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Mewar Festival: Celebration, History and Significance

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Significance of Mewar Festival:

Mewar Festival of Udaipur denotes the coming of spring. The celebration is a necessary piece of Udaipur’s way of life and custom. Individuals in different parts of the place energetically participate in this celebration. The city flaunts a bright look during this Festival.

History of Mewar Festival

The historical backdrop of the Mewar Festival traces back to when the Sisodia tradition governed this place. As per history, Maharana Udai Singh met a blessed man while hunting. The man was performing meditation on a hill that gave Lake Pichola a serene view. The holy man blessed the king and advised him to build a royal residence. The ruler consented to his suggestion, fabricated the castle, and established the city. The city today is known as Mewar.

Celebration of Mewar Festival

The entire city is doused in light during the Mewar Festival and wakes up with fascinating events. The Festival coincides with or forms a part of the Gangaur celebrations. This year’s Mewar Festival is on April 4th. It is a celebration of the arrival of spring, harvest, and Shiva and Parvati’s marriage. The following are a couple of attractions that make the Mewar Festival a must-visit in Rajasthan.

  • Magnificent Gangaur Procession

As the Mewar Festival matches with the Gangaur, it holds extraordinary importance for ladies. The festivities start on the following day of Holi. Locals assemble the cinders of Holi fire which then covers Barley seeds on the Earth.

The recently hitched ladies fast for a blissful wedded life during this period. It is also unmarried ladies who fast to achieve martial joy in the future.

Upon the arrival of Gangaur, the ladies dress in their most elegant and delicate attire. They take the symbols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in a beautiful parade to Lake Pichola. Later, the icons are securely carried on in great boats. Seeing a few vivid boats cruising on sky blue water is a moment worth cherishing.

Mewar Festival

Mewar Festival in Udaipur

  • People Dance Performances

After the parade, the Mewar Festival follows dances like Ghoomar and Kalbeliya. The view is breathtaking whenever Rajasthani ladies whirl in their brilliant ghagra odhni. Guests continue to tap their feet to the musical beats.

  • People Music

Rajasthani artisans sing their traditional tunes in classic style. It is to welcome the outsiders to the land of royalty with their exceptional exhibitions. Astonishing versions of maand, like padharo mhare des, moomal, chirmi, gangaur, and more, are enjoyable to hear. The music touches your soul and transports you to a universe of your fantasies.

  • Rangoli

Delightful and bright rangolis are visible at the front of houses and shops. Rangolis are exceptionally favourable, and they are regularly seen during the Festival.

  • Lighting

Shops, castles, fortifications, homes, authentic landmarks, and delightful lights. Brilliant lights enhance the markets. Everybody is eager to invite the Spring season, the period of restoration.

  • Shows

 the coordination of shows during the carnival is a significant part. It is where a few notable and a few growing craftsmen show their musical abilities. However, the more substantial portion of these shows is against the excellent setting of sparkling and illuminated castles.

  • Great Firework Display

Toward the finish of the three-day Festival, one will watch an excellent presentation of firecrackers.

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