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Lang: English Tamil

Exp: 10 Years

Vedic Astrology

About Me

Astro Srilakshmi is a renowned astrologer, she has over10 years of experience in this field. She aim at helping more people with her knowledge of astrology with a keen interest in astrology. She believes astrology is a mathematical calculation based on upon planet science. It has many solution regarding life's unsolved Problems. And therefore, a person will benefit from the time guidance of astrology .It's a divine miracle that can help a person get rid of the obstacle they face in life and providethe strength to enjoy life in spite of over coming all problems. She has helped many her clients solve the issues by reading the horoscope chats and suggestion simple remedies. You can consult her on matters related to relationship career and marriage. She is firm believers of karma and believe s that one can lead a prosperous life by doing good karma's


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