Shigmotsav: Vibrant Festival Of Goan Hindu

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About the Festival:

Shigmotsav is a well-known celebration in Goa, synonymous with the celebration of Holi. The 14-days festival displays the Goan Hindu mythology and folklore. The festival of Shigmotsav also marks the farewell of winter and the arrival of spring. So, individuals leave non-veg food and drinks. This year, the Shigmo Festival will happen on March 21, 2022. It appreciates the energy of colours with dance exhibitions, plays, and a major, beautiful, totally worth-the-sight parade. 

In 2018 welcomes spring (March) with the Goans and witness the colorful Shigmo Festival - India Tourism Guide & Travel NewsIndia Tourism Guide & Travel News


According to the Hindu scriptures, Shigmo or Shigmotsav is in the long stretch of Phalguna (March) from the ninth moon day to full moon day. It is the most significant celebration for the Hindus in Goa. The fifth day is the ‘Rang Panchami’. Moreover, this day of cheering ends with the bountiful play with ‘Gulal’ or red powder.

From the eleventh to the fifteenth moon day, villagers get ready to spruce up in vivid dresses and celebrate with a festive state of mind alongside multi-coloured banners, drums and blowing flutes to get together at the town temples. They dance and sing different regional songs at the temple entrance to the beat of the drums.

The scattered gatherings move along the course with their conventional Goan drums. Planning of the finale is flawless. There are Diya floating at various areas on different days in Goa.

Shigmotsav vibrant festival of goan

Shigmotsav goan


Shigmo Float Parades will be coordinated in five significant urban communities across Goa this year. Firstly, they will occur on the nineteenth March in Ponda. Then, on the twentieth March in Margao and the twenty-second March in Vasco. Shigmo parade will be held in Panaji on 26th March and in Mapusa on 27th March. The program will initiate at 4:00 pm and close at 10:00 pm.

Shigmo is an extraordinary experience to encounter Goa’s Konkani legacy and folklore. Alongside the rich gatherings, delightful seashores and Portuguese design, Shigmo gives explorers one more motivation to cherish Goa!

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