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Nataraja Temple: The Sacred Place for Dancers

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Temple for Dancers:

Chidambaram Nataraja temple

Nataraja temple

Nataraja Temple, in Chidambaram, is devotion to Lord Nataraja. He is known as the dancer of the Universe. Lord Shiva or Nataraja is the master of the dance. Likely, Chidambaram is the holiest place concerning the love of the Lord and dance. The name signifies ‘atmosphere of wisdom’ or ‘dressed in thought’. Natyanjali is a mix of 2 words, ‘ Natya’, which means dance and ‘Anjali’, which means offering. The celebration is a contribution of dance to the enormous dance, Lord Shiva.

 About Natyanjali celebration

The celebration has the help of the Ministry of Tourism. The Department of Tourism of Tamil Nadu, with Natyanjali trust, directs and deals with the dance festivities. The celebration begins on the devout event of Maha Shivratri. It continues for around five days. During the carnival, artists from all around India come to offer their performances to Shiva. In addition, it also gives specialists of all foundations and ages a platform. 

Venue for the celebration

Chidambaram Nataraja temple

Nataraja temple

The venue for the celebration is a sight to see. The carnival performance is in the Prakarams of the sanctuary. In the outer region encompassing the temple. The four prakarms present excellent scenery for the exhibitions. The Nataraja temple is almost centuries old. It was built during the peak of the Chola dynasty. They thought about Nataraja as their family divinity.

The temple is an impressive illustration of old Indian engineering. The primary temple roof is gold. Therefore, the lights that strike the temple and the rooftop gives it an incredible shine in the evening. The gopurams or towers encompass the temple on the nine sides. It has rich works of art to portray Hindu texts and traditions. Above all, a specific note concerning the celebration is the eastern gopuram. It has every one of the 108 reliefs of Natya Shastra. Hence, popular as 108 performances by Lord Shiva facing the internal temple. 

The Nataraja Temple is known for its attractive gopurams, carvings, five mandapams and inscriptions. The Chidambaram temple has always followed both Vedic and Tamil versions of worship. Thousands of domestic and international pilgrims visit the temple each day. People often say worshipping there wholeheartedly makes you leave the temple as a changed person.

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