Palm itching - its meaning

Everyone in this day and age is chasing after money. Everyone is willing to put forth significant effort toward that one goal. 

Itchy Right Palm for Men

People think that’s fantastic news when their right-hand tickles. Right palm itching makes the person eager and content. This is due to the fact that it signals the coming of money in our life.

Itchy Left Palm for Men

Men get cold sweats when their left palm itches. Left-hand palm itching is thought to foretell that Goddess Lakshmi will depart from you.

Itchy Palms for Women

A female left-hand itching meaning indicates that you will make money. It suggests good fortune. Money will find its way to you eventually. She is said to be lucky if her left palm itches.

Palm Itching- a myth or astrological evidence?

In terms of the five karmendriyas, the hand and foot are discussed. They are mandated to carry out several significant life functions.

Laxmi- The Goddess of Wealth

Maa Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity and fortune, both earthly and spiritually. She has gained respect as a home goddess and is a woman’s favourite.