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Tarot DhruvitaD

Experience: 7 years of experience

Languages: Hindi English

Tarot DhruvitaD 4.1 rating

Experience: 7 years of experience

Languages: Hindi, English

Skills: Tarot, Psychic,

Consultation fees

₹ 48/min

Mins of consultation 396 mins


Tarot Psychic

About Astrologer

Tarot DhruvitaD has more than 7 years of experience in this field. She has expertise in Tarot Reading and Psychic Reading. From childhood only she used to practice tarot reading as she always felt there is some psychic abilities in her. Slowly while growing up she started giving guidance to friends and family which by god's grace started turning out to be true. She believes that tarot cards act as a tool to help you tap into your intuition and get favoured by the universal wisdom that guides your life in the right direction. She consider herself as a servant of God who has been on this earth to relieve her clients from stress and anxiety during their tough times, She believes that nobody can escape from their destiny but the right reading and remedies helps to draw the strength to face challenges that life throw on us. She gives solutions related to Relationship, Marriage Issues, Career, Spiritual Growth, Job and Education. She will give you the simple & effective remedies for your problems.


4.1 out of 5 (4 customer ratings)
Dec. 27, 2022
Dec. 25, 2022
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