Cause : THE MOON

Are you feeling a bit lost or uncertain, my friend? The Moon card may have appeared in your reading to remind you of the power of your subconscious mind and the need to connect with it in order to move forward. As the great mother of all emotions and tides, the Moon holds a powerful sway over our inner world. It can reveal hidden fears, doubts, and confusion that may be holding us back, and it can also provide us with a deeper understanding of our own inner workings and motivations. One way to tap into the Moon's energy is by paying close attention to your dreams. Our dreams are often a reflection of our deepest thoughts and feelings, and they can provide valuable insights into our own subconscious mind. By keeping a dream journal and reflecting on the symbols and themes that emerge, you may be able to uncover hidden fears or desires that are impacting your waking life. The Moon can also encourage you to embrace your feminine energy and connect with your intuition. By tuning in to your own inner voice and trusting your instincts, you may be able to navigate challenges and make decisions that are in alignment with your deepest desires. Remember, my friend, that the Moon's energy is not always straightforward or easy to decipher. It can be mysterious and even unsettling at times, but by embracing its power and tapping into your own inner wisdom, you can rise to a higher level of awareness and unlock your true potential. So pay attention to your dreams, trust your intuition, and let the Moon guide you on your journey towards greater self-awareness and fulfillment.



The High Priestess is a powerful card that symbolizes inner knowledge, intuition, and hidden truths. Drawing this card suggests that it is time to trust your instincts and inner voice. You may have a decision to make or a situation to navigate, and your intuition is the key to unlocking the answers you need. To activate the full potential of this card, you can use some magic to enhance your intuition and connect with the divine feminine energy. One way to do this is to create a sacred space for yourself, light a candle or some incense, and sit in meditation or prayer. Focus on your breath and allow yourself to relax and become present in the moment. When you are ready, call upon the High Priestess and ask for her guidance and wisdom. You can also ask for clarity on any questions or concerns you may have. Pay attention to any messages or insights that come to you during this practice, as they may hold the key to unlocking your full potential. Trust that the universe will provide you with the answers you seek, and have faith in yourself and your ability to navigate any situation with grace and wisdom.

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Divine Magic Reading

Life is made of a continuous loop of causes and solutions. You might be stuck in a situation that makes you question your life. In addition, you may feel a sudden change in the energies around you or your vibration and aura. These changes of emotions may be due to evil eye or black magic. If we believe in the divine and positive aspects of spirituality, it is essential to also believe in the negative aspects of it. Most people engage in various practices of spirituality to gain knowledge and understand how life is for them and what they can do to improve their lives. While you may believe that spirituality or astrology is not accurate, that's not exactly true. Spirituality and astrology have deep connections to our surroundings, our existence and the ways we choose to live our lives. Every person wishes to live a life of happiness, peace, and stability. For some of us, attaining the perfect life may be easy and quick, but it becomes pretty tricky for others.

Through means of spirituality and astrology, people can determine the ways to achieve the life of their dreams. In addition, one can discover what they lack, the aspects they should work on, and what they should do to receive abundance, joy, and prosperity. However, it is more complex than it sounds. For example, people often suffer from the negative vibes of evil eye. This is a negative aura put on by ill-wishers. Every culture has its version of this branch of black magic. Usually, in the Hindu religion, we believe that when the evil eye or "Buri Nazar" is put upon someone, that person suffers from various types of misfortune.

Although there are various ways to battle evil eye, one of the most potent ways is through tarot reading. Tarot reading is a special branch of spirituality where tarot cards possess energies which help people get guidance, direction, and support. Through tarot readings, cards are chosen, and the divine messenger tarot cards play a significant role in assisting people in living the life of their dreams. Divine tarot card reading is one type where one will receive the solutions and remedies to overcome black magic and dark vibes. Moreover, tarot cards are a great way to discover the hidden secrets of our lives and understand our roles in the grand plan of the Universe. Every card has its meaning, message, representation and symbolism. People with vast knowledge of tarot reading say that each card plays a different role in different contexts. For example, if you wish to know how to overcome negative vibes, the cards in divine tarot reading free sessions will mean other things. Similarly, a love compatibility tarot reading will have different cards in different contexts.

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What is Two-card Tarot Reading?

Much like one-card tarot reading, the two-card tarot reading sessions deal with effects and remedies. In this unique type of tarot reading, two cards are chosen on the basis of intuition, inclination, vibe, and feeling. The first card usually focuses on cause and effect. The second card, on the other hand, is all about solutions and remedies. The "why" and "how" of every problem are analysed in two-card tarot reading sessions. These aspects mean why you are facing the issues that you're facing, why things are the way they are, and why you need to change.

Furthermore, it also focuses on how you can change your life, find the perfect solutions, and make things work for you. The two-card tarot reading is suitable for focusing on two sides of the problem rather than just one. Instead of just focusing on the cause and effect of your problem, you also get to focus on the solutions and what you should do in terms of your situation.

Both the cards are connected in various ways, and it is upto you to discover, strengthen, and build this connection. While the first card focuses on the effect of certain aspects, the second card focuses on the remedies. With the relationship between the two cards, one can easily distinguish between the complementing and contrasting energies of the cards. In addition, one can even know what's meant for them without additional help. By placing the two cards next to each other, you can know if there is a strong or weak link between the two.

Furthermore, you can also learn what your angel guides are saying to you. Each card holds an extraordinary hint or message from your spirit guides. If you keep an open mind and perspective, you will be able to know what the Universe and your guardian angels have to say to you.

Any type of two-card tarot reading affair is essential in addressing the reason behind a problem and what you can do to overcome the problem. Suppose, for example, in a Divine Magic Reading; you will get to know why you're under some negative influence and how you can overcome it without harming your health. This free tarot reading session will help you to analyse your life from the point of view of your protectors. Furthermore, you will also know how to communicate with your inner self and the energies around you. In a magical, divine tarot reading online session, you will have the liberty to choose two cards, and these cards will give you accurate results as per your current situation.

What is Divine Magic Reading?

In life, every person requires some guidance, support, or insight at some point in their lives. Some of us may receive this guidance through our loved ones, peers, or elders. However, many of us may refer to branches of spirituality to get what we seek. As we already know, every problem has some or the other effect. Similarly, solutions also exist for every single type of problem. Through the divine tarot online reading affair, you can know which answers are waiting for you and your issues. If you have been stuck in certain situations, have been disturbed, have felt worthless or unloved, or have landed into some mess, then the Divine Magic Reading will help you get your life back on track. This particular area of tarot reading consists of analysing your problem and giving you solutions per the divine energy of tarot cards. By divine magic, it is meant that the magical energy of the tarot cards will help people to stray away from black or dark vibes.

No matter how dark the path is, how lost you may get, or how sad you may feel, the Divine Magic Reading will provide the necessary guidance, insight, and support to walk out of every harmful circumstance. Sometimes you may think you've lost control of your life and don't know how to regain this power. When life gets too tough to handle, and you're not sure what to do, the divine energy of the Universe comes into play.

As most know, tarot cards are based on energies, frequencies, and vibrations. These energies and vibrations help people live their lives the right way. When people are at a higher frequency, they tend to attract similar energies. Likewise, lower energies attract lower frequencies. Thus, the main aim of Divine Magic Reading is to put the subject of the reading in a higher frequency or energy and allow them to channel the positive vibes of the Universe. This divine magic reading is the antidote or remedy to every curse of black magic. Do you have a specific problem which has been bothering you for a long time, and you just haven't been able to get over it? Or is there something that might have been persistent for quite a while now? Then give up your issues to the divine, and let the divine magic reading help you battle these problems with bravery. While it can be overwhelming and scary to fight every problem one day at a time, you won't have to worry about anything else if you have your strength fueled by the Universe itself. Only if you allow divine energies to channel through you and work on your problems as the divine energy will solve all your issues. The Universe trusts you, and you will have to trust it too. You will have to build a bond with the Universe through a Divine Magic Reading. Moreover, your guardian angels will provide you with the details and insight you've been looking for.

What is the Importance of Divine Magic Reading?

As we all know by now, the Divine Magic Reading helps people to solve their problems through the support of their spiritual guides and guardian angels. The main aim behind this special type of reading is to help people overcome their shortcomings, embrace their flaws, and fight their problems with courage. Most importantly, it is essential for people to allow the Universe to change things for them. Even after knowing the "why" and "how" of every problem, if a person doesn't wish to change their life, then even the Universe will not be able to do anything. Therefore, if you are someone who has been experiencing constant struggles or problems, then allow the Divine Magic Reading to help you. By allowing the positive energies of your life to intervene and interfere, you will be allowing positive vibes to attract you. In addition, you will receive enlightenment regarding various aspects of your life. For example, if you have been facing issues in your professional life, you will be able to know why these problems are rising and what you can do to push them out. Furthermore, several other aspects come under a Divine Magic Reading. Here are some of the factors which are covered by a Divine Magic Reading:

Cause: If you've been worried about a particular problem or issue, then your tarot cards will tell you the reason behind this certain problem. Moreover, you will also discover why it has been a recurring issue in your life.

Effect: By knowing the cause of any problem, you can learn of its impact on your life. When a person knows why some things are happening to them, it becomes easier for them to understand their present situation and outcomes.

Remedy: Not just the problems, tarot cards will also tell you about the remedies you need to adopt in order to solve these problems. You can know which remedies are best suited for you and your issues through tarot cards.

Solution: Similar to remedies, you can know the most effective and appropriate answers. Likewise, you can learn to be more solution-oriented rather than just focusing on all the negative aspects of your life.

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The Chakra Wisdom Tarot Card is the card of knowledge and wisdom.
The angel wisdom tarot card appears when you face a significant change or new opportunity.
You can visit the InstaAstro website to get free Wisdom Tarot Reading from some of the best tarot readers in India.
Tarot cards are related to energies, and whatever outcome they present concerns your energy. Therefore, you will get negative readings from the tarot cards if you're harvesting negative energies. Similarly, you will receive positive readings if you keep up with positive energies.
The Rider-Waite tarot deck is the most popular deck, which most tarot readers follow.
Tarot cards are used to gain insight, knowledge, and guidance.
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