierophant (I Have) represents traditional values, forgiveness, guidance, spirituality, and wisdom
  • Gemini: The Lovers (I Think) represents love, choices, attraction, harmony, and sexuality
  • Cancer: The Chariot (I Feel) represents triumph over difficulties, success, transformation, revenge, and strong will
  • Leo: Strength (I Want) represents courage, inner strength, power, control, and energy 
  • Virgo: The Hermit (I Analyse) represents inner wisdom, self-realisation, inner balance, withdrawal for contemplation, and self-assurance 
  • Libra: Justice (I Balance) represents fairness, a balanced mind, strength, legalities, and balance 
  • Scorpio: Death (I Desire) represents any significant change, transformations, and endings
  • Sagittarius: Temperance (I See) represents patience, unity, love, healing, and equilibrium 
  • Capricorn: XV, The Devil (I Use) represents manipulation, endurance, limitations, boundaries, and influence 
  • Aquarius: The Star (I Know) represents hope, balance, clarity, faith, and insight
  • Pisces: The Moon (I Believe) represents illusion, fluctuation, darkness, truth, and secrets

Personality card:

To divine, a personality card uses a tarot card that corresponds to or represents you and your personality. You can calculate your card by adding your birthday numbers. First, look for the Major Arcana card that corresponds to the sum. For example, suppose your birthday is on 11th October 1999; you will add 1+1+1+9+9+9=30 and then 3+0=3. As a result, if the sum of your birth date is between 1 to 22, then the card from Major Arcana is your personality card. Following this, if the sum is greater than 22, you will further calculate the sum of the two digits as shown above. 

Power card:

The power card represents your unique strengths and can be found by simply pulling up the Major Arcana card with the same number as your date of birth. For example, if you are born between 23 to 31, add the two digits of your date of birth, similar to the process used to find a personality card. Then, after this, use the sum to find your power card. Power cards enable individuals to find paths to seek balance, happiness, and strength. Therefore, these cards are a sure-shot way to understand your connection to a card or know which tarot card represents you. 

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